Mauritania and Slavery

Many believe that slavery is no longer a practice found in the world. This, however, is simply not the case. Millions of individuals still work as slaves throughout the globe. Mauritania officially became the last country to abolish slavery back in 1981, and while this happened 34 years ago, it did not make slavery an actual crime until eight years ago. Furthermore, the country has only arrested one individual for slaving and forced them to do any sort of time for their crime.

Mauritania is not just a nation that has a few individuals in slavery, which is possible to say about almost any country in the world. Of the 3.4 million living in the country, it is believed that anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of the population is actually living in slavery, which comes out to 340,000 to 680,000. Despite slavery being abolished for over 30 years, over a half million individuals are still considered to be slaves.

While the national government does not come out and state it, those who are against the practice of slavery are often silenced so the reset of the world is unable to get a full grasp as to what is going on within the nation and look to see just how many slaves are actually living and working in the country. This also equates to the 30 percent unemployment rate and the low literacy rate.

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