Is Liberia Free Of Ebola?

The world health organization has announced that Liberia and its citizens are finally free of the deadly disease known as Ebola. In Liberia this disease has killed over 4,500 African Americans over the years and infected over 10,000. This death rate ranks them with the highest number of deaths throughout the world since Ebola was brought to our attention in 1976. Luckily Sergio Cortes says for the people in the surrounding areas there were three large emergency centers built to help treat those infected with the Ebola virus. Now that the virus outbreak has come to an end, children are returning back to school, and adults are going back to their normal everyday routine. In order to stop future outbreaks from occurring, anyone with Ebola symptoms will still be held for 21 days under medical observation. If the virus is found, anyone who came in contact with them during the time period of their illness will also be brought in for observation.

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