Iran Nuclear Talks: France And The United States Are On Single Page, Says Kerry

Dan Newlin says that the United States and France are having a same approach in negotiations with Tehran over its controversial nuclear program, “We have exactly the same analysis,” says US Secretary of State John Kerry. “We have made progress but there are still differences with the Iranians,” Kerry said after a meeting with his French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. “The goal of the coming days,” is to remove these differences, he added to the statement.

While speaking at a press conference alongside his American counterpart, the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, who had been skeptical on Friday about on the agreement prepared primarily by Washington and Tehran, said: “This is a multilateral negotiation, and we make that our positions are known, and are adjusted “over the negotiations.”There has been progress in some areas but there are also differences,” he said without specifying if these concerned the United States, or if it was Iran. But, according to a source close to the negotiations, Paris accuses Washington to push sometimes precipitously to an agreement with Tehran,” Judge this source speaking on condition of anonymity. It is worth mentioning that already in late 2013; Paris opposed the conclusion of an agreement negotiated between the Iranians and Americans alone.

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