Why the World Will Still Echo Dr. Saad Saad’s Name for Many Years

Any pediatric surgeon is happy when they work at a place where their patients get fulfillment from the services they offer. Some pediatric surgeons are happier when they interact with patients who got their life and happened back from the services they received from them. However, no greater joy would a surgeon receive other than when they become personal specialists to a royal family such as the Saudi Royal. If you asked Dr. Saad Saad what it means to interact with the Saudi Royal on medical appointments, he would explain it better. Saad became the Saudi Royal’s pediatric surgeon in the 1980s. The opportunity came his way since he was fluent in English and Arabic. He also got the rare chance because he was the only pediatric surgeon who was board-certified at that time.


This positive adventure at Riyadh Saudi city lasted for close to five years. He stayed in this city with his family and offered exceptional medical services. The New Jersey pediatric surgeon qualified for the prestigious offer. His education and how he was brought up contributed to the great person he became. He was born among other seven siblings in Palestine, and he was brought up in Kuwait. Despite the humble beginnings of his family, Dr. Saad Saad and his seven siblings succeeded in life. One of his siblings became a teacher, and two of them pursued engineering up to the master’s degree level. Two of Saad’s siblings attained PhDs, while three of them including Saad became surgeons.


Dr. Saad went to Cairo University, an Egyptian university, for his medical degree. He graduated with medical degree honors in 1971, taking the second position in his class. He went to England for his internship program. He then immigrated to the US in 1973 where he did his Pediatric Surgery residency. Although getting board certification in pediatric surgery in the United States is not easy, Dr. Saad Saad found it a walk in the park. Some of the board-certification conditions include excelling in a rigorous exam that comes after ten years, having continuous surgical practice, and going through special training.


The King Specialist Hospital will always appreciate Dr. Saad’s efforts for the respected pediatric surgeon he was there. The hospital chief and Protocol Office could call in Saad to come and perform both the complex and simple surgeries. He performed a surgical procedure to a baby who had been diagnosed with an aneurysm. He saved the baby’s life, and also used the event to educate the world on how to approach such a medical case. Dr. Saad Saad’s opinions on whether to fly patients abroad or operate them in the hospital were never taken lightly. As a hard-working, honest, and kind pediatric surgeon, Saad treated all children without considering their religion, financial status, mental abilities, color, and physical abilities. Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

What you need to Know About Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Medical Career

Meet the most renown doctor in Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. He attended University of Louisville School of Medicine for his Medical Degree. Forsthoefel has built his reputation working as a medical practitioner in Tallahassee hospital. His expertise rates back in more than six years being a specialist in Emergency Medicine. He also records to have completed a Residency at Louisiana State University. Dr. Eric is fluent in English; thus, he can serve a wide range of patients. His affiliation with Tallahassee hospital is that he can treat as well as admit patients. He works alongside twenty-six other medical practitioners who have specialized in Emergency Medicine at Tallahassee. These doctors combine their expertise and know-how to provide quality care to their patients.

As an Emergency Medicine doctor, Forsthoefel can expertly treat patients who are in an urgent and life-threatening state. He is among the trusted emergency doctor working in the emergency departments to oversee successful treatment of patients. Forsthoefel can treat a wide range of diseases including; Cardiac distress, injuries that result to fracture, acute illnesses, as well as traumatic conditions. Having been trusted with life, he can withstand the pressure to make life-saving decisions during a health crisis. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel ensures the correct diagnoses get made, and the patient is stable enough before discharge. If the patient cannot get discharged, it is his role to ensure that the patient gets transferred to the recommended care department.

Dr. Eric M Forsthoefel records two Acknowledged insurances; First Heath and Aetna. He has received board certification having met the required attributes of a medical Doctor. The board acknowledges that he posses the right skills and knowledge to treat any emergency health condition that comes his way. The board entrusts Forsthoefel with the Emergency Medicine field. He holds the required expertise and is competent in the field.


Jason Hope perspective on Internet of Things in the Airline Industry

A few years ago, Internet of Things (IoT) was just a mere concept that could only make sense in science fiction. IoT is a concept that enables the connection of everyday objects to the internet. The concept is changing how everything around us operates. It is predicted that over twenty-five billion things will be connected to the internet by 2020.

Bluetooth technologies

Bluetooth beacon technology is one of the fundamental components of the IoT that enables easier connection between objects. Beacon is a technology that gathers and transmits information. Currently, beacons have been developed into tiny stickers that can be used on any device. The technology is expected to have a significant impact on the airline industry. Many executives in the industry are keen on the technology and some have already allocated considerable budgets towards implementing IoT practices. Additionally, it is estimated that in the next three years IoT technologies will become an essential part of the airline industry. Technology entrepreneur Jason Hope provides how IoT is improving the air travel.


