IAP Worldwide Services Stands out in the Provision of Multi-Service Solutions

IAP Worldwide Services is a trusted international leader in the provision of exceptional professional services across different sectors of multinational agencies and the United States government. The company delivers its services and products to 25 countries and has a workforce of over 2,000 highly trained experts and hundreds of licensed independent contractors. By executing a global-scale logistical program on careercast.com, IAP provides world-class solutions to tackle some of the most complex operational tasks.

What makes IAP Worldwide Services Exceptional?

IAP handles the “unexpected,” starting from natural disasters to foreign battlefields. The firm responds to emergencies on short notice. The firm has an unmatched professional expertise to plan, supervise, and conduct difficult technical and logistical challenges on payscale.com. It maintains, controls, and operates large military operations, civilian organizations, and remote research laboratories. It supplies the personnel, remarkable technologies, and program management necessary to amplify its clients’ workforce flexibility requirements across the globe. IAP Worldwide has managed to build a strong reputation as a reliable and responsive leader that surpasses customers’ expectations.

Areas of specialization

IAP Worldwide focuses on five major fields, including government services, power solutions, infrastructure services, IT communications, and aviation engineering solutions. When it comes to government services, the company plays a key role in supporting goals of U.S. military by providing outstanding global scale technology and support to soldiers and private contractors across the globe. Through its expeditionary division, IAP helps private agencies to set up field camps and infrastructure in inaccessible areas.

The company collaborates with clients and equipment manufacturers on prnewswire.com to offer relief to communities by creating power plants to provide a solution for short-term and long-term power shortage. Under the aviation-engineering department, IAP offers services like aircraft upgrade programs, analysis, repairing, and improvement of automatic test equipment.

The expansion of IAP Worldwide

In line with its expansion plan, IAP Worldwide has purchased two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc. – Aviation and Logistics unit based in Oklahoma City, OK, and the successful Tactical Communications & Network Solution unit headquartered in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. The former offers logistics, military support, and aircraft repair management while the latter provides IT, engineering, and communications support services to the U.S. DOD and other notable agencies. IAP will combine the exceptional capabilities of the purchased business units as part of its investment and growth strategy. The direct outcome of this acquisition is the expansion of IAP’s addressable market and improvement in the firm’s ability to serve its ever-growing client base.

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