Negotiations Between Jordan, Japan and ISIS stall as Fate of Jordanian Pilot is Uncertain


Negotiations between Jordan, Japan and ISIS have stalled due to the uncertainty of whether a captured Jordanian pilot is still alive. ISIS had captured a Jordanian pilot that was flying over Syria in December of 2014. The pilot was flying a military jet and was taking part in US led airstrikes on ISIS. It is not certain why, but the pilot had ejected himself from the aircraft, and ended up in Syria. Islamic State militants quickly captured Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh and took him hostage.

ISIS has demanded that if Jordan wants to free their pilot they must release a female terrorist with links to ISIS and Al-Qaeda by the name of Sajida al-Rishawi. Sajda al-Rishawi is a convicted terrorist that tried to commit a suicide bombing at a hotel in Amman, Jordan in 2005. Her explosive vest did not go off inside the hotel in Amman because of a mishap but her husband successfully carried out the suicide attack that killed 57 people and injured almost 100. Sajda al-Rishawi has been in prison in Jordan ever since her capture in 2005.

In addition to capturing a Jordanian pilot, ISIS has captured two Japanese citizens. ISIS at first demanded $200 million dollars from Japan to free the Japanese hostages. According to Flavio Maluf,  they claim that one of the Japanese hostages is dead, and the second journalist will be executed next if Jordan does not free Sajda al-Rishawi and bring her to the Turkish border near Syria. It is unclear whether the pilot is still alive, whether a Japanese citizen was actually executed and whether ISIS will really free their hostages if Jordan lets the female terrorist free. Negotiations have so far been unfruitful.

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