End Citizen United: Fighting For The Other Classes

End Citizen United helped to completely change the landscape when it comes to American elections. It also helped to establish a legal basis for corporations being people. This helped to open the door for those with money to be able to spend large amounts of money that can’t be traced in the American elections. Here’s some information about who started End Citizen United and what to expect from them in the future.

James Bopp

In January of 2008, James Bopp was laughed out of court when appearing in front of a federal panel of three judges in Washington DC. He was arguing for a client, Citizen United, about the right to air Hillary: The Movie during the Democratic presidential primaries. The Federal Election Commission, or FEC, told Citizens United it was not allowed to show or advertise for the movie during the primary season. They said that it was the equivalent of a 90-minute and that did not identify who had paid for it.

What Happened?

Two years later the Supreme Court reversed this ruling and ended up adopting many arguments that Bopp originally had made. This decision wiped out over 100 years of precedent when it comes to campaign-finance law. The decision was overturned because of a 1976 decision that stated that campaign spending is a form of speech that is protected by the First Amendment.

Raising Funds

This political action committee has been raising plenty of cash hoping to get more Democrats elected in congress. End Citizen United focuses on driving big money out of politics. They have been raising money totaling $4 million in the first three months of 2017 and thinks that they will be able to raise around $35 million before the 2018 midterm elections for Congress.


About 100,000 people have contributed to End Citizens United in the first quarter of the year including 40,000 new contributors. The leaders of the group state that their goal is to help elect champions in campaign-finance reform to Congress. The average contribution is about $12from contributors that feel that the system is rigged, where those with the most money have the biggest say. This is their chance to fight back.

End Citizen United was started to help those that feel that money plays too important of a roll in the government. Through congressional reform and spreading the word, they are helping to change the future of America.

Rocketship Education Speaks Out On the Ten Lessons Learnt During Their Ten Years of Operation

Rocketship Education has been in the game for the past one decade, and in the recent past, the distinguished institution shared many lessons that they managed to learn from the one-decade-period. First, being a pioneer of personalized learning, Rocketship indicated that personalized learning begins at home, a reason why they still hold the annual home visits. According to the school, the tours provide a stronger link with the families hence understanding the needs of each student in detail.

Rocketship schools focus on elementary education. On the other hand, many parents, partners, and sponsors feel that the school should introduce a K-12 system. While on the contrary, the school seems the move is so tempting when viewed from the perspective of the rocketeers. On this, Rocketship learned that in the education sector, one has to create a demand before deciding to improve the system.

Thirdly, the prominent school learnt how honoring the power of parents can bear more fruits to the education sector as a whole. The parent leadership has over time been able to practice their powers and that, has seen the likes of Karen Martinez open high-quality middle and high schools. Also, in terms of integration and the school performances, Rocketship learnt that institutions should avoid concentrating on integrating the students but instead should focus on the teachers as they are crucial when it comes to creating a culturally responsive school. Not long ago, John Danner enrolled his two kids to the institution, a move that many would insist that he was trying to make a point but according to him he just did what any responsible parent would do, take his kids to a good school.

Also, the school learnt the need to ensure that the meaningful inclusion benefits all kids and that’s why the students with disabilities spend most of their day in general classrooms, a move that was earlier viewed as imperfect. According to the institution, the program helps all the students regardless of their abilities discover their full potentials. On their ten lessons learnt, Rocketship Education also learnt it is always early to quit on learning new ideas after the adaptation of the flex model which had failed in many schools yet they are stronger for it.

Over time, Rocketship Education has been known for their unique hiring tactics which entail seeking educators who match their mindsets. The school learnt the lesson after noting that not all tutors are willing to handle weekly teachings as they were exhausted hence a need to change and that could only happen if they picked qualified personnel who match their mindset.

Also, the successful institution learnt they would never achieve all the success they celebrate today were it not for the few stakeholders and partners that came into play. Therefore, for a better future, Rocketship Education continues to build strong bonds with their partners. Lastly, the institution learnt that the fact that they are always proud to be a public school and this motivates them to continue providing the community with an education system that surpasses that of the private institutions.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a philanthropic organization that provides quality elementary charter schools particularly to the low-income earners. The network is generally focused on areas that have limited or little access to the schools. The non-profit organization strongly believes that the schools do more than educate the student, but also boost teachers, and engage parents while transforming the community.

The group was launched in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. The schools are headquartered in Redwood City, California during its spread over the San Jose region. According to stats, in 2012, the network had five schools, which had about 450 students each. Today, the system manages over 16 schools spread over Redwood City, California, Nashville, Washington DC, as well as Milwaukee.

