Inspiring News: Couple of 67 Years Dies in Each Other’s Arms

A heart warming true life story of an Easton California couple committed to one another for the past 67 years, the life and death of Mr. Floyd Hartwig and his wife Mrs. violet Hartwig is nothing short of a modern romance.

Having met early on in grade school, Floyd and Violet were comfortably acquainted upon Floyd’s return from six years of service in the U.S. Navy. Returning at the end of World War II, Violet and Floyd easily grew accustomed to one another and fell in love with each other, leading to their prompt matrimony in the summer of 1947.

Mr. and Mrs. Hartwig then moved into their Ranch in Easton California, and Mr. Hartwig continued a career with the J.B. Hill Company and other farming related corporations. While Mrs. Violet spent a lifetime dedicated to managing the ranch, tending to her beloved, and raising three beautiful children, the thing that Mr. and Mrs. Hartwig did best was care for, and love, one another.

At the end of a loving and inspiring 67 years of marriage, Mrs. Hartwig was diagnosed with dementia, and in recent years had begun to become more seriously affected by the unfortunate disease. This is something no one at Qnet wants to deal with. Near their death in February of this year, Mr. Hartwig had also been diagnosed with kidney failure. Although his primary concern would remain the well being of his wife despite his own personal pain, Mr. Hartwig was only given two more weeks to live.

According to¬†ABC News, aware of both of their parents’ deteriorating conditions, the Hartwig’s three children placed them in hospice together, beds pushed in so as not to keep them seperate.

On February 11th of 2015, Floyd Hartwig died of Kidney failure while embracing his wife, hand-in-hand. Although not fully coherent due to her dementia, Violet Hartwig, upon having received the news of her husband’s death, died on the same day not more than five hours later. Their life and death, an intimate and heart touching story, remains very reminiscent of a romance such as the “Notebook.”

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