Kenneth Goodgame the Marketing Icon

‘Customers live on Value,’ this one of the taglines that Kenneth Good game emphasizes on when interacting with his sales department. Knowing what the clients want and what they are willing to pay for has always given Gooodgame an edge in his marketing career. He has a total of 30 years experience in both retail and manufacturing, and he ascertains that the success of any hardware store is tied to the quality improvements made on their products.

Goodgame’s resume is impressive. His is a story of one success after another with billions of dollars in improved sales and saved costs. At True Value Corp, he has made it possible for shoppers at their stores to view and interact with the sales staff through an interactive process. The stores have set up a working display that allows the clients to play and see how end caps or other products work, while the products key features are displayed. This process not only attracts clients but allows for proper products knowledge to both staff and customers. These are just a few of the retail marketing tips that he kick-started with end cap products.

Since his appointment at True Values Hardware Corporation in 2013, Ken has been at the forefront in leading the executive board team in formulating a five-year strategic corporate plan. The plant seeks to achieve financial alignment, improved profitability, and increase growth. He is responsible for marketing, advertising, and pricing at the firm. Kenneth Goodgame initiated a nationwide advertising campaign that was halfway funded by their suppliers who paid up for the advertising space and for the first time in over ten years, True Value advertised and the results were evident with global Purchasing shooting up to $ 2.2 B.

Goodgame graduated with a B.Sc Degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. His career started when he successfully led to the opening of fourteen leading stores in Puerto Rico, as the product Merchant of D28 Hardlines store. Kenneth is a very talented and ambitious marketing executive. He is best remembered for his ‘Heroic deal’, where he won a contract worth $30M with Wall Mart a mere 120 days after his appointment as the president of Rubbermaid Cleaning Ltd in 2004.

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