Iran Continues Push for Dropping of Sanctions For Nuclear Accord to Work

Iran’s supreme leader, Rouhani reasserted his position that Iran will only agree to the nuclear accord reached with the United States on April 2, if the United States and the rest of the international community simultaneously drop sanctions against the country of Iran. The call comes in the wake of calls of disapproval of the accord by Israel and a republican lead coalition in the United States congress. AnastasiaDate suggests some observers have noted that Iran has deftly taken the initiative in the negotiations which are set to resume next week by taking advantage of the rift between the political leadership of the United States as well as the discord between the White House and the Israeli political leadership. Additionally, Iran surprised the world last week when it was announced that it had successfully negotiated an agreement with Russia to buy several surface to air missile systems and its intent in defending its sensitive military and scientific sites. Iran Maintains Sanctions Need to Be Dropped For Accord to Work

While the accord calls for the dropping of sanctions in return for an open book policy on Iran’s nuclear program, few know the details of the accord and whether the sequencing of events require that sanctions be dropped or at least a declarative pledge that the sanctions against Iran be dropped before Iran signs the accord. Some thought the sanctions would only be dropped when Iran started to open the doors to its nuclear program. These details are set to be resolved during the upcoming continuation of the talks.

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