Discover How Jeff Aronin Made Paragon Biosciences Real Success

Pharma and biotech are some of the departments that face great challenges today. This comes because they have to work extra hard to have their drugs approved. The breakthrough for medicines hasn’t been better despite having global laboratories that generate great ideas. However, it is these challenges that made Jeff Aronin come up with Paragon Biosciences. This Chicago-based investing incubator is out to ensure biotechnologies grow to the expected levels. It is focused on offering patients world-class treatments. It does so by analyzing the cause of the disease and focusing on the needs of the patient. Jeff through his Paragon Biosciences has developed 13 new drugs and most of the drugs have been approved.

Before Paragon does anything else, it pays much attention to the needs of the patients. Paragon is committed to finding an effective treatment for debilitating diseases. Jeff has a passionate team that is interested in finding the needed solution. Paragon believes that every disease has a solution even if it hasn’t been identified now. The team is curious to know how the disease comes to be and what treatment would be best for it. Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals are the two firms that work closely with Paragon in finding out the best treatments for the patients.

Jeff has been an established biotech entrepreneur for over 20 years now. He happens to be the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences. His entrepreneur energy and industry expertise are paramount to the professional incubator and investor he has ever desired to be. He knew healthcare was his passion when he was still young in his career ( He noted that a particular physician chose to use medicines to treat a seizure child instead of performing a major brain surgery. This made Jeff curious about the power of pharmaceuticals.

In 2000, Jeff started his own company called Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. In 2009, Lundbeck purchased Ovation Pharmaceuticals from Jeff at $900 million. However, Jeff continued to be the CEO and President of the company to ensure transition was successful. Jeff has helped over 200 companies in different development stages while at a healthcare incubator called MATTER.

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