Dr. Jorge Moll Ph.D. Researcher and President of D’Or

Dr. Jorge Moll is the founder and head of D’Or Institute of Research and education. Dr. Moll received his MD in Neuroscience from Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, following this he received his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathology from Sao Paulo University (Impressaocerta). Dr. Jorge Moll has always wanted to help people who suffer from chronic conditions that effect their day to day lives. His day is filled with meetings, research and his growing interest in Artificial Intelligence, cognitive systems and the link between the brain and machine as well as recent developments in gene therapy, and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Moll often speaks with students, researchers and entrepreneurs in a free thought exchange that will help ideas build and answers to questions found. The hardest part is to choose ideas that can be put into plans of action and discard those that can’t. One unpopular opinion that he holds is that current publications in both academia and industry often hinder to prove the challenges of change. Challenges provide a long term and high-risk ideas.

If Dr. Moll could tell anything to his younger self it would be to not hold onto ideas for too long, either run with them and form a plan of action or let them go. Another bit of advice he would give as a business man is to not repeat things over and over and to question your model. A passionate belief that you can change your reality and positively impact the lives of others as long as you do interesting things.

Since running his own institute he has had his fair share of failures, either because they took too long to formulate, or they were just flat out failures. He understands that there is no solution to this problem but if you played to your strengths and weaknesses of your strategy you could find it very helpful.

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