OSI Group Partners with Impossible Foods to Increase Production 

Meatless burger patties have been gaining popularity in recent years, however a new version of this vegetarian food, created by Impossible Foods, has mesmerized consumers to the point of nearly depleting its stock. Burger King was the first fast food chain to put the Impossible Burger on its menu. This experiment turned out to be an profitable decision that changed how customers view veggie burgers. The addition of heme, which is a plant-based substance that mimics blood in meat, is a large part of why people are flocking to the Impossible Burger. Apparently, the blood in beef patties is part of what gives them their unique flavour–which is why Impossible Foods thought to simulate it in their product. Customer approval was certain when the Impossible Burger began selling out at Burger King locations and the stock for Impossible Foods quintupled. The only problem was that Impossible Foods was unable to produce enough of their product with the small plant they owned in California. Enter OSI Group. OSI Group previously worked for McDonalds as a supplier, but now they’ve revised their equipment to be compatible with the creation of the Impossible Burger. OSI Group owns facilities that are located in many different countries, with multiple plants in each country they inhabit. They also boast state-of-the-art food production technology, which will both double the total output of the Impossible Burger and give the partnership the capability to sell the meatless burgers to supermarket shoppers. The massive profit of Impossible Foods has the entire food industry gripped with excitement. Other fast food chains have started plans to add their own meatless burger to their menu, which is a direct response to the success of the Impossible Burger. OSI Group partnered with Impossible Foods in order to ensure that the Impossible Burger is available to consumers, as well as create a nice spot for themselves as a supplier in the growing market of veggie-based burger patties. Now that the food industry has seen the success of a meatless burger alternative, then there’s no doubt that the next few years will be filled with other fast food chains trying to copy Impossible Foods’ success. The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

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Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an entrepreneur and former executive in the financial sector. He has been involved in the financial services industry for over two decades. Over the past couple of decades, Wes has worked at a few of the top financial services firms in the world. Along with being a professional working at top financial services firms, Edens has also participated in a number of charitable activities and in professional sports. He currently owns two major sports teams. After completing a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University, Wes Edens began working in the finance industry as an employee at California Savings & Loan. He spent a couple of years at this institution to learn about the financial sector and get some entry level experience.

After a couple of years, Wes decided to pursue employment opportunities at Smith Barney. Edens worked at Smith Barney for a few years and built on his experience. He would then move on to become a member of Lehman Brothers in 1987. For six years, he was one of the top employees where he held a couple of vital roles in the organization. Wes Edens was one of the partners and managing directors of Lehman Brothers until leaving to pursue an opportunity at a new startup firm. Wes Edens joined BlackRock Financial Management in 1993 and served as one of its top executives. His experience at BlackRock Financial Management allowed him to gain even more managerial experience in the financial services industry. He would use this experience to help him start up his first business.

At the end of the 90’s Wes Edens founded Fortress Investment Group. His firm would specialize in investing in assets such as real estate and energy. The firm quickly became one of the leaders in managing a variety of assets for institutional investors. Today, Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest and most successful organizations in the financial sector. As an owner of two professional sports teams, Wes has been able to help them become more competitive. The Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA have become one of the league’s elite teams since taking over as owner. His English Premier League soccer team has improved and is in position to restore its past glory.

How to Get the Most out of the Repton School

There are lots of private schools available, but it is important that you consider the Repton School over some of the others. The reason for this is simply because you are able to provide your children with an education that is superior to most of the others available. You will enjoy being able to utilize this as an option and know that it is something that is going to be beneficial for all of your needs. Make sure that you take a look at what Repton School is offering and just how different they are when compared to so many of the others that are available right now.

The wonderful thing about the Repton School option is that they offer lots of different sports to make it easier than ever for you to get what you need. This allows your children to participate in hockey, tennis, football and even cricket as a way to benefit their needs outside of the classroom. The school is small in that it helps children to learn in smaller and more intimate classes while still being large enough so that the school is very well-known. The alumni of the school are famous individuals who have attended the Repton School and are finding it to be one of the best options available to them.

