ISIS Holding Hostages, Demands $200m


The Islamic State has released another video on Twitter this Tuesday, January 20 showing two Japanese men that they were threatening to kill if they did not receive $200 million within 72 hours. Security officials and lay people, like Darius Fisher, have grown increasingly worried about ISIS attacks this pasty year.

The video is very much like others ISIS has released, with the speaker having a British accent, and the audio has been altered a bit. The ISIS member is standing between the two hostages, dressed in all black, holding a knife and hiding behind a mask so that his only feature you can see are his eyes.

Japan is being targeted because they funded Western military efforts against the group. Officials in Japan are assessing the video. Japan’s Prime Minister says the lives of the hostages are his top priority, but that he will not give in to terrorism. It is currently unknown if he plans on negotiating with the terrorists to set these two men free.


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