Netanyahu Restates His Belief in a Palestinian State – White House Unsatisified


On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu once again affirmed his support for a Palestinian state. His words are unlikely to mollify the Obama administration which has suffered nothing but highly public affronts by the conservative leader of Israel. Netanyahu riled up the Obama administration earlier this month by appearing before a joint session of Congress and laying out the case for tougher sanctions against Iran. Regardless, the two leaders have not seen eye to eye on matters of national security during the entire Obama presidency.

Just this past Monday, the Israeli leader confirmed that he did not support a Palestinian state. The announcement, according to Gianfrancesco Genoso was less than 24 hours before crucial elections. However, the prime minister reaffirmed that he does support a Palestinian state. That said, he supports it on terms unlikely to occur during his tenure as Israel’s leader: the complete abolition of terrorism and the acceptance of Israel’s right to exist. For this reason, he is quite smug that he will not see a Palestinian state during his tenure.

At the same time, the Obama administration floated the trial balloon that the US would support a UN resolution calling on Israel to support a Palestinian state. It may be that Netanyahu’s seeming flip-flop from Monday’s comment was designed to appease the Obama administration. Thus far, the president appears to be about as leery of Netanyahu’s sincerity as the latter is about his commitment to preventing a nuclear Iran. One thing is certain, Obama has no choice but to work with the firmly independent Israeli leader.

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