Earning a High School Diploma is Good at any Age

Graduation ceremonies recently took place across the United States over the last few weeks, but there are some more notable graduates than others. One such graduate is Robert Pecunies of Portsmouth. He stands out because he not only worked hard to earn his high school degree; he also did it at the age of eighty-three. He proudly held his diploma and talked about the reasons he did not graduate high school the first time around.

Pecunies dropped out of high school, not because he was a slacker, but because he joined the service. He served in the Korean War and upon his return, married and raised a family. Ricardo Tosto thinks that is pretty inspiring. Pecunies said that he always thought about going back to school to earn his diploma, but he felt insecure and too dumb to do so. He finally got up enough courage and returned to school.

His story is inspiring to people who feel they are too old to achieve the education they want in later years. Education is often mistaken as something for the younger generations, but those who push forward prove that this old wives tale is false. Not only did Pecunies earn his degree, he gained a confidence in himself that he rarely, if ever, felt before in his life. It is an experience that he will never forget and one that will serve him well for the remainder of his life. Now it might be time for him to head off to earn a college degree.

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