Kosher Grocer Hero Granted French Citizenship

A 24-year-old immigrant who was hailed as a hero after the Paris grocery store attack by Islamist extremist was granted citizenship on Tuesday afternoon, according to sources. Lassana Bathily, originally from Mali who identifies as a Muslim, was working in the Kosher grocer when an extremist burst in and opened gunfire and took hostages.

As it is understood by Bernardo Chua, Bathily helped customers reach the basement where he turned off the walk in freezer and shut down the lights so they would be undetected. Bathily then snuck out and helped police get an understanding of the store layout.

Bathily was quoted as saying it wasn’t about religion, that yes, he helped Jews, but religion never played a part in his heroism. The french prime minster was on hand for the ceremony, thanking Bathily for his act of courage, but Bathily dismissed it. He does not consider himself a hero, rather he is now proud to be a French citizen.

The attack on the Kosher Grocer located in Vincennes, just east of Paris, took place just days after armed Islamist extremists burst into the offices of Charlie Hebdo and systematically assassinated cartoonists, a security worker, and police personnel before fleeing.


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