If you would like to see just how different the Repton School when compared to others, it is time that you looked into visiting their site or some of the many social media pages they have online. This will give you the chance to mingle with other parents and discuss options when it comes to visiting the school and offering what it is that they are going to need. This is a wonderful time for you to make use of Repton School and are finding it to be helpful in more ways than just one. Be sure to give this a viable option for yourself and see how different they are when compared to some of the other choices that you might have had when it came to your own child’s education.


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Who Is Steve Ritchie And Why Does He Matter To Papa John’s?

Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of Papa John’s, and he is making changes to the company that matter for every customer. Because of this, it is good to get to know him and what he does. He is an expert in the world of business who has spent a long time working for Papa John’s. Someone who is new to the industry can learn all about fast food and pizza service from Steve, and these people might even want to work with Papa John’s. Look at what Steve has done to ensure that Papa John’s can grow as quickly as possible with fresh faces.

The Fresh Faces

The fresh faces that are a part of Papa John’s are very powerful because they show a diverse group of people who work for the company. It is easy for people to enjoy working with Papa John’s because there are so many jobs to be had. Steve worked for the company for a long time before he became the CEO, and now he is using his story to motivate people to work with the company.

Many Job Opportunities

People who want to get a start with Papa John’s can begin by driving out deliveries, working in the store, or making the pizza. These people can move into management positions, and they could even buy franchises. The people who buy franchises are just as diverse as the people that are buying the pizza, and it is very important that people feel hopeful that they can succeed. The recent commercial series starring real employees helps people to get an idea of just how diverse this brand is.

Steve’s Rise To The Top

Steve is an inspiration in and of himself because he has worked so hard with Papa John’s for such a long time. He has made it possible for people to rise through the company because he did it all by himself. He was once working in the outer reaches of the company, but he is now the CEO. He wants other people to believe they can be the CEO, and he wants the company to welcome in as many new employees/franchisees as possible.

The Pizza Stays The Same

The great pizza at Papa John’s has not changed, and that is part of the new marketing pitch from Steve and his team. He wants this company to welcome in everyone who wants to be a part of the family, but they are not changing the experience the customer has. When the customer wants to get pizza, they are given the best flavor and the toppings they have always enjoyed.

Steve Ritchie Also Wants To Help The Company Streamline

Steve wants to see Papa John’s streamline its operations so that the company can be as modern as possible. He knows that a lot of people who work with the company have good ideas, and he wants to hear all those good ideas. Plus, he wants to be sure that someone who has good ideas can get promotions and help make the company better. He wants there to be many more Steve Ritchie’s who worked their way to the top.

One Final Thought

Steve Ritchie is an expert in the business who knows precisely how to run Papa John’s. He is the new CEO who wants to put a fresh face on the company and show off the great people who already work for the company. He believes that he can make the company stronger, help the company offer more jobs, and give people a chance at realizing their dreams.

Bhanu Choudhrie – Investment Strategist with Vision and Integrity

Born in 1978 in New Delhi, India, Bhanu Choudhrie was raised there with one brother. After finishing his primary education in India, Bhanu embarked to the United States of America to further his education. He attended the University of Boston in Massachusetts enrolling in courses in marketing and international business. Bhanu was offered an internship at JP Morgan while in college and, after graduation, went on to found C & C Alpha Group in London, England. C & C Alpha Group Ltd. (CCAG) is an investment strategy group which provides consulting and advising services to a variety of venture capitalists. Bhanu brought on his brother into this venture and took on the position of Executive Director for the firm in 2001. Read full interview of Bhanu Choudhrie at This Is Money.

