How LocationSmart can benefit your business

If you are reading this article, there is a significant chance that you want your business to move to the next level. Therefore, making use of the powers of IP geolocation benefits is your top priority at the moment to improve the way you communicate with customers.

Besides that, LocationSmart can offer support to your business by providing a surefire platform with immense benefits. However, before looking into the benefits of LocationSmart, it would be essential to look at what LocationSmart is:


LocationSmart is a cloud-based location leading company with a location-based platform offering location and messaging. Being a division of TechnoCom Corporation, the company has been able to service various customers through its broader reach of over 360 million devices. Founded in 1995, LocationSmart is a privately held company.

Below is how Applications of IP geolocation can benefit your business:

1. Compliance with Legal Regulations

There are industries with massive regulations, which often is related to the geographic location of the users. So, through IP geolocation, you can know your area, which makes it useful in helping you comply with the established laws. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Capterra

2. Reduce Risks Associated with Online Fraud

Online fraud has grown fast recently. It directly affects your customers and businesses, and it’s why all effective measures should be put in place to counter and prevent the problem. IP geolocation can be used to collect users’ IP addresses which you can use to check whether online fraudsters are targeting your account.

3. Geo-specific Advertising with Real-Time Communication

IP geolocation would enable your business to extract real-time information about customers’ locations. You can use the data in many ways, including connecting your customers to your business, which makes it easy to tell them more about the products and services.

4. Secure Your Network and Assets

Another way how IP geolocation can benefit you is by preventing your business from hack attempts. The information from users connected to your network enables you to detect and put up appropriate measures to avoid any network insecurity.

5. Protect your Copyrights and Digital Data

For businesses to benefit fully from their digital data, they should ensure that it falls in the hands of authorized users. IP geolocation gives you the ability to know where and who is using your content to enable you to prevent any unauthorized access.

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