George Soros Wants To Protect The Progressive Legacy

The Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager

George Soros is a wealthy man, but he stands out for the simple fact that he has managed to dominate a field defined by uncertainty and doubt. He is the world’s most successful hedge fund manager on planet Earth and he has kept his title for years. The wealth he has accumulated doesn’t go towards himself. Instead, he uses to help causes he believes are important to the improvement of the human condition such as open societies and free trade on He has gotten criticism for these efforts, but they never distract him from his greater ambitions.

Fighting For Progress Worldwide

The biggest impact George Soros has on politics is through contributions. As a billionaire it isn’t much for him to place money towards campaigns he approves of and he doesn’t have any reason to avoid trying to do everything he can to help out those he sees as supporting that he agrees with. One of the best examples of this is the work he did in promoting the transition of Hungary from a communist dictatorship into a democracy with a free market on He was able to make sure that the transition was peaceful and that all parties involved were satisfied. Recently, he decided to place his talents and energy towards the American election.

Returning From A Hiatus

2016 was certainly a year full of surprises. Nobody would’ve guessed that Donald Trump would’ve entered the presidential race and few would’ve predict on Biography that he was going to win. George Soros decided to make 2016 the year he decided to return to politics after a long hiatus, but it seems as if his efforts were in vain. His expectations weren’t abnormal and actually aligned with what most expected. Few thought that Trump would’ve pulled the upset victory he did.

Where He Goes From Here

Soros refuses to allow this disappointment to discourage him from engaging in politics. He wants to stand up for the Left and protect the progress that have already made. George Soros is working with top Democrats to devise a plan to help the Left regain power and protect what it’s already done. His rhetoric against Donald Trump has always carried heat, but now Soros is ready to do everything he can to fight him.

About George Soros

George Soros is one of the most prolific philanthropists and hedge fund managers of our time. He uses his billion dollar fortune to promote progressive causes and bring important issues to light surrounding the increasingly global society we live in. Recently, he has focused on opposing Donald Trump and the agenda he has laid out for his presidency.

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