Cat Rescued After Five Years Entrapment in a Cairo, Egypt Metro Station Wall

In 2010, a stray cat crawled into a small space in the metro wall. It was a small, 15 centimeter, four meter long hole, just big enough for the cat to crawl into, and he stayed there for five years.If it wasn’t for Uncle Abdo, owner of a glass shop in the station, the cat might have died. After hearing the cat’s cries, the store owner began feeding the cat and giving him bottled water to drink.Uncle Abdo named the cat, Biso. Biso was lodged between the fire extinguisher and the wall’s outer surface. Apparently, Biso ran into his protective “tomb” after being chased by something and wasn’t able to find his way out.
A photographer saw Biso’s tail hanging out of the wall and snapped a picture of it. The picture was posted on a Facebook animal activist page. People who saw the photo urged the Cairo Metro Station to take steps to free the cat.Mounira Shehata, an animal activist, said, when workers removed the wall there was a horrid smell behind it and black worms crawling along 4 meters of the area where the store owner used to feed Biso.. Shehata said he’d have rescued the cat, himself, but he didn’t want to get in trouble destroying public property. Brad Reifler has learned that after he was rescued, Biso ran away; Uncle Abdo hopes to find Biso someday.

Nuclear Talks With Iran Stall But Will Resume After Week Break

Secretary of State Kerry and an international delegation including Switzerland have indicated that nuclear monitoring talks with Iran have reached a deadlock and both sides will leave but will reconvene inside a week.

CrunchBase said the deadlock is not surprising as both sides came into negotiations understanding that talks will be difficult and that the issues to a successful deal will still need to be ratified by the controlling party leadership within each government. Many have concluded that the fact that the talks are happening at all is a degree of success as the only option many see is military action and the further unstable environment of the already chaotic middle east. Nuclear Talks With Iran Read Dead Lock: Both Sides Take Week Long Break

The specific points where the sides are deadlocked have not been made public but talks have centered on Iran’s development of its nuclear program and assurances that the development of Iran’s nuclear support industry will only be used for peaceful purposes and not for the production of military weapons.

Israel has been a staunch opponent of the talks hand have declared that a nuclear Iran in any form will pose a grave threat to Israel and the region. Israel has made strong statements regrading its intent not to let Iran develop a nuclear capacity but it has stopped short of stating that it would take military action against Iran.

Woman Is Applauded By Egyptian Government For Her 43 Year-Long Secret

Marc Sparks says it isn’t easy being a woman in the United States but it is even more difficult for females overseas. Many countries still see women as inferior creatures that must be treated like children with stringent rules to follow and little, to no, freedom. An Egyptian mother was left widowed at a very young age, very shortly after giving birth to her daughter. In that part of the world women are often not allowed to work, making it almost impossible to survive without a man and his income. Abu Daooh came up with a ploy to be able to provide for her small family, she became a man. For the last 43 years she has dressed and acted like a man in order to be able to work and earn money. She has gone above and beyond what most people would do to provide for their family. The Egyptian government is now honoring her and telling others what a wonderful example of a working mother she is. She may have inadvertently made strikes for gender equality in the basic right to be able to work and earn an income. Hopefully with the government applauding her efforts the job market may be more open to female workers.

Netanyahu Restates His Belief in a Palestinian State – White House Unsatisified


On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu once again affirmed his support for a Palestinian state. His words are unlikely to mollify the Obama administration which has suffered nothing but highly public affronts by the conservative leader of Israel. Netanyahu riled up