Keith Mann Partners With Uncommon Schools To Help Students Attend College

In a recent event, Dynamic Search Partners and Keith Mann had a fundraiser for the Uncommon Schools. The event was held at the Standard hotel beer Garden. Over $22,000 were raised for the Uncommon Schools. The funds raised were intended to help students testing for 2014/2015 school year at the high school. This school had been opened by the charter school.

The objective of the Uncommon Schools is to bridge the achievement gap and ensure that students from low-income families are able to graduate from college. The founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann, elucidated that they were supporting the mission and working towards providing the students with the opportunity to attend college. Before the fundraiser, Dynamics Search Partners had pledged $ 10,000 for ensuring that student’s testing needs were met.

Dynamics Search Partners started working with the Uncommon Schools in 2013. The goal of this relationship was to create meaningful platforms that would help students learn tactical and practical skills that would augment their achievements in college and beyond. Keith Mann asserted that he was looking forward to working with the students in the present year and for the many years to come. While speaking at the end of the event, Keith reiterated his commitment to working with the Uncommon Schools. He was happy to see how motivated the students were to join colleges. Keith also spoke on the importance of positioning students for college internships and future careers. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as posited in the following link

For over 15 years, Keith has been serving in the executive search industry. He is an expert on matters of hiring strategy, staffing and hedge fund compensation. Previously, he served as the managing director of Dynamics Executive Search. In 2002, Keith launched the Alternative Investment Practice. This was after establishing that hedge fund industry was rapidly growing in the market. Keith serves as the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. He is responsible for the daily operations of the firm. Keith has been assisting clients in hiring investments, internal strategy and marketing as well as building new platforms. The firm works with different alternative investment industries within the United States.

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