Nuclear Talks With Iran Stall But Will Resume After Week Break

Secretary of State Kerry and an international delegation including Switzerland have indicated that nuclear monitoring talks with Iran have reached a deadlock and both sides will leave but will reconvene inside a week.

CrunchBase said the deadlock is not surprising as both sides came into negotiations understanding that talks will be difficult and that the issues to a successful deal will still need to be ratified by the controlling party leadership within each government. Many have concluded that the fact that the talks are happening at all is a degree of success as the only option many see is military action and the further unstable environment of the already chaotic middle east. Nuclear Talks With Iran Read Dead Lock: Both Sides Take Week Long Break

The specific points where the sides are deadlocked have not been made public but talks have centered on Iran’s development of its nuclear program and assurances that the development of Iran’s nuclear support industry will only be used for peaceful purposes and not for the production of military weapons.

Israel has been a staunch opponent of the talks hand have declared that a nuclear Iran in any form will pose a grave threat to Israel and the region. Israel has made strong statements regrading its intent not to let Iran develop a nuclear capacity but it has stopped short of stating that it would take military action against Iran.

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