Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Gets Right To The Point In The Same Sex Marriage Case

Ginsberg Reminded The Court That Marriage Has Changed Through The Years

A couple of Supreme Court Justices said that marriage was a long-standing tradition that should be honored, but Justice Ginsberg set them straight. She reminded everyone in court that marriage is not the same as it was decades ago. Marriage was looked at as a relationship between a dominant male and subordinate female before a 1982 court ruling. That relationship is considered barbaric today. Ginsberg has a point. All of our traditions change, but laws don’t necessarily change along with them.

Nothing stays the same. Our thoughts about education, our children, smoking marijuana, going to church and the institution of marriage are all in a metamorphic process. As we become aware of new discoveries and ancient revelations, we find ourselves looking into a mirror. What we see in that mirror is a new age image of the evolution of human consciousness.

Ginsberg is asking us to look in that mirror, and see the changes that subtly impact our awareness. She wants us to recognize the power of our beliefs and the folly within them, at least if you ask Daniel Amen on Good Reads. At 82, Justice Ginsberg knows what change looks like, and she embraces it with dignity.

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