James Larkin- Irish Trade Unionist

James Larkin, otherwise known as Big Jim, was born on January 21, 1876, to Irish parents. He grew up in the slums of London, England since his family was poor. He did not receive much education for that matter, but he struggled with manual jobs until he landed on the London Docks as a foreman.

Jim Larkin was a known activist whose fight and advocacy for worker’s rights was undoubted. He became a full-time trade unionist in 1905, after joining the National Union of Dock Labourers, NUDL.

His methods of militant strikes were not acceptable by NUDL, therefore, in 1907 he was shifted to Dublin. This did not waver Jim Larkin’s ambition. He founded the Irish Workers and General Workers’ Union.

The goal of the union was to organize and unite all Irish workers, skilled or not. In December 2008, Jim Larkin outlined ITGWU’s political program.

During his time, skilled employees and those who were treated as different, as a day is to night. There was a notion that unskilled workers lowered down production and were not as industrious as the skilled ones. Therefore, those who did not hold much experience in their fields of duty suffered unfair treatment. This was not bearable, according to Jim Larkin.

Everything in the world has a beginning, and every worker has a starting point. One has to begin from inexperience to acquire the experience with time. James grew up under harsh conditions and had to struggle a lot to provide for his family. Therefore, he understood the strains that laborers went through, and that is the reason why he fervently advocated for their rights.

Jim Larkin later formed the Irish Labour Party. He led this party and several individuals who supported it, into numerous strikes. The strikes were a way to seek attention for laborers so that their cries were heard. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.historyireland.com/20th-century-contemporary-history/big-jim-larkin-hero-and-wrecker/

The greatest strike he led was the Dublin Lockout of 1913 which involved more than 100,000 workers and went for seven months and finally won the right to fair employment.

Following the outbreak of the First World War, James Larkin held demonstrations in Dublin against the war. He also urged his fellow Irishmen not to take part in it. Jim Larkin later traveled to the United States where Larkin supported the arms production against the Brtish.

He showed his support by donating funds. James then joined the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World, IWW. He founded James Connolly Socialist Club, New York in honor of his friend James Connolly who passed on in the 1916 Easter Rising that took place in Ireland.

Jim Larkin was sentenced in 1920 for charges of communism and criminal anarchy. He was, however, pardoned three years later.

This led to his deportation to Ireland where he staged, organized and established the Workers’ Union of Ireland, WUI and also became a member of the Irish Labor Party in 1945. James Larkin died on 30 January 1947 at the age of 71. He left behind his beloved wife, Elizabeth Brown and four sons.

What Happened To Bradesco After Luiz Carlos Trabuco Took The Helm

What is found below is a translation from an article in Revista Crescer. It is simply an excerpt because the entire article has to do with what was going in in Brazilian finance before and after Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as CEO of Bradesco, which was formerly the largest bank in Brazil until a merger knocked the bank into second place. The beginning of the article discussed the competition involved in picking the new bank president. It especially highlights the split of the bank in terms of support for younger candidates versus very old ones. Additionally, it sheds light on how Bradesco and even the Bank of Brazil was feeling pressure from the new number one. The whole article is massive and can be read completely by clicking here.

Describing the New President of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Owner of a fine humor, soft talk and a broad smile, Luiz Carlos Trabuco does not meet the typical profile of his colleagues in banking. Married with three children, he is a simple and calm subject. As Bradesco’s book recommends, he does not cultivate extravagant habits. Unlike the majority of the bank executives who typically graduate from majors in either administration, economics, accounting, engineering or some combination, Luiz Carlos Trabuco graduated in philosophy at the University of São Paulo, and he did postgraduate studies in sociopsychology at the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo.

The Early Background of Luiz Carlos Trabuco at Bradesco

He started working at Bradesco in 1969, as a clerk at Marília’s agency, where he was born and where Amador Aguiar opened the bank’s first branch office in 1943. Two years later, he moved to São Paulo to work at the headquarters, and he did not stop learning, growing and moving up in the bank. In 1984, he became director of marketing. He earned the title of executive vice-president in 1999, and in 2003, he became the president of the insurance company, a position he has held until today. Since the insurer’s headquarters are in Rio de Janeiro, Trabuco lived on the air bridge. He was also a member of the bank’s board of directors, which he returned to as chief executive from 1999 to 2005.

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In the mid 1980s, when he was at the helm of the marketing board, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was one of those responsible for modernizing the bank’s publicity, and for opening to the media. Until then, Bradesco was averse to reporters. His work as the group’s insurer through 2003 gave the final stamp for his rise to the bank’s presidency. While serving as the head of management for insuring, Luiz Carlos Trabuco doubled the insurance area in size, consolidated its leadership in the country with a 25% share of the market, became the largest in the sector in Latin America and increased its share in the group’s net income to 35%. This is 10 percentage points more than when Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over in 2003.

