HIV Has Met Its Match

Since its discovery in the late 1900s, the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, has taken the lives of millions of people. There are thousands of different strands of the virus and there is still a lot that needs to be discovered about the life threatening disease.

Science has gotten close to solving it, but the disease seems to be one step ahead. Like many forms of cancer, the virus can mutate itself in order to fight off drugs that would once cause it to die off. Recently, doctors working in the HIV field asked themselves, instead of trying to kill the disease, why not starve it to death? Starving a disease to death seems like a far off solution. In hindsight, it is the most brilliant way to look at it. The disease can come under attack from drugs but as long as it is still in the body and it still has a food source, it can still grow back and thrive. If the disease does that long enough it will eventually grow to fight against the medicine. Science knows that the virus can thrive in a CD4+ TCell and only needs that cell to survive.

Daniel Amen says that Doctors are trying to come up with a way to kill the cells and eventually starve the disease. While some scientists are extremely optimistic, there are a few who are worried about how the body will react without the CD4+ TCell. Getting rid of a cell’s existence has never been attempted and therefore, side effects could be deadly or cause more harm to the immune system. When HIV patients were informed of the future science there was a collect sense of relief. Even attempting to kill the cell with the virus is better than living with it.

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