Herbalife’s Mission of Excellence

Herbalife, a global nutrition company that specializes in health & wellness, has been making the world a healthier place for many years. Since 1980, the company has sold a wide range of health-related supplements to the public. Herbalife effectively utilizes its independent distributors to make progressive change as well as utilizes its brilliance in customer support. These high-quality, science-backed products are now being distributed throughout the world into 90 countries. Some of the products, include digestive-health products, men’s health products, women’s health products, proteins, stress management products, snacks, energy boosters and immune support products.


Health and physical activity goes hand-to-hand. Herbalife Nutrition has partnered with IMPACT Basketball to provide athletes with some of the best nutritional support. Elevating the performance of the athletes in the main goal, and Herbalife has various nutritional plans that are customized for each individual. In addition to that, Impact Basketball has renamed its state-of-the-art basketball facility after Herbalife. This Las Vegas-based facility is also NSF certified. Ibi Montesino, the senior vice president of Herbalife North America, stated that “we are thrilled to be the official partner of the Nutrition Impact Basketball Center.”

There were many high-profile individuals on deck for the grand opening of this center. This includes former Cleveland Cavalier’s coach Tyronn Lue and former NBA player Patrick O’Bryant. In addition to that, Joe Abunassar hosted a fun-filled basketball clinic for local students. Abunassar just so happens to be IMPACT’s founder, and he worked with these students via the Teach for America organization.

Blood donations have also been on the menu for Herbalife Nutrition. This proactive company is always looking to expand on its services. Herbalife will be serving 120 blood donation centers in America via the brand’s protein deluxe bars. This extraordinary company is definitely doing its part to better mankind while changing the status quo.





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