Microsoft Launches Universal Foldable Keyboard

The universal foldable keyboard from Microsoft (Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard) is an ultra-thin and lightweight accessory that will be compatible with many devices, ranging from Apple iPhones and iPads , devices running on Android and Windows tablets. It goes without saying that it will hopefully be compatible with the Windows Phone platform, and one may expect to see it working without worry with Windows 10 to be released in near future.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft had originally created universal keyboard for this type of keyboard for Android and Window platform in last September. Now the Company has announced for a foldable version of the keyboard. This new version will be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and it will work with multiple devices but it will be lack of dedicated Windows key. This keyboard will fold up nicely and neatly with magnets to keep it closed if some one’s carrying it in a bag alongside the device. This keyboard will be able to pair up with two devices at a same time and switch between both devices with a single touch. That is good for businessmen like Paul Mathieson, as he is constantly switching devices as a CEO of his own company. It seems that it will be the perfect assessor for writing a few emails from tablet or phone at a coffee shop!

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