Wanting to further expand his business knowledge and leadership acumen, Bhanu Choudhrie completed Harvard Business School’s Owner and President Management Program. Mr. Choudhrie went on to become Director of Megalith Financial Acquisition Corporation in 2018 after the company completed their initial public offering (IPO). Bhanu Choudhrie is a member of the Board of Directors for Atlantic Coast Bank as well as Customer’s Bank. He also serves as the Director for the philanthropic organization Path to Success.

Recognizing Bhanu Choudhrie as a man of principal, entrepreneurial spirit and vision, the online publication Ideamensch asked him to an interview recently (see: “Bhanu Choudhrie — Founder of C & C Alpha Group,” May 10, 2019 https://ideamensch.com/bhanu-choudhrie/ ). Following are a few excerpts from this discussion.

On bringing a winning idea to life —

Bhanu finds it ‘invaluable’ to surround himself with a great team of people who, together, move an idea from conception to fruition.

One habit that makes you a productive entrepreneur —

Exercise. Committing to a regular workout doing something I enjoy, like boxing or working out at the gym. This allows for clearing of the mind, re-setting priorities and re-focusing energies.

One thing you do continually and recommend to other entrepreneurs —

Continue to educate yourself. Read. Keep up on what is happening around the world in your field. This will help you find new opportunities as they arise.

More information about Bhanu Choudhrie at https://www.behance.net/bhanuchoudrie/

Gino Pozzo Returns Watford FC To Their 1980s Glory Days

The fans at Watford FC of the English Premier League have been explaining how they feel they are experiencing their longest period of success since the 1980s. Back in the 1980s, manager Graham Taylor and owner Sir Elton John led the team to the old first division and a spot in the 1984 FA Cup Final when the Hornets achieved notoriety for their goalkeeper, Steve Sherwood wearing a red jersey. The current state of the club is even healthier than it was in the 1980s when they relied heavily on investment from the rock star, Sir Elton John to remain afloat.

Sir Elton John remains the honorary life President of Watford for the good work he has done for the team over the years, but the day to day running is left to owner Gino Pozzo. Pozzo was not always welcomed by the fans of Watford, but the club is now seen as one of the most stable and secure in the world of soccer. For Gino Pozzo, retaining the Premier league position of the club for the long term is the first step each season, with the club seeing its policy of investing in youth players and youngsters with something to prove pay off greatly.

The Chief Executive of Watford, Scott Duxbury backs up the claims that Gino Pozzo is a force to be reckoned with in the world of soccer. Duxbury admits the change to a system where the head coach of the club is not the overall leader was initially a difficult transition, but he now sees the benefits that have been gained. Duxbury believes Gino Pozzo has the ability to create something special at Watford because he is willing to work with a range of options and experts to improve the future of the club as a whole.

Businessman Sudhir Choudhrie Discusses The Goodwood Revival And The Future Of India’s Economy

Businessman Sudhir Choudhrie believes that India is on the verge of entering an exciting new era thanks to Brexit. Choudhrie believes that this could be one of the most special time periods in India since the country gained its independence. Choudhrie predicts that India’s economy will thrive in the upcoming months.

India has a reputation for providing excellent engineering services, which helped the car manufacturing industry grow. However, Choudhrie notes that India’s economy has a lot of potential, thanks to the large number of emerging start up companies. Crowdfunding has become popular in the country. India also has a high growth rate.

Sudhir Choudhrie says that India’s large consumer market has a lot of potential. Choudhrie says that large companies should not overlook the consumer power in India. Indian consumers want to purchase high quality items, not a bunch of cheap products. That’s why many brands are starting to market their products towards India. Thanks to their large youth population, Choudhrie believes that India could eventually have the biggest economy in the World. Chourhrie is hopeful that India and The United Kingdom will develop a stronger relationship. Choudhrie says that the relationship should benefit both nations.

The Goodwood Revival

Sudhir Choudhrie believes that the Goodwood Revival has become one of the most popular motor sport events in the World. The festival is a showcase for a classic style of racing. Choudhrie says that the Goodwood Revival pays tribute to the days when driving was a fun hobby.

