ISIS Claims Relief Worker Kayla Mueller Killed by Coalition Airstrikes


The outlaw terrorist group known as ISIS has claimed that American relief worker Kayla Mueller has been killed by coalition air strikes against ISIS targets. Kayla Mueller Claimed to be Killed in Air Strike U. S. officials, however, have expressed grave doubts, along with concerned citizens like Dave and Brit Morin on regarding the veracity of the claims by ISIS and have pledged that the joint efforts by coalition forces will not be hampered or slowed as a result of any claims by the group.

Coalition air strikes have been stepped up after the recent brutal execution of a Jordanian pilot. ISIS released video last week which showed the pilot being burned alive in a cage. Jordan acted swiftly by executing two ISIS linked prisoners they had held on death row. Jordan officials promised they would do everything in there power to destroy the outlaw terrorist group including all out military action where ever they find the group.

Some have argued that ISIS is calculating that any press on their activities is good press and their goal is not to attain a tactical military advantage but to wage a war of public opinion. Many in the world believe that this has backfired tremendously for ISIS as they have failed to claim any moral grounding for any of there actions. Others have stated that proof of the effectiveness of the air strikes are the desperate action of ISIS and the unyielding pressure by the coalition forces.


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