Thor Halvorssen on Democracy, Civil Liberties, and Human Rights Advocacy

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights supporter and film maker with commitments in the fields of public interest advocacy, public policy pro-democracy advocacy, civil liberties, individual rights and public policy. Halvorssen is originator of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly assembly depicted by The Economist as a “breathtaking human-rights celebration on its approach to turning into human-rights such as the Davos monetary forum. Halvorssen is the leader of the Human Rights Foundation, an association dedicated to worldwide human freedom and rights.

Halvorssen stepped down from heading ( Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) FIRE in March 2004 to join its Board of Advisors and declared the starting of a worldwide team that would “champion the meaning of human rights that initially enlivened the human rights development, focused on the twin ideas of self-assurance freedom and that of tyranny. HRF was consolidated in 2005, opening its central station in New York City in August 2006. Its International Council incorporates several conscience prisoners such as Harry Wu, Elie Wiesel and Vladimir Bukovsky. More so it entails democracy activists, for example, Garry Kasparov and Mart Laar. Václav Havel was its chairman before he died in December 2011.Halvorssen repeatedly advocated and lobbied releasing of Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese political prisoner during the helm of HRF. Come 2010, Halvorssen was an extraordinary visitor of Liu Xiaobo at the Nobel Prize service giving the prize to Liu Xiaobo in absentia. Halvorssen is recognized as a supporter of Chinese Uyghur pioneer RebiyaKadeer and has forcefully opposed the Tawainese Kuomintang government for its restricting visits by Kadeer. Halvorssen has bolstered UN-level activity to address the infringement of Uyghur rights in China.

As per the Hollywood Reporter,Thor Halvorssen is at present delivering the Robert a film adoption. Halvorssen delivered The Sugar Babies, the film about Dominican Republic human trafficking and the predicament of its vagrant farm workers. The documentary targets are the politically and wealthy sugar barons who dwell in West Palm Beach – the Fanjul Family. There is a time the film was revisited at Florida International University before a heated exchange developed with the Dominican discretionary agent leading to police presence. It got various negative views being said that the film’s depiction of enormous business and its association with the Dominican government was a piece of a crusade against the nation’s notoriety. Today, Halvorssen has managed to touch different sides of people’s life and he has still dedicated his career and willingness to do so.


Contributions Made By Eric Pulier In The Technology Industry

Eric Pulier is regarded as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the complex enterprise technology industry and government projects. Over the years, Eric has enabled many start-up companies to realize their dreams by providing them with financial support. The technologist was born in New Jersey. He went to Teaneck High School. Later, Pulier enrolled in the celebrated Harvard University where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in English and American literature.

As a university student, Eric Pullier made significant contributions in the Harvard Crimson. He published his articles on institution’s newspaper. Pulier wrote on different topics authoritatively and with a sense of humor. Over the years, he has used technology to develop innovative platforms. Eric’s interactive software have helped many children to be able to interact with other kids diagnosed with chronic illnesses.

In 1991, Eric relocated to Los Angeles, where he incorporated People Doing Things. This corporation focused on providing schools and healthcare facilities with innovative technological solutions. In 1994, Eric founded Digital Evolution. In 1998, the interactive agency merged with the US interactive LLC. Notably, the revered President Inaugural Committee selected Eric to design and implement the presidential technology exhibit, Bridge to the 21st Century. Almost all media stations featured him considering that this project was designed with the objective of celebrating President Clinton and Al Gore’s second commemoration.

Through his innovative strategies, Eric has made tremendous contribution in the technology industry. To this end, he has helped in founding, funding, and co-founding more than 15 companies. Some of these corporations are Media Platform, SOA Software, Desktone and US Media Interactive LLC. Owing to his successful career, different companies have awarded his efforts. Recently, VAR Business recognized the shrewd entrepreneur as one of the 30 e-visionaries. Over the years, he has attended many forums and conferences where he has delivered key note addresses. Eric is an executive director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. He is also affiliated with the Clinton Global Initiative.