Every airline company is expected to provide maximum safety to their passengers while on board. Many airline companies have implemented various technologies that ensure safety. For instance, Virgin Atlantic planes are connected to a wireless connection where data is continually collected and analyzed. The technology enables for a scheduled maintenance and any mechanical issue is addressed immediately. Additionally, the technologies ensure that other safety items within the plane such as life jackets are monitored.

Customer service

In the recent past, airline passengers have been faced with unpredictable fare prices, heightened security and deregulations. Some airlines have started using IoT technologies to improve customer experience. For instance, most airline companies are nowadays issuing boarding passes to their passengers through emails. Other airlines have developed seat sensors that provide a personalized comfort.

Luggage handling and fuel efficiency

The tags put on passenger luggage will soon contain the beacon technologies. It will ensure that passengers virtually keep track of their belongings while in transit. Fuel efficiency is another area where IoT is improving air travel. A technology has been developed that optimizes fuel efficiency and monitor other power units within the plane. As Jason Hope indicates, IOT will become more prevalent in the airline industry in the coming days. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

The future of IoT in the airline industry

According to Jason Hope, technology is not a onetime event and is a process that takes time. Airline companies that are currently developing and implementing IoT technologies will reap big in the future. Finally, Jason Hope also contemplates that interconnectedness of objects offers limitless opportunities in the industry.

For details: www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity

Jason Hope makes a Substantial Donation to SENS Foundation

Jason hope is a renowned philanthropist and entrepreneur with a keen eye for the technology industry. As a philanthropist, Jason has utilized his resources by funding research organizations that are working to counteract aging and age-related health problems. For many years, Jason has been a beneficial figure to SENS Foundation, a research foundation focusing on research programs that help to learn more about aging and age-related illnesses. The charity organization has been on the frontline trying to fight the aging process. The primary mission of the organization is to transform the world’s perception and approach to age-related diseases.

SENS foundation was founded in 2009 and has also worked with other research institutes like the Cambridge, Harvard, the University of Arizona and Yale. Jason Hope seeks to help people live longer by slowing down the aging process. He made his first donation of $500,000 to SENS research in 2010. Jason has worked closely with Aubrey de Grey, the chief science officer of the SENS research to help the foundation achieve its mission and goals. Commenting on Jason hopes contribution, Aubrey de Grey said that the money would help the organization to find ways to prevent artery cells proteins from bonding.

Jason hope passion for giving back to his community is unmatched. He has stretched his hand to help education programs in his community. He believes that every child has right to education regardless of the families financial abilities. Hope has created an opportunity for all students to access quality education in Phoenix. He made donations to Teach for America’s Phoenix Chapter that sponsors a teacher program for the organization to help them achieve their mission of making education accessible to all.

Jason hope was born and raised in Temp Arizona. He attended the Arizona state university for his degree in finance. He, later on, joined the ASU”s W.P Cary School of Business for his MBA. As an internet of things believer and futurist, Jason has used his knowledge and skills to help better the lives of people in the nation. According to Jason, internet of things is based on the current technological trends and will play an essential role in the present and future society. As a remarkable entrepreneur, he supports and mentors young entrepreneurs as they enter the technology world. He also gives grants to high school and college students. The funds help them grow their business ideas to reality. Jason hope understands the pressure that comes with implementing new ideas and inventing a new product. This is why he has declared to help young entrepreneurs.

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Discover How Jeff Aronin Made Paragon Biosciences Real Success

Pharma and biotech are some of the departments that face great challenges today. This comes because they have to work extra hard to have their drugs approved. The breakthrough for medicines hasn’t been better despite having global laboratories that generate great ideas. However, it is these challenges that made Jeff Aronin come up with Paragon Biosciences. This Chicago-based investing incubator is out to ensure biotechnologies grow to the expected levels. It is focused on offering patients world-class treatments. It does so by analyzing the cause of the disease and focusing on the needs of the patient. Jeff through his Paragon Biosciences has developed 13 new drugs and most of the drugs have been approved.

Before Paragon does anything else, it pays much attention to the needs of the patients. Paragon is committed to finding an effective treatment for debilitating diseases. Jeff has a passionate team that is interested in finding the needed solution. Paragon believes that every disease has a solution even if it hasn’t been identified now. The team is curious to know how the disease comes to be and what treatment would be best for it. Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals are the two firms that work closely with Paragon in finding out the best treatments for the patients.

