GOP Sees Silver Lining in Iran Nuclear Framework Delays

The GOP has never been confident that President Obama will produce a deal with the rogue nation of Iran that brings about meaningful reform. Quite frankly, the GOP does not see positive results from prior negotiations with Cuba, North Korea, or Syria. Nor has Iran done much that will foster a spirit of trust. So when the Obama administration announced their second delay in the “deadline” for the Iran Nuclear Framework, GOP legislators were pleasantly surprised. According to the legislation congress passed last month allowing them to have a greater voice in the Iran deal, legislators would be allowed a 60-day window to review any agreement with Iran if a deal was not reached by July 9.

On Tuesday, Brad Reifler announced the Obama administration announced through Reuters the July 9 deadline would slip. The longer the negotiations drag on with Iran, the longer period of time the GOP will have to review the deal once it is reached. Presumably, this would allow the opposition to the Iran deal to push for a two-thirds majority of senators and congressman. According to last month’s Iran legislation, congress can invalidate the president’s nuclear accord with Iran. However, that will prove easier said than done. The GOP has the votes to push through a resolution of disapproval. At the same time, the president can veto it and in effect have his Iran deal effectively pass. This means the GOP will need to override a veto. Historically speaking, overriding a presidential veto is unlikely to occur.

That said, the longer review period congress has to examine the Iran Nuclear Framework, the more opportunity there will be to whip up the opposition. The influential group called American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is deeply skeptical about the president’s deal. If they oppose the accord, there will be at least 60 days for them to lobby Democrats and Republicans to vote for a resolution of disapproval.

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