No Same Sex Marriage In Egypt

While the United States is debating legalizing same sex marriage in all States, Egypt is showing an opposite stand on homosexuality said Dan Newlin.

Just this past Thursday, 7 people were arrested for debauchery. This essentially stands for homosexuality. How did the police discover they were performing gay acts? It was through social media where the people had stated they were gay, posting nude photos, and were open about their homosexual tendencies.

Some are surprised by these arrests since the acquittal of 26 men who were arrested in a bath house raid after a television documentary showing how aids is being spread in Egypt. In January, all the men were released on not guilty verdicts, and a defamation lawsuit has been filed against the reporter of the documentary.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt has shown that his government will not support or acknowledge homosexual beliefs. Will this stand help the President stay in power, or will we see major protests arising in Egypt soon?

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