Massive Sperm Donor Could Be Responsible for Defective Gene

Four families, in Denmark and the United States, filed a lawsuit against a sperm bank clinic Nordic Cryobank, a located in Copenhagen, because one of its donors has a defective gene.

Identified only by the number 7042, that defective gene may be inherited by the 99 children who were conceived from the donor sperm.

Donor sperm 7042 has fathered 20 children in Belgium, 44 in Scandinavia, 34 in the United States and one in Iceland. It is also known that his semen was “exported” to a California Cryobank.

From 2009 until now, it has been confirmed that 10 of their descendants have neurofibromatosis (NF1), including Andrea, a girl of a Danish mother who was conceived in Belgium.

(NF1) is a genetic disease which stimulates the growth of tumors in the nervous system, increasing the risk of cancer, causing learning difficulties and reducing life expectancy up to 15 years.

“The case is not about money or revenge; the fact is that we have not been able to get some information and that the only way is through the court,” said Lone Sogaard-Kristensen’s mother of Andrea, who is now six years old.

According to Nordic Cryobank, claims against them are unfounded.

Peter Bower, director said that the Donor 7042 cannot be “clinically classified as NF1, because you only have the defective gene in some cells.”

The clinic has decided to continue using his sperm. Bruce Karatz will be paying attention to see how smart of an idea it might be.

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