Jeff has been an established biotech entrepreneur for over 20 years now. He happens to be the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences. His entrepreneur energy and industry expertise are paramount to the professional incubator and investor he has ever desired to be. He knew healthcare was his passion when he was still young in his career (https://angel.co/jeff-aronin). He noted that a particular physician chose to use medicines to treat a seizure child instead of performing a major brain surgery. This made Jeff curious about the power of pharmaceuticals.

In 2000, Jeff started his own company called Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. In 2009, Lundbeck purchased Ovation Pharmaceuticals from Jeff at $900 million. However, Jeff continued to be the CEO and President of the company to ensure transition was successful. Jeff has helped over 200 companies in different development stages while at a healthcare incubator called MATTER.

Sean Penn Discusses The Mentality Behind Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has established himself as an author with his first book. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a humorous story about a man making a living selling septic tanks. On the side he works for the United States government as a contract killer. Sean Penn spoke of what it felt like to complete a film in comparison to finishing a book. He said a film was a collaboration which required adjustments to the ideas of others. This can lead to disappointment or pride depending on the ideas. He stated the book was all his and left him with a more complete feeling.


Sean Penn admits part of the reason he wrote the book was because he did not want to collaborate with anyone else. He came to a crossroads in his career where he was worn out from the expectations and personalities of others. He said once he finished his book the publisher made the decision and he did not feel like he had to give in. He would not discuss his plans for the future but stated he did have something cooking. He also said he did not have anything planned regarding acting. He is currently enjoying writing as opposed to acting. He will most likely use his creative energy in the future for books and not films.


Sean Penn has received numerous book reviews from colleagues and friends including Sarah Silverman and Salman Rushdie. His writing has been compared to Mark Twain, Charles Bukowski and Hunter S. Thompson. He said when he was acting if he mentioned an affinity for a particular actor it become part of the storytelling influence. This often led to him being attributed for liking actors he had never seen or more recently authors he has never read. He believes the influence of a writer is the freedom and excitement apparent in their words. This can influence the words of the author.


When Sean Penn became unable to find new ribbons for his typewriter and had no expertise using a laptop he started writing at night using longhand. He reviewed his work in the morning and his assistant took the dictation. He wants to write faster than his fingers are capable of. He said he used a parallel movement in his book to increase superficiality. He believes not working towards inclusion means working toward divisiveness. He stated anyone looking for an opinion piece is reading the wrong book. His book skewers the way culture worships branding. He believes whether a brand is self assigned or assigned it represents a crisis in the eyes of the consumer. He will not define his book as a brand because he feels this would be too light and ironic.



PSI-Pay works hand-in-hand with Kerv to Transform Alternative Banking Methods

Fintech companies are on the rise and PSI-Pay is leading the way. Clients have benefited greatly from the digital accounts they offer as well as the payment cards used in the international market. They have partnered with Kerv who provide alternative payment options to clients.

Their digital wallets are fast taking the place of the traditional wallets. Users no longer have to walk around with a lot of papers and cards as all these can be found in a single device. They guarantee the safety of ones money and transactions can be completed in an instant. Customers have little to worry about with the new technology as the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK oversees PSI-Pay’s activities.

The digital wallets in the European countries are not similar to those used in America. Young Americans have been attracted by the speed and security of this new service. They also get access to numerous currencies. Cryptocurrency funds have been used at some point after being converted into money.

Kerv’s team innovated the contactless payment ring that will be put to use in the partnership. PSI-Pay on the other hand will allow their Master-Card license to complete the transactions. Clients will enjoy this new service in close to 40 million locations across the globe. This has offered a suitable substitute to traditional banks.

The virtual card of Kerv facilitates online transactions while credit and debit cards will be used to load the accounts. Their founder, Phil Campbell, believes that their innovation will provide convenience to their clients. The range of payments that can be completed with this will also increase in a great way. They are banking on the experience and efficiency of PSI-Pay as far as problem solving is concerned.

PSI-Pay’s MD, Phil Davies, on the other hand is thrilled by the opportunity to work with Kerv. He categorizes Kerv among the top innovators in the alternative payment market. The fact that more and more clients are warming up to the innovation is welcome news to the two firms that hope to make the most of the change in attitude of the market.

The contactless payment ring has earned recognition among the banking professionals and recently received an award when the Temenos Innovation Jam was held.


Richard Dwayne Blair’s Financial Planning Three Pillars Approach

With his long-term experience in the investment market, Richard Dwayne Blair believes that there are three pillars which determine the success of financial planning. This Three Pillar approach will ensure that you have a comprehensive financial plan in place. Mr. Blair’s pillars take into account the retirement needs of the client in comparison with their current financial situation when developing a financial plan.

