OSI and Incredible Foods – A Partnership of The Future

They say opposites attract and it may be true. At least that seems to be the case of the new partnership between the OSI group, the original producer of the McDonalds hamburger patty, and impossible Foods, the creator of the meatless hamburger patty. The two companies will partner to produce and distribute the Incredible Meatless Patty, a food product made by Incredible Foods. Meatless hamburger patties have grown in popularity in recent years. This may be due to the high obesity rate, or because of the need for more environmentally friendly practices.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that Impossible Foods is no longer able to meet the production needs for the Incredible Meatless Hamburger Patty. In fact, this year the company reported shortages in production. It has maxed out its production capability in its California facility and cannot produce enough meatless products to meet consumer demands. As such, Incredible Foods needed to find a production and distribution solution.  After much deliberation, Incredible Foods has decided to partner with the OSI group. This seems an unlikely match as OSI began as a small butcher shop in Chicago in the early 1900s.

Not only that, but OSI also supplies McDonalds with the all beef patty. Even so, the OSI group was the logical choice as it is the largest food distributor in the world. OSI also has the production facilities to meet the consumers needs for the meatless protein-based food. Even so, a major concern Incredible Food had with this partnership idea was that OSI not use meat production machines to make the meatless product. As part of the deal OSI has agreed to use a separate production area for the meatless products. Both the OSI group and incredible Foods believe this partnership will solve the current shortage of meatless food products and help both companies expand in the future.

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