Mr. Andrew Rocklage – Doing Business in Boston

Mr. Andrew Rocklage is a Boston-based attorney and business owner. He is the owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park – an indoor trampoline park in Boston, Massachusetts. He is one of Boston’s finest.

The Sky Zone Trampoline Park was created about a handful of years ago. The attraction hit it off immediately and became one of the favorite tourist attractions in Boston. The locals have also been frequently going to the park and business has been very well off. The business of the Sky Zone Trampoline Park has been enjoying high ratings on social media.

The customers often mention how friendly the staff members are. Mr. Andrew Rocklage operates the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. He has been showing a lot of skill when hiring staff members as he knows what makes a good employee that the customers would love.

Mr. Andrew Rocklage is a former student of the Suffolk University Law School. He graduated from the prestigious academic institution with a Juris Doctor degree. Mr. Andrew Rocklage has also studied at the Isenberg School of Management, from which he graduated in Business administration.

After Mr. Andrew Rocklage had completed his higher education, he pursued a career at the company of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He worked as a corporate counsel. Mr. Andrew Rocklage has pursued careers in many venues over the years. He has also dabbled in the technology sector for a handful of years.

Mr. Rocklage has benefitted greatly from the many avenues he has been working in. His amassed experience is more than a couple of decades. His many years of experience have proven to be highly beneficial to Mr. Andrew Rocklage in terms of his own business – the Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

Mr. Andrew Rocklage has been working towards incorporating all of his knowledge and experience he has gained thus far into the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Mr. Andrew Rocklage has been looking forward to new professional ventures in the future. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage: and

To the people who aspire to work in the business sector or become entrepreneurs, Mr. Andrew Rocklage has a few pieces of advice. First of all, he advises that people need to have an open mindset towards opportunities in business.

Often times opportunities will not present themselves in a clear light. One needs to keep their eyes open and have a bit of an innovative way of thinking. Another word of advice is always to be willing to learn from anybody.

Both business experts and clients have a lot to teach when it comes to doing business. As a must-read, Mr. Andrew Rocklage likes the book ”How to make friends and influence people”. That book has helped him along the way and has thought him a lot of valuable knowledge.

A look at Bruce Bent II and His Achievements

Money markets are rapidly developing as the arena shifts from offices to online platforms. Success in the financial market requires ingenious interventions and adaptation of effective strategies driving success. In such a market, having the best on your side guarantees exceptional performance and continued company growth.

Brice Bent II is a top financial expert and has pioneered in some asset management and cash related solutions for banks, brokers, and the retail market. Bent notes that his father shaped his innovative edge and acknowledged that some of Double Rock’s ideas evolved from his father’s ideas. Over the years, Bent has developed an exemplary track record and is renowned as a great financial consultant.

Bent has worked in various capacities in the financial market but is most recognized for his role in revolutionizing some money-market institution. As President of The Reserve, Bent’s leadership transformed the organization and allowed it to diversify and expand exponentially. Within the 17 year period that he was there, assets under management shot up from $4 billion to a whopping $130 billion.

The Reserve’s eventual liquidation was carefully managed by Bent in 2008 after the financial crisis. Currently, Bent holds the title of President and vice chairman for Double Rock Corporation, a prominent authority in technology and financial services. Further, he is accorded a senior executive position in Double Rock’s subsidiary companies.

The six wholly-owned firms including patent licensing Island Intellectual Property LLC and retirement market innovator Access Control Advantage LLC are authorities in their respective markets. Focusing on diversification, Bent has and is dealing with intellectual property, asset management, healthcare financing, consumer goods, product development, Branding, budgeting and a host of finance-related aspects.

Bent contributed immensely to the optimization of the Access Control Advantage loan scheme thus reducing loan borrowing by about 25% among plan members. In acknowledgment of his skills, he was featured in Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs. As an expert in intellectual property, he boasts of over 60 patents describing the financial services offered by a new company developed from Double Rock.

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Clay Siegall believes antibody drug conjugates are the future of cancer treatment

For too long, those who received a cancer diagnosis had to choose from a hellacious trio of brutal treatments. The three main pillars of cancer treatment, since at least the 1950s, had been surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Each one of these treatments, while extremely effective, brought with them horrific side effects. Oftentimes, these treatments would prove to be worse than the disease they were designed to cure, with many patients actually dying from the treatments themselves.

