Dr Saad Saad, MD a thoracic and pediatric surgeon is located in Eatontown, New Jersey. The doctor is associated with several hospitals in the region among them being Monmouth, University of Jersey Shore medical centers. Since his graduation from University of Cairo College of Medicine, he has had 34 years of experience in his specialization.


As a doctor, Saad has constantly been looking for ways to develop the present procedures and methods used in treating patients. He was often on the look for techniques to apply on his patients to ease pain and threats faced by patients with certain diseases. From this, Dr Saad Saad has come up with two medical designs and several surgical procedures.


One of Dr Saad Saad’s inventions was a device that locates the location of a catheter in one’s body. A catheter is a tube that serves several functions in one’s body in surgery. The catheter tubes are used to treat specific medical conditions or aid to surgical procedures through body insertion. These tubes help in draining fluids and gases, accessing surgical instruments and any other task depending on its design. For catheters to be correctly located in a patient’s body, doctors need to perform an X-ray or MRI scan. With frequent exposure to X-rays, one is at risks of several illnesses caused by the radiation. MRI machines, on the other hand, are an unfeasible option due to their large size.


Dr Saad Saad device works on the principle of electromagnetism. With the electromagnetic nature of the catheter, that is it tip contains a magnetic permeable coil, and itself contains wires inside its walls. This feature allows doctors to use an external tracking device that when scanned from the outside of the patient’s body, sends a signal to the magnetic material in the catheter. When the tracking device is directly perpendicular to the tip of the catheter, theirs is a small output voltage produced. This voltage sparks the wires and simultaneously producing some light in the external device. This light enables the doctor to know the position of the catheter. This invention has helped doctors avoid the use of X-rays and MRI scans in catheter location.


Besides the tracking device, Dr Saad Saad has also invented another device to improve the endoscope used. Endoscopes are devices that are used in surgery or examination to view the patients inside the body. There are used to view the inside the stomach, colon, windpipe and throat. Due to the liquids in a human body, endoscopes are sometimes clogged, and this needs frequent adjusting of the focal length by the doctor. Dr Saad Saad device is used as a suction irrigation device that aids in unclogging of the endoscope without the doctor’s help. This device has been used severally around the world in many surgeries with success. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad


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