The first pillar

Blair’s first financial planning pillar covers the structuring of a financial roadmap for the client. At this stage, the goals, risk tolerance, opportunities for growth and strength of a client are analyzed. Richard uses this pillar in his financial planning for his clients to pave the way for good business relations. Being able to understand the individual concerns and goals of a client helps him establish clear expectations for the specific client.

The second pillar

Developing an optimized investment strategy that will work well for a long time is the primary purpose of the second pillar. Here, Richard Dwayne Blair advises that an investment strategy be customized to fit the client’s investment goals. He adds that during this customization, it’s essential for you to consider the liquidity of the investment.

The third pillar

The third pillar is all about insuring the financial plan that you have in place. In the world of business, you can never be so sure about tomorrow. For this reason, Richard advice that any comprehensive financial plan should have room for insurance to protect the client’s investments.

About Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair is a Finance and Financial Management Services Bachelor’s Degree holder from the University of Houston. He also has a Retirement Income Certified Professionals certification. Today, Richard works at Wealth Solutions as a Registered Investment Advisor. He joined this investment advisory firm in June 2012. Apart from being an investment planning expert, Richard is also an insurance expert. At this firm, he helps numerous clients – both corporate and individuals- through their investment planning. He is well respected in the business circles as he has one of the most excellent investment planning records in the industry. Moreover, Mr. Blair is also a member of ThinkAdvisor.

Entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle on the World of Cryptocurrency

Mr. Malcolm CasSelle Is a worldwide celebrated entrepreneur. He is best known for his involved genius in the following organizations: The president and chief technology officer at tronc, Inc. Mr. Malcolm was also senior Deputy President besides being the General Supervisor in the Digital Mass media Department of Seachange International MediaPass. He also worked in various digital industries including Xfire, Tencent, PCCW was part of Groupon’s combined project with Tencent in China. Mr. Malcolm is recognized for early phase vigorous investing decisions in large corporations like Facebook. He is the current president of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX).

His educational accomplishments are as impressive. Mr. CasSelle went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his undergraduate studies for which he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. In his continuous pursuit of excellence, he joined the Master’s program at the University of Stanford and graduated with honors. In addition, Mr. CasSelle Japanese and Mandarin in addition to English.

Most gamers are aware of the tedious process that is sometimes involved in the trading of in-game virtual assets. OPSkins is the global head of this trade and Malcolm CasSelle is their CIO. OPSkins is also the highest bitcoin dealer on the planet. Being the centralized trading center for most virtual assets, certain limitations arise. It, therefore, goes without saying that, the decentralization of this marketplace for the virtual assets is the next big thing in the world of cryptocurrency.

The founders of OPSkins, therefore, saw the need to launch WAX. Wax is a marketplace for trading virtual assets. It was built to solve two of the most prominent problems in the world of virtual asset marketing. The two, fragmentation and fraud, are successfully combated with a simple block chain-enabled widget that allows all its users to buy and sell virtual goods without clicking off the game. WAX under the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle provides solutions to the profound fraud problem. This is accomplished through Blockchain smart contract. This not only ensures the safety of all your transactions but also eliminated unnecessary intermediaries. The result is reduced transaction cost associated with a third-party intervention.



The Academy of Art University is Proud of its Students

The well-known Disney-Pixar movie, Coco, won an Oscar this year at the Academy Awards thanks in part to the hard work of Daniel Arriaga. Daniel was a student of the Academy of Art University and is now senior director at Pixar .Animation Studios

Coco was in theaters this past November and is a tale about a boy who takes a trip through the Land of the Dead on a quest to become a musician. The movie is intricately detailed and vibrant and very detail-oriented. Coco even beat Ferdinand and The Boss Baby as far as popularity goes. Coco even won Best Original Song.

Daniel Arriaga gained many years of training in animation, and at his alma mater, he shared some valuable insight as to the culture and significance of the art throughout the entire movie. The movie is based on El Dia de los Muertos which translates to the “Day of the Dead,” and there was a lot of work put into it in order to bring the rich culture of Mexico alive. This special day is all about celebrating the lives of those who have passed on and honoring them and Coco is all about bringing these traditions alive. It is believed that the spirits of loved ones visit the earth on this day and is an opportunity for loved ones to reunite with their loved ones. El Dia de Los Muertos is a way to explain what this special day means visually and is a treat for the eyes.

The Academy of Art University is dedicated to challenging its students as well as providing experienced teachers to help their students to gain their educational goals. The University offers many ways to learn including architecture, art history, fashion, fine art, graphic design, and game development courses. The University also offers illustration, jewelry and metal arts, and photography classes.

The Academy was founded in 1929 and calls San Francisco its home. They are well-known for preparing their students for successful careers and fosters creative learning. They maintain an inclusive policy for admissions and offers high-quality learning opportunities to their students.