Draw: Wengie’s Life Story


Wengie was born in China in January of 1986. Growing up her family didn’t have a lot of money. Many of her toys were DIY.


Internet was starting to get big when she was in high school. Wengie spent hours after school chatting online. She enjoyed it so much she created her own website.


After high school Wengie’s parents encouraged her to go for a co-op accounting scholarship. Wengie used to believe she was going to be a fashion designer or a psychologist, she did not see herself as an accountant. Believing the accountant path would help her family financially she tried very hard to make it work. She got the scholarship. Worked hard for the next 3 years and landed a big accountant job after attending University. Four years into being an accountant her boss told her she was doing her job very poorly. She knew this was true since her heart was not in it. After all, she was a creative person with an uncreative job. She decided to resign.


Wengie landed a social media position. A very new job within the work force. She had no experience but landed 12 clients. She became head of the department. Although it was a 24-hour job, she enjoyed this new career path greatly. She started her own blog about fashion.


After a few years blogging, she was asked to do her first project with a shopping center in Singapore. People became interested in Wengie sharing her make-up techniques. She officially launched her YouTube channel on Feb. 1, 2013. She began making videos and posting on her blog twice a week.


In 2014 Wengie decided to quit her full-time job and focus solely on her dreams. With an exhausting pursuit of her passion and dreams, it is her audience that keeps her motivated to creating more videos sharing her expertise. She has made over 300 videos on her YouTube channel and does daily vlogs on her vlogging channel.


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