George Soros the Leader of the Stateless People.

George Soros is that voice of reason on many global issues such as human rights, entrepreneurship, and democracy. He attracts an enormous following of both individuals and governments. Soros’ influence stems from his successes in life.

George Soros has traversed the social, economic and political sectors throughout his career. In all three areas, he left an indelible mark and made a name for himself. On the social scene, George learned from hardships of his early life and started charities named Open Society Foundations using his wealth. On the economic front, George Soros had been a hedge fund operator since 1952 when he graduated from college.

Soros has contributed so much to the body of knowledge in the practice of hedge fund management. In the political sector, George Soros is an advocate of democracy, and he uses his resources to support Democratic candidates around the world. Soros also writes extensively on different topics of a political nature. His political opinions never cease to raise eyebrows or even court controversy.

Soros also appears on a regular basis in interviews. At a World Economic Forum a while ago, Soros was at it again. This time, his victim was none other but Donald Trump, a White House aspirant in the US. According to Soros, Trump was rising to popularity from threats of imposing strict anti-immigration laws to protect the US. Trump had taken the hardline stance in the name of sealing out terror groups from the state.

George Soros cautioned Trump that he might be playing for terror groups such as ISIS. In his counter argument, Soros expresses the need to protect refugees as a fundamental humanitarian principle. When one fails to honor such principles, the rights of refugees take a backseat, and they suffer even more from lack of basic needs ad protection. Indeed, Soros has been writing on the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe for a while and suggesting long-term solutions including incorporation and absorption.

The act of closing borders vindicates terrorists and alienates the refugees. As a result of this alienation, some Muslims may become radicals or extremists and lead in the use of terror. The move also steals victory and progress on the retaliation on the ISIS group in Syria and Iraq that has been made over the past year.

George Soros must have been the best person to reply to Trump’s sentiments. In his life story, Soros spent a decade and a half `as a refugee after a narrow escape from his birthplace in Hungary. Today, he serves as the chairperson of the Open Society Foundations as well as his Soros Management Fund. His story would be much different if he weren’t afforded the chances he received in life.

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