But these were, nevertheless, the only choice that many patients had. They had the choice to either undergo treatments that would likely leave them extremely ill and probably scarred for life or face certain death. It wasn’t until the mid-1990s that the next generation of cancer treatments even began being tested in phase 1 trials. These new drugs were broadly referred to as targeted cancer therapies, with the aim of only targeting the malignancy itself, avoiding the systemic release a potent chemicals into the bloodstream or bombardment of the body with dangerous radiation.

One of the key figures in the development of targeted cancer therapies, over the last 30 years, has been Clay Siegall. After receiving an MS from the University of Maryland in biology and a PhD in genetics from George Washington University, Dr. Siegall went to work with the National Cancer Institute one of the most respected cancer research organizations in the world. He worked there for four years, laboring on some of the most exciting and cutting-edge cancer treatments then being evaluated. His talent quickly stuck out, and he was eventually recruited by pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb..

Working at Bristol-Myers Squibb from 1992 until departing in 1998, Dr. Siegall works on an entirely new class of targeted cancer therapies. These were referred to as antibody drug conjugates, drugs that use synthetic human antibodies to seek out malignant tissues, at which point they release a cytotoxic load directly into the tumor cells.

This new class of drugs dramatically reduced the side effects, in some cases completely eliminating them. It also allowed for a large increase therapeutic windows. Whereas in the past, chemotherapy regimens would need to be administered over a period of weeks, with antibody drug conjugates, they may only have to be administered one time.

Oil has been struck

Oil has said to of been struck right off the coast of Mexico by a private companies first exploration well. They was later able to announce that about 37 miles from Puerto Dos Bocas that they had made a significant oil discovery. The well is said to of been able to of reached 11,000 feet. That means that it is estimated that there is atleast 1.4 billion barrels of oil said to be in the well. The discovery that has been made by Talos is said to be one of the best achievements so far by Mexicos Energy Reform.

There has recently been news about more oil being discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. The new discovery could indeed produce up to 2bn barrels of oil. Talos Energy, a US company, and Sierra Oil & Gas, a mexican firm, were the 2 companies that came across the discovery. The discovery was described by Talos as being historic and sigificant. Two years after the Mexican government had opened up the countrys oil sector for only private bidders for amazeingly the first time in 80 years, is when the discovery was made.

Another huge oil discovery was said to of been made right off the coast of Mexico. This discovery brought in nearly 2 billion barrels of oil and was made in shallow waters. Analysts and company executives have both said that this discovery will hopefully bring more interest in the drilling South of the U.S boarder. Pablo Medina has said that Zama comes in as being one of the 15 or 20 largest shallow-water discoveries made in the past 20 years. They are hoping to be able to continue making new discoveries and know in time that they will. As long as they keep going like they are there is no telling where they will end up.

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Mike Baur’s Magic of Entrepreneurism

Mike Baur is a notorious professional business person and entrepreneur. He is the founding partner of Swiss Start-Up Factory AG, along with co-founders Max Meiser and Oliver Walzer. Swiss Factory also partnered with Fintech Fusion in February 2016. He led his entrepreneurial journey through an accelerator program with Gold Back group in early 2016. It is a Zurich- based accelerator that looks for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a total of a 3 month-long startup accelerator program providing platform services. Swiss Start-Up Factory provides all start-up tools needed to innovate. In addition, Swiss Start-Up Factory offers a range of funding options, professionals mentors, coaching an international network and much more. The focus of the company is to crave-out a new company.

Mike has an extensive background in the private banking industry, with over 20 years of experience. He states that his years of experience in private banking has added a lot of value to his work in the Swiss Startup ecosystem. He is directly accountable for campaigning and funding at the Swiss Start-Up Factory. He eventually quit and began investing in multiple startup companies, before co-founding Swiss Startup Company in 2014. Mike obtains an MBA from University of Rochester New York.

Baur was also an active participant in the START Submitter where he was a jury member. He often speaks at universities, corporate settings, local businesses, and startup events to give back knowledge about the magic of startup ideas and developing new digital companies in Switzerland. Baur states, “his passion is his work”. He invests a lot of his time speaking to youth entrepreneurship. He is a speaker on the Investor Panel at the World Web Forum Next generation Semester. Mike makes a strong commitment to giving back his knowledge in accelerating startup companies. His mission is to inspire and impact others to start their own startup ideas with the goal to create the Next Big Swiss Company. Personally, outside of his job, he is a huge sports fan. He is a die-hard lover of hockey. He loves his hometown hockey club Fribourg Gotten and is an active follower of Swiss Tennis Pro. Mike Baur lays the blueprint image of what a successful entrepreneur.


