Mitch McConnell’s Iran Fast Track Bill Flops

Washington, D.C. – On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell failed in his bid to bring up a bill granting President Obama fast track authority for the pending Iran nuclear deal. The purpose of getting the fast track bill passed before the March 24 deadline was to compel President Obama to seek a better deal with the Iranian mullahs. GOP and Democrat senators are concerned the president will make too many concessions to Iran that will allow them to progress towards nuclear proliferation instead of eschewing it.

However, HCRC senior staff pointed out that McConnell did not bring the bill up in the appropriate senate committee. This allowed him to potentially hasten the path to a floor vote, but it ended up putting off key Democrat senators namely Bob Menendez. Senator Menendez co-sponsored the fast track bill, but he expected the bill to come up for a vote after the March 24 deadline. For this reason the powerful senator withdrew his support for the bill at this time. Other Democrats, who are supportive of the bill in principle, likewise withheld their support. The loss of bipartisan support prevented the GOP from overcoming a filibuster. In light of the fact that McConnell was unable to quickly bring the bill to a floor vote, he withdrew it. The majority leader misread the support for Netanyahu’s speech earlier this week. He believed that it would translate into passage of fast track by next week.

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