In his long and successful career, Eric has supported numerous charitable initiatives. He is the brain behind a multimedia educational platform seeking to help patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis to learn more about the disease. To this end, he has worked closely with the Multiple Sclerosis Society to ensure that the project is successful.


Learning to Start Your Own Business Like Sawyer Howitt

There are many people who have a dream of starting their own business. However, few people are putting in the work to get to where they want to be in this area. If you want to succeed with what you are doing in your life and career, this is a great way to get started. Many people today are excited about the changes that are going on in this area of the business. Sawyer Howitt is a great business owner who has had a lot of success during his time at the top. Learning from what he has been able to do is a great way for young business owners to start out on the right track. Now is a great time to start investing for the future in a variety of ways.

Sawyer Howitt

From the time he started out in business, Sawyer Howitt has been there to help other people in a variety of ways. This is one of the most important things that he can do in his life and career. Not only that, but Sawyer Howitt is the type of person who is ready and willing to help other people with what they are working on. If you want to build wealth at a high level, running your own successful business is a great way to do so. There are few people who have been able to do this with success over time. However, you can have a lot of success if you are able to learn how to take your life to a new level.



Fighting for Human Rights to Death-Thor Halvoseen

Thor Halvoseen was born and raised in Caracas; he is born from a family of half-Norwegian and half-Venezuelan. Thor has a high background. Starting from his paternal grandfather Oistein who was the King’s Council in Venezuela during the world war two.Oestein was responsible for the diversion of the Norway’s merchant fleet into the Venezuelan port when his home was attacked by the Germans. Thor’s grandfather was very defensive, and when he was stopped, he fought a couple of Nazis. His Royalty background also came from his mother who descended from the first president of Venezuela Cristobal Mendoza and from Simon the Liberator who was a statesman who assisted the Latin America Independence from Spain.

Thor Halvoseen and his family are well known for their fight for humanity as well as liberty; they stand with the believe that human rights issues are not anything to discuss. In the effort to fight corruption Thor’s father has been able to expose the government in various corruption issues including drug trafficking. His father died combating corruption after being tortured in a Caracas prison. His mother was not ashamed to also die to fight for the rights of others, and she was shot dead while participating in a demonstration duped Anti-Hugo Chavez campaign. His first cousin Leopoldo Lopez is currently in a Venezuelan Jail for challenging the Chavista Regime.Thor Halvoseen is Human Rights advocate and his love for people led him to establish his foundation Human Rights Foundation. He is also a film producer, and he makes a contribution in sectors including public interest, public policy, human rights advocacy, civil liberties as well individual human right. In Thor’s efforts to fight and advocate for the human rights, he founded Oslo Freedom Forum a forum that is described by many as human rights festival.

Thor Halvoseen is the President of Human Rights Foundation an organization that has the responsibility of fighting for human rights globally. Apart from his foundation Thor is also a leader in several other organizations including Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement which he is the patron, On Own Feet and also the founder of Moving Picture Institute. Currently, Halvoseen is producing a film; The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Thor has also been awarded by the University of Pennsylvanian President Judith Rodin for his efforts to protect the voice of students.

Don Ressler’s Inspiring and Extensive Career

Don Ressler is the man behind companies like JustFab and Fabletics. This man has worked in partnership with a guy named Adam Goldenberg, and they both have caused quite the scene over the years because of their work with countless talented people in the entertainment industry and what they are capable of. Don Ressler is a very successful businessman who started from scratch and is today one very talented guy who has all the right success in the fashion industry.

He is known for being the man behind countless successful start-ups in different industries. Don Ressler’s first business was a website that he eventually sold to a company named Intermix Media. He eventually joined their team and actually worked with them to create different brands and companies. He joined Adam Goldenberg in this company and they eventually took off to a new level and accomplished so much more together. They found the beauty industry to be very marketable and the perfect place for their next challenge.

In 2010, their company Intelligence Beauty launched the beauty of a new company called JustFab. This subscription based eCommerce fashion site became known for having Kimora Lee Simmons join the company as their headliner, and eventually the brand became known for their huge amount of funding and large number of huge brands willing to sell their products lower than retail price. Their funding shot up to more than $76 million from different venture companies and venture capitals. One thing Don is known for his skills when it comes down to knowing and understanding all aspects of business and raising funds. He played a big role with Adam to getting their brand to reach new levels and receive the funding they deserved to get JustFab to the next level.