Brian Bonar’s Inspiring Professional Journey

Brian Bonar is a rare find. At the ripe age of 70, he serves as the chief executive officer and chairman of tow companies. Trucept, an insurance company, offering insurance services in San Diego, and Dalrada Financial Corporation, a financial service company, also based in San Diego. He also has additional roles at Trucept, serving as the secretary, treasurer, and chief financial officer.Even beyond the current positions, he holds at these two companies, Brian Bonar has close to four decades of experience in high growth local and multinational companies spread across the United States, Europe, and Asia. For about 16 years he worked at for IBM in both Europe and the United States as a procurement manager. In this capacity, his greatest responsibility was overseeing the outsourcing of motherboards for use in a wide range of IBM personal computers. He then went on to oversee more than one hundred staff at QMS. Brief stints in sales and marketing management at Rastek then Adaptec then followed.

With the three decades of experience under his belt, Brian Bonar for the first time decided to form his own company, Bezier Systems which debuted the first SCSI printer on the market. A year later he was back in employment working at Itec imaging technologies as the vice president of sales and marketing. Mr. Bonar went on to work for a few more high profile organizations in high managerial positions before finally settling at Dalrada Financial Corporation and later Trucept. This extraordinary professionally journey is founded on a quality educational background. He studied Mechanical Engineering at James Watt Technical College between 1963 and 1969 and later completed his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Stafford University in 1985.

Decades of experience have given Mr. Bonar a unique set of skills that make him stand out from other finance executives. He is quite competent in developing effective sales and marketing strategies. He has also shown great acumen in guiding mergers and acquisitions, angel investing, executive management, corporate development, contract negotiation and sourcing venture capital. He also possesses the technical skills of new business development, turnaround management, and organizational structuring.Despite his insurmountable successes, however, Brian Bonar is a humble man. He has been described as highly approachable and often a game or two of golf. Further, since he is quite the family man, he likes spending time with them when he is free or going on boat trips together. You can also visit Facebook profile :

What Bruce Bent has to Say about Success in Business

Bruce Bent is a graduate of the North Eastern University, where he attained a BSC in Philosophy. He has worked in various financial management firms with the most prominent being the Reserve. The Reserve was one of the major providers of money for the primary capital markets around the world. He is a graduate of the North Western University where he studied philosophy. He is currently the president of Double Rock, a financial services company started by his father and a friend of his in 1970. Bruce recently spoke to Ide Mensch about the journey he has taken to his current position in his father’s company and below are some of the things he had to say.

When asked how a typical day in his life looks like, Bruce stated that the most important part of his day is when he gets an opportunity to speak with his clients. He added that he feels lucky to have held the leadership position in the company at a time when it is so easy to communicate with customers from all walks of life, regardless of where he is.

When asked how he brings ideas to life at the company, Bruce Bent revealed that one of the best practices he had learned from his father was the value of always having talented people on his team and making sure they are well compensated for their talent. He added that when a business leader ignores the voices of those individuals who are creative, he will have great ideas, but they will never really come to life.

Then, he was asked about the trend that excites him the most, and he stated that the fact that he can communicate with anyone in any part of the world and at a time that is convenient for him was one of the most interesting things about technology. He concluded the interview by revealing that if he could speak to his younger self, Bruce would diversify the types of experiences and investments that he does. Bruce Bent is one of the names that will be relevant in the business innovation circles for many years.

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Ricardo Tosto: How to Choose A Good Lawyer

Looking for the right lawyer or law firm to help you make the right decision for your business or personal issues? Need someone who is well versed in litigation matters? Getting a successful Brazilian lawyer will increase your chances of getting a good outcome.

In Brazil, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho comes recommended due to his great litigation services. Ricardo Tosto addresses a myriad of legal issues that occur in business and personal lives. Individuals, establishments, organizations and other entities rely on Ricardo Tosto for efficient and effective representation.

If you search the Internet you’ll be presented with numerous links to attorneys’ websites and legal associations. But before you decide which lawyer to go with, you will want to have a discussion with the lawyer. So request a consultation and present the full details of your legal matter to your potential attorney. Be sure to ask questions about any issues that may be bothering you, or anything issue you want clarified.

