Kevin Plank

Kevin plank is arguably one of the most acknowledged people in Baltimore. Kevin Plank, who is the founder of Under Armour has not only improved the Baltimore Harbour Skyline but has also revolutionalized the sports apparel industry. He was recently mentioned by Forbes as one of the most powerful CEOs within his age bracket. This has been facilitated by his penchant towards being successful. Notably, Kevin’s plank has not only been impressive through shear individual success. Kevin plank is recognized as a true model for entrepreneurs everywhere.

One of the key factors attributed to his success is consistency. His urge for the best for the athletes was the motivating factor behind the quick daring cloth, which plays a pivotal role in increasing the efficiency of the game. This was informed by the fact that players do not change clothes constantly while practicing thus are much comfortable during the gameplay. Kevin Plank was able to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Kevin shares his secrets to success by underscoring the importance of the small starts coupled with quality product research, thus encouraging young and new entrepreneurs. He narrates how he used to work in the morning from the basement that was located in his grandmother’s house. This was motivated by the urge to find and create a good fabric that could wick away sweat as well as keeping players comfortable during gameplay. Notably, his former teammates were fundamentally used as product tester while at the same time improving on the product. This saw the growth of the business from the initial undergarment that was designed to keep the skin dry towards the whole line of the under amour athletic wear.

Kevin Plank’s word of encouragement has not been paged on the lip service. Imperatively, his financial dedication to Baltimore’s Curtis Bay area has played a crucial in opening the door to a host of physical activity programs that are available to the natives. Kevin has been inspiring people to pursue their goals amidst an array of challenges.

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