Location Smart Partners With AND

LocationSmart is a private firm that specializes in offering exclusive location were about information. The firm is globally renowned for its seamless performance in assets tracking, compliance, and operational efficiencies.

The world largest location services provider, LocationSmart opted to work AND for compliance services. Automotive Navigation Data, AND, is a world-class company renowned for providing digital maps and locational services.

LocationSmart provides the most straightforward and inclusive cutting edge platform for either local, national, and content- aware application development. Their partnership will spearhead thousands of business in tracking their activity across the global

As a result, LocationSmart has significantly stretched its Smart ZoneAPI. The API will enable an enterprise to confirm the location of the device straightforwardly is within a given parameter. The API contains compliance outlook for countries boundaries.

Besides, itis designed with boundary options that customers operate. Following their partnership, LocationSmart experts to attract their first international client.

The Automotive Navigation Data, chief executive officer, Hugo Van der Linder affirmed that their firm was pleased to sign a partnership deal with location smart. He asserted that LocationSmart is licensed to acquire location and boundaries information from their database. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Facebook

He was honoured to see; world-class companies such as LocationSmart will benefit from their services. Mr Hugo noted that the company would continue to provide quality maps that meet current markets demands.

Along with that, LocationSmart CEO, Mario Proietti confirmed that they delighted to work AND. Basing on the merits of AND in providing global maps boundaries and comprehensive data, they were thrilled to offer similar services to their clients and expands their services.

Overview of LocationSmart

Before rebranding its name to LocationSmart, it was initially known as TechnCom Corporation. The company was founded in 1995 to provide mobile locations needs. The firm focuses on delivering core location services for both indoor and outdoor usage across various devices, platforms, and networks.

LocationSmart commits to providing location services to customer needs. The LocationSmart platform enables the customer to locate your business swiftly. The app identifies the location of the customers and sends the closest route to your enterprise.

Besides, it is easy to locate the resources in your comfort zone. The manager can monitors employees progress, as well. LocationSmart provides information about the employees’ location and reports the events on development. Also, it is easy to audit the arrival and departs of each employee.

About AND

It specializes in providing digital maps and whereabouts services. Also, the company outstands others for providing real-time updates that help to spearhead business transaction through their LBS platform.

The Netherlands based firm was founded in 1984. Its headquarters officer is situated in Capelle aan den Jesse. AND company provides database information that connects over 200 nations.

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