Sudhir Choudhrie notes that he has a vintage car collection. He says that he has been enamored with classic cars ever since his childhood. As a child, Choudhrie says that he started collecting dinky toys and cars. He attended multiple vintage car rallies while he was in college. Eventually, Choudhrie started participating in some races. In the future, Choudhrie plans to build a car museum.

Click here to learn more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP70C8PRS_Y

Crowdfunded Startup, MAGFAST, Innovates the Charging Experience

One of the inconveniences of modern life is having to carry around the mess of chargers and cables that power all our different devices. MAGFAST is a crowdfunded startup that was launched in 2017 to provide a solution to this problem. The company’s very passionate CEO is Seymour Segnit, who co-founded MAGFAST with his wife, Amy. Segnit was already familiar with this space because he had previous experience as CEO of a company making chargers. He decided it was time to design a better charger because of his own bad experiences, and MAGFAST was born. The company’s goal is to innovate the charging process with a reliable wireless charger that connects to devices magnetically.

When the company launched its crowdfunding campaign, it was able to achieve its $300,000 goal within 15 minutes. This remarkable performance was a reflection of just how much interest there was for a better charging solution. MAGFAST went on to create a product that directly addressed the shortcomings of other chargers on the market. The system, called MAGFAST Family, includes several power banks that function either individually or together to quick-charge a wide variety of devices. The key to MAGFAST’S ability to deliver a genuinely wireless charge is its use of powerful magnets. Each power bank also comes with a built-in cable that is replaceable and self-stored, ensuring a sleek design with no mess of wires. While the system does include a special charger for the Apple Watch, MAGFAST intends to be universal, and its main chargers have built-in compatibility with most brands. Another product in the system, the Life Charger Extreme, is a portable charger so powerful that it can even jumpstart a car.

MAGFAST’s slogan “changing charging for good” refers to more than just the company’s innovation of the charging experience. The company has committed to planting a tree every time they sell one of their products.

Healthy Rejuvenated Skin with Genucel

A proper skincare routine is vital for individuals to retain healthy, beautiful skin. Without a routine, people don’t take the time to replenish their skin with vitamins and nutrients. By exerting an additional moment to care for your skin, you are reducing your chances of damaged or aged skin. Individuals have to use products that benefit and heal their skin. Genucel by Chamonix is a high quality natural anti-aging cream that rejuvenates the skin giving it a fresh, smooth look. Incorporating a product like this will benefit and improve your beauty life.

Skincare routines don’t have to be complicated. By simply increasing your water intake, you have taken the first steps in your regimen. Women should be consuming about three Nalgene bottles full of water for optimal results. Water helps maintain the elasticity of the skin, keeping it hydrated and plump. Cleansing your face is absolutely necessary for your daily routine. Experts at Gencuel recommend this method because your skin produces many oils as you sleep. Clearing your face and starting with a clean slate is always best.

After your face is clean and clear using a toner to help continue to remove leftover dirt, oils, or makeup is suggested. Your skin is exposed to many things, such as chemicals, smog, and free radicals. Using a cream with antioxidant properties, like Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy supplies your skin with the vitamins and minerals it needs to prevent further damage from outside elements. Genucel helps reverse the early stages of aging, firms, and smooths the wrinkled areas of your face.

Having an anti-aging cream is great, but specifically using Genucel will change your life. The cream has Algae Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen. These ingredients have powerful antioxidants and proteins that fight against premature aging. The Plant Cell is derived from Swiss apple trees which clinical studies have shown that it actively promotes the appearance of youthful-looking skin. Gencuel reduces the puffiness around your eyes and immediately soothes the area. Gencuel by Chamonix will protect, rejuvenate, hydrate, firm, plump and smooth your fine line and wrinkles.

Talk about boss of the year!!! 🤩 pic.twitter.com/N0Dy4JeJP2 — Genucel (@Genucel) September 12, 2019