Contrary to what Amador Aguiar said, which preached equal attention to all customers, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was one of the biggest proponents of segmentation. Luiz Carlos Trabuco saw the strategy implemented successfully by its main competitors. Today, Bradesco has a special check and there is even a service with differentiated agencies to serve high-income clients called Bradesco Prime. Of course, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has done much more to take Bradesco into the future. In Brazil right now, there is dispute over whether or not he has gotten Bradesco’s title of largest bank in the country back thanks to smart moves and concentrating on offering the best customer service to the banks many municipalities, as well as other mergers and investments. Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over during a trying time, but he has more than proven his worth.

Eric Pulier Keeps Trying To Take The Lead

Eric Pulier happens to be an innovator and an entrepanuer at his base. He puts a lot hard work into what he does and makes sure he ends up on top. He ignores everyone around and does his best to keep Eric Pulier’s best foot foward. He has a vision to keep moving and doing his best for as long as possible and it works. He keeps trying to take the lead and be and example for people and he succeeds. People look up to him and do what they can to be asssisted by him becasue he is a good role model.Eric has helped transform technology in way that most people cannot. He has helped do things that most people are not able to even think of regarding technology. Technology has changed alot thanks to the way Eric looks at and innovates new ways of creating technology. He does all he can to think of new way to come up with things to create innovative technology for all. He defintely has other people in mind as he does what he can to help fund othepeoples ideas instead of focusing on his own too much. This is very handy becasue people enjoy completing their ideas and showing them to the world and ericpulier helps them do this by funding cool ideas that people come up with and have. He has plenty of ideas on how to passionately pursue a business. Eric puts his heart and soul into what he does and is very passsionate about his successes and helping other people. Other people want to do more around him becasue they like him and look up to him as an individual. People want to be like ericpulier and defintely admire him as a person and they look up to him.

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Securus Technologies Allowing Inmates to Earn College Degrees to Live a Crime-Free Life Once they Leave

Securus Technologies not only makes prisoners and correctional facilities secured, but they are also working hard to improve the lives of their prisoners. One of the ways to achieve it is by providing them with education so that they can live a normal life outside once they are released and are employable. It is seen that prisoners who spend time on getting a degree while in prison are more likely to get a stable job once they complete their sentence. Inmates who do not get some education while in prison end up back in jail within three years of being released. Since the prisoners have to adapt to the life outside of the inmates and need to have stable health and mindset to keep a job and a family, education helps them learn these skills.


Securus Technologies is the first company to introduce tablet-based education initiative in prisons and have been quite successful so far. The company allows the inmates to download books and enroll in courses to receive real degrees while in prison. While this service is available in a few prisons till now, the company is looking to extend it to most others within a short period. I was lucky enough to be in a prison where they had just introduced the online courses and would not have been happy.


I earned a degree and am working full-time for a real estate company. I make a decent amount of money that allows me to take care of myself and my family. I would have never thought that I would be able to make use of my time in prison and do something that will be with me for the rest of the time. The prison officials were also helpful when it came to helping me learn how to use the tablet for my course.



Scholarly Review of Jason Hope Faith in Technology as The Future of The Human Race

There is probably no limit to what technology and its multifaceted science can do to change the course of human history. Scientific inventions, innovations and their major technological breakthrough serves as a reminder that the solution to the future of the human race are embedded in the laws of nature, whether on uncertainty principle or relative theory of understanding. There is considerable understanding that science shall come up with a body of everything, or what scientists call a theory of everything (TOE) and that it is still possible in the future. These views serve to inspire one Jason Hope who has narrowed this hope in science into an internet of everything that he believes can be realized in this near future.

Jason hope has dedicated his intellect into exploring his genuine belief that various devices can be synchronized with each other from the clothes we wear to the car we drive to our kitchen devices using the same data, therefore, serving as an important source of information, work practice and diagnostic leveraging point. He particularly has as a shoe he uses while practicing that can measure the progress of exercising.

Jason Hope faith in this role of technology in the future of the human race can also be exemplified by his record breaking donation to biotechnology research institution (SENS). These donations are stemmed from his belief that aging and various others chronic diseases can be eliminated by putting more emphasis on what happens at the cellular level, a point that has been by scientifically proved by the use of stem cells, though still opposed by moral and ethical scholars. His donations are tenable noting success of stem cells cure in various conditions including HIV/AIDs. The impact of biotechnology in treating age related diseases has been appreciated however and it now points to the future, what it has in store for mankind.

