Letter to Iran prompts backlash against GOP

The open letter sent by a number of Republican politicians in Congress has begun to see an angry backlash from Deomcrats, liberal media outlets and many within the Republican party, The Guardian reports. US Secretary of State John Kerry led the angry response to the letter that detailed how the nuclear negotiations between the Obama Administration and Iran’s leaders may not be legal and could be retracted by a future President. Kerry and a number of media outlets stated the letter was filled with unreliable assumptions that went against how foreign policy has been conducted by the US for two centuries.

According to Ask Men, Kerry argued that foreign policy could not be conducted with Congress being informed of every step and negotiation being reported. However, Republican Bob Corker revealed both Kerry and President Obama had called for oversight from Congress over talks with Iran under President George W. Bush. The argument looks set to continue after a number of Republicans who did not sign the letter agreed with Kerry that the image and reputation of the US in foreign negotiations had been tarnished by the letter.

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