Be sure to find a lawyer that has strong interpersonal skills. This is essential for interacting with clients. A good lawyer is patient and possesses the ability to instill confidence in his or her clients.

It is also crucial to choose a lawyer who has the ability to focus on the legal matter you are dealing with. In court, your lawyer must be able to present the case skillfully provide powerful defense to get you the best outcome possible in your case.

With a competent attorney like Ricardo Tosto handling your case, you can be certain that your legal situation will be addressed properly.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a thorough understanding of the law, and he represents clients in a wide array of legal situations. Based in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto addresses the needs of clients from all walks of life and is very good at what he does.

Ricardo Tosto takes the time to figure out what the client needs in order to be happy and satisfied with the outcome. He fights for his client’s rights and renders legal solutions that meet their needs.

U.S. Money Reserve report

All types of financial professionals, from banks to venture capitalist and peer-to-peer lenders, are carefully considering how to protect their assets in this time of risky business. Globally, the issue began long before Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union (BREXIT). U.S. Money Reserve monitors each new development and recently released an enlightening report about securing assets.

The company confirms that buying gold has become more attractive than ever, mainly because bullion does not have currency, inflation, and geopolitical risks. The call to action also reinforced the fact that gold is accepted internationally.

Precious metals are the most ideal solution for safeguarding savings or providing diversification in your portfolio. Gold has been the investment solution of choice before and after the world’s new millennium. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The June, 2017 report focuses on the dilemmas of present global economic instability. If you are worried about your hard earned money, U.S. Money Reserve offers solid advice on the wisdom of owning gold. Again, gold remains tangible and less vulnerable to volatility. It is a government-approved tool to protect your investments from potential losses.

Actually, history indicates that cavemen coveted this royal metal, fascinated by its color and other properties. Egyptians began using electrum, the natural alloy of gold, to make highly valued jewelry in 5000 BCE. The 21st century’s international economic crises and money printing issues do not impact precious metals, gold value continues to rise over the last 12 plus years. Your future plans might depend on decisions you make now.

One of the ways to best ways to begin is purchasing the metal in a solid form, i.e., gold coins or gold bricks. This is the purest form of gold available. Conveniently, U.S. Money Reserve product options are bullion coins, certified coins, bars, and Gold Standard Precious Metals IRA programs.

This trusted company, formed in 2001 by a group of industry veterans, is an established and trustworthy player in turbulent times. The company’s current President is a former U.S. Mint Director. Highly trained and accessible teams of experts will assist you with secure and convenient money transferring methods. Their expertise will provide answers to any question you might have.

Everything You Need To Know About Maverick Investor, Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is most widely known for his highly circulated newsletter, Profits Unlimited from the financial publisher Banyan Hill Publishing which covers a wide range of different topics pertaining to investment strategy. Each eight page document draws extensively from Mr. Mampilly’s many, many years of work and insight into the world of investing and has made Profits Unlimited one of the single most widely read and circulated papers in its field.

However, Mr. Paul Mampilly was not always quite so well known; he got his start in the world of business in 1991 working as a subsidiary portfolio advisory at Bankers Trust before the massive corporation merged with Alex, Brown & Sons in 1999. After his short stint at Bankers Trust Mr. Mampilly moved on to numerous other highly sought after and widely praised business ventures all across Wallstreet such as huge Dutch banking service, ING as well as the internationally well known German financial service provider, Deutsche Bank. Whilst working for both of these firms some of the accounts which Mr. Mampilly skillfully managed totaled well over a million dollars with some containing net total assets that totaled even higher.

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In 2006, the young and aspiring account manager was given a huge break by being offered the extremely garish and well stacked Kinetics Asset Management hedge fund. He accepted the offer and swiftly grew the $ 6 billion dollar firm to $ 26 in very short order. This earned him a panoply of accolades and more money than most people could dream of but Mr. Mampilly was not satisfied and grew increasingly disenchanted with the rapid fire, never stop Wallstreet lifestyle which had pulled him away from his loving family. In addition to that, he realized that he was only making money for the exceedingly wealthy, generally for the top 1% of the population or some percent of that percent and he wanted to do more; he wanted to help the working class. So, with those goals in mind, he broke off completely from Wallstreet and entered into the publishing business running the aforementioned monthly newsletter to help the common, American working man or woman get the most out of their investments whilst offering a price which similar Wallstreet services simply can not (or rather, would not) match.

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