Jason Hope is an alma mater of Arizona State University, where he graduated with an MBA. He chose to invest in mobile technology for he realized the opportunity it held in that its market was big and unexploited.

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White Shark Media is Taking a Bite Out of the Competition

Just a few short decades ago the only way to advertise for a business was through radio, television spots and newspaper listings. This all changed in the late 90’s with the inauguration of the World Wide Web and thus a new form of marketing and advertisement was born. Almost overnight, digital marketing was an ever growing industry with an audience that was getting larger by the day. Many companies have attempted to enter this space but few have done it better than White Shark Media. White Shark specializing in aiding small and medium sized businesses to best market themselves to the online community. White Shark Media has even recently partnered with internet giant Google. The digital marketing company offers their clients six basic rules to follow. Of course to actually market effectively online it is much more complicated than just six easy steps but the gist of it are the following: make sure you’re advertising in the right place, keep your advertisements current, optimize the ads you use, be sure to track your advertisements over time, stay ahead of your competitors and perhaps most importantly, have content that is of the highest quality. If you make every decision with these six characteristics in mind then you are well on your way to a profitable online marketing and advertisement campaign.

White Shark Media was originally founded in 2011 by a group of Danish entrepreneurs who were experts in the field of digital marketing. Their main clients are businesses who do not yet have the resources to have full time employees dedicated to digital marketing and advertising. White Shark Media fills this void and provides these companies with the online presence that they desire. Businesses that are just getting on their feet can profit immensely from the services of White Shark Media.

Why You Should be interested in Honey Birdette’s Re-definitions of Fashion through Unique Lingerie

The Australian-based lingerie brand Honey Birdette is set to launch its United States e-commerce portal. Additionally, it has revealed plans to increase its presence in the United Kingdom, by raising their portfolio from the current three stores up to around 40 by the end of 2018. The brand was founded in Brisbane by reckoned entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in 2006, which led him to set a U.S site. Following a surge in their sales, it recorded a 374 % increase in the online sales in only one year. The new platform is said to bring a host of new consumer experiences, with faster purchases, free delivery, and extensive product varieties.

The main areas of interests
Honey Birdette is seeking to tap into the potential of both the American and UK retail openings. The trend is clear, which is to open as many international branches as possible. The first outside store was opened in London’s Covent Garden, with two more additions in Westfield White City and Leeds’s Victoria Gate (Australia).

The brand has made the revelation that it already has ten retail openings lined up for the UK. The primary markets are Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, and five more, which will be identified with time. Premium labels start at around £35 for briefs and £60 for bras.

About Honey Birdette
Honey Birdette is a sales firm based in Australia specializing in lingerie, outfits and fashion designers. Its presence in the international market is increasing rapidly since most of the sales are made online. Some of the designers are bought as a set, and they include:
• The red suspended set
• Bustier set
• Red robe
• Diana set and much more

Honey Birdette offers its customers a fantastic aesthetic with set-based model shopping. Their sites are easy to use, with their user lists being user-friendly. Honey Birdette is becoming not only a brand but an international sensation for fashion lovers and the artists, men, and women included.

Agora Financial Presents: The Story Of Bob

Bob has had a long career as a dentist and is ready to retire. He’s concerned that his nest egg isn’t going to be sufficient after he leaves the workforce. He does have a surplus of cash that he wants to invest in his future. He also has to consider that he needs more than one dental procedure.

Bob isn’t financially literate. For instance, he doesn’t know what a financial bubble is or know how to analyze market trends, but he is intelligent. He wants to steer his own ship and doesn’t want to interact with a broker. He felt that what brokers do for him he could do for himself.

Bob began to do research and felt overwhelmed. How does he sift through the information he was coming across? When information is conflicting what source should he trust?

For more than 10 years Agora Financial has helped readers securely increase their financial status by utilizing:
* Newsletters
* Online Publications
* Books
* Seminars
* Documentaries

How Successful is Their Program?
They have over 1 million readers on board with the program. They provide more than 20 individualized publications for you to excel. All of their research is absolutely objective.

Agora Financial analyze every angle of the industry and assist you their experts include:
*Harvard Trained Geologist
*Self- Made Billionaire
*Bond Expert
*Best Selling Author
*Film Maker
*Hedge Fund Manager

Agora Correct Predictions:
*1999 Gold Rise
*2004 Mortgage Crisis
*2007 Oil Hike
*2008 Biotechnology Boom

Bob was able to not only avoid the above pit falls but to thrive and manage his financial status.

Who is Agora Financial?
They have been a trail blazer in the financial publishing industry for more than 25 years.

They offer independent economic knowledge via online publications, print, e-books, films, and conferences. Their editors are unbiased and have been recognized by premier companies.