Intelligent Beauty was known for being the holder of all the fashion businesses they had. Not only was JustFab, now known as TechStyle, introduced to the world of fashion on Pando, but there were two other brands that came out of this huge company. They first came up with DERMSTORE, which was an online marketplace for skincare and cosmetics. About two years later, SENSA became their newest project, which was a weight loss system.

Today, both Don and Adam are successful business partners always coming up with new ways to revolutionize business. Their newest works Fabletics in the world of fashion is also taking its launch successfully, and continues to soar.

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Adam Milstein is The Advocate that Jews Need

One thing that is certain is that all groups of people need an advocate or a leader to help them keep on top of things. For Jewish people, the advocate is Adam Milstein. He is someone that is one of the best leaders for Jewish people to have. For one thing, he is someone who has lived a productive life. He embodies all of the values that people can admire and appreciate. Therefore, he is a fit for the job of being a leader and an advocate. He is also someone who is willing to challenge his people to live up to the example that he has set.


One thing that Adam Milstein has succeeded at is being an investor. He works as a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. This company holds over $2 billion in properties and assets. This shows that Adam Milstein is not only willing to do a lot of work and management of assets, but he is also willing to take risks and responsibilities. One good thing about him is that he is very forward thinking. He looks at all of the different opportunities and takes them in order to see how valuable they are.

Adam Milstein is someone who enjoys the work he does. After all, most people are going to be spending the majority of their time doing work in order to maintain their home. Therefore, it is important for one to be able to enjoy the type of work that he does so that he will bring in a lot more money than he would working a regular job that he doesn’t like. One of the best types of jobs are the ones where the worker sees the purpose behind what he is doing and is therefore taking the time to make sure that he is working very fast towards his goals.




Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner – Helping Women Get Natural Looking Beautiful Hairs

WEN Hair care products have been in the news for long because of the kind of positive effects it has on hair. Wen hair care products are suitable for just any hair type, and because it does not have any harmful chemicals like other hair care products, it is known to provide the natural shiny look that all women desire. Recently, a fashion blogger depicted her journey of using the famous Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner for a week in an article published on Bustle.

In the article, the Facebook blogger said that while the instructions of using the Wen Cleansing conditioner is something that many women might not be used to, but it helps in making the hairs more manageable and adds more fluffiness and shine to the hair. She noticed the difference after using the Wen cleansing conditioner after the first day itself and by the end of the week, the hair was showing signs of complete revamp of when she started.

In the article published by her on Bustle, after purchasing the product from eBay, she has mentioned each and every minute detail of her journey about how much the cleansing conditioner she used and the effects it had after each wash. For her, Wen cleansing conditioner worked well, and she recommends the same to every woman who is looking to moisturize their hair and make it more manageable.

Chaz Dean is one of the most popular hair stylists in the United States and the creator of the brand, Wen Hair Care. He has a hair styling studio in Bel Air, which is frequently visited by many Hollywood celebrities. It is due to his passion and love for locks that he took it upon himself to design and create a hair care product line that precisely addresses the issues women face from the hair care products already available in the Sephora beauty market.


Jason Hope’s Believe In The Internet

Jason Hope has made a huge name for himself in the technology world. His years as an entrepreneur and tech expert have made his opinion quite valuable to a large number of people. Hope has spent much of his time as a writer and commentator on the latest tech trends. Recently he spent some time writing about the Internet of Things something he is quite a believer in. Throughout the article Hope had high praise for The Internet of Things calling the it the greatest new wave of advancement to hit the tech industry.

The Internet of Things is a term used to describe how technology can be connected allowing various devices to sync with each other. Hope is a strong believer in this idea. As the major companies began to embrace this idea, it has the potential to completely change how companies function. It could very well become the biggest advancement in the tech industry in years.

Hope is convinced that embracing smart technology and the Internet of Things provides the power to eliminate waste and make our daily lives safer. There have already been a number of great changes including upgrades in public transportation and road conditions. As more people embrace this technology idea, our world should become a much safer place.

An entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor Hope has built quite a resume over the years. The Arizona native received a degree in finance from Arizona State University, and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope has used his wealth and fame to give back to the community. Philanthropy has become a big focus for him. In particular he loves groups like SENS Foundation that are dedicated to helping create preventative measures to health issues.

Jason Hope presence in the technology world is sure to be big for quite some time to come. He has become a go-to person for knowledge in this space.

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Goettl Air Conditioning is Expanding Across Arizona, Neveada and California

One thing is certain if you live in the southwest United States you want to have reliable air conditioning for your house. In Arizona and Nevada, temperatures often reach 110 degrees in the summer, so dependable air conditioning is a necessity.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 by the two Goettl brothers in Phoenix, Arizona. By the 1950s, air conditioning became popular, and Goettl Air began to expand across Arizona. This year, Goettl was recognized as the Best HVAC Company in Arizona.

Ken Goodrich is the president of the company. He grew up watching his father work in air conditioning, and he began his career in the field. For the past five years, he has been the dedicated and loyal leader of Goettl, which he sees as growing into Nevada like they did in Arizona. Then, he plans on covering southern California from San Diego to San Francisco.

Goettl has been a leader for over 70 years offering A/C repairs, HVAC management, installation, with high-quality products for heating and air conditioning.

Ken Goodrich is reentering Las Vegas by merging with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air this month. The merger allowed Goettl to gain over 20 new employees and secure a place in the residential air conditioning market. This merger will also open the commercial market for Goettl while extending the services for the two Las Vegas companies.

The employees of these two companies are excited about the merger because Goodrich has an incredible record and Goettl has a reputation for excellent products and services.

They have several other companies in L.V., which they had acquired previously, and they intend on expanding until they are the best HVAC company in the southwest of Nevada, and then they will move into California to do the same.

End Citizens United: On A Mission To Reform Campaign Financing

In the field of political activism, there is a new entrant determined to eradicate financial malpractice that has blemished the political arena. The group aims to achieve this by funding the campaigns of Democratic aspirants in both the upper and the lower houses. The foundation, named End Citizens United, has up to date raised $2 million since its inception. According to communications executive Richard Carbo, the establishment has projected the fundraiser to accrue a whopping $30 million.


True to its name, the primary objective of the group is to lobby a constitutional amendment that will nullify the Citizens United ruling made by the Supreme Court. The decision, made in 2010, was the reason behind the rapid upsurge of political activism committees as well as pumping of dirty money into the political landscape. The move by End Citizens United has received a warm welcome, with their petition currently boasting of over 325,000 signatories. The plea seeks to compel the Congress to pass the amendment. The future is promising for the petition, with the group having collaborated with the Hillary Clinton campaign team to use its massive email subscription list; which has over 4 million members. The entity has also declared support of many Democrats across various states.


Speaking on the matter, Richard Carbo stated that his organization was different to other financial reform activists. Contrary to other groups, End Citizens United was campaigning for candidates who supported reform – and could pass the required legislation if elected. The aspirants also promised to oppose Citizens United. As a measure of supporting their preferred candidates, the group created an autonomous division that would provide fiscal support to the nominees through incentives such as digital and conventional advertising.


Though End Citizens United is optimistic of sanctioning financial reforms, the dream of passing a constitutional amendment has raised some doubts among economic and political experts. For a change to be effected, it needs to be approved by at least 67% of members in both houses, as well as being endorsed by over 75% of all states. Even worse, this could prove to be a daunting task since no amendment has been passed for over two decades.


Senior campaign experts have written off the prospect of a constitutional amendment, saying that it is an uphill task. However, Carbo remains defiant that his group is on the right track. He believes that the projected $3o million could play a significant part in the process. So far, End Citizens United has received donations from over 136,000 individuals.


About End Citizens United


This is a political activist group whose sole objective is to advocate for reforms in campaign financing. Backed by grassroots members, the PAC aims to eliminate dark money in political through electing reformists and advocating for constitutional changes.