Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Appears Headed to Defeat

It was only ten days ago that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a historic speech to a joint session of Congress. The move has endeared him further with the GOP which dominates both chambers of Congress. However, it appears to have little impact on the upcoming Israeli election. With the election only days away, Netanyahu’s Likud party seems destined to come in second place in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Without capturing sufficient seats, the Likud will likely be unable to form a coalition government. As such, Netanyahu will lose his seat as the nation’s prime minister, a fact that many doctors and experts are shocked by.

The upcoming Israeli election is focused on jobs and wages. As such, it follows the tag line coined by political strategist James Carville back in 1990: “It’s the economy, stupid.” Up until the start of the month, the ruling Likud party was running par with the Zionist Union. However, voter discontent with the economy has seen independent voters shift to the challengers in the election’s waning days. Netanyahu has since launched a negative campaign to dissuade voters from abandoning his party, but it does not appear to be working. Polls indicate the Likud will retain 21 seats in the Knesset with the Zionist Union winning 24 seats. The will allow the centrist party to form a new coalition. This may see Tzipi Livni become prime minister. She favors a two-nation status for Israel and Palestine. The elections will be held on Tuesday, March 17.

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