House Cleaning Services and the Future that Handy Brings

House cleaning is something that has to be done. We learn this early on when parents start to give us chores. They try to teach us the importance of living in a clean and healthy environment but along the process we learn one more thing – house cleaning can be a really tiresome job. Luckily, there are professional services like Handy that take care of this now, and they do a much better job than even an impeccable domestic engineer can.

Services offered
Whether you want just a detailed cleaning, cleaning that focuses on reducing common allergen or want your home to be cleaned using green cleaning methods, Handy, a house cleaning service does it all. You work with them to create a cleaning plan of your own choice. It may mean cleaning only certain rooms in the house or even using certain products and techniques. You can arrange for your house to be cleaned weekly, monthly, every alternate week or whatever works best for you. House cleaning services are flexible, insured and bonded.

Besides the usual vacuuming and cleaning services, a house cleaning service will also sanitize and disinfect the needed areas and surfaces. Places where viruses usually live like railings, door knobs and other commonly used surfaces are taken care of in order to make the environment germ-free and completely healthy. They do not only clean but also use methods to prevent allergens like mold spores from returning, because prevention is equally important.

A good cleaning service will make sure to use the right amount of and the right cleaning products for your home. Using too much chemicals does not always mean extra protection. You can make an arrangement with the cleaning service to use products without alcohol, ammonia or some other toxins. Since it is your house, you get to make the rules.

Handy – Online and mobile booking
The booking services have become more mobile and online-based and the market had to respond. During the recent months, Handy cleaning service has taken some serious steps and redefined their businesses with the use of new brands and mobile device apps. This obviously gives results since just two years after its launch Handy has hit over $1 million per week in bookings. Consumers got more comfortable with the idea of booking services through mobile phones and Handy is planning to extend its services to ‘handy man’ and plumbing, but for now 85% of their income comes from house cleaning. Handy can currently be found in 25 US cities, two in Canada, and they even offer services in London.

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua founded the service and they hope that cleaning can be a gateway into providing other home jobs. They want to make their Handy service to be known as the Uber of home maintenance. A click on your mobile device will allow you to handle payments and scheduling. You put in your zip code, the rooms you want cleaned, time when you want the cleaning service to come and you will get the price quota. Handy gives a money back guarantee and covers replacement costs if something gets damaged in the process.

Your home is your special space, your area where you relax and you deserve to have a healthy and safe place to live in. A cleaning service will have a professional approach and you will enjoy the results that trained and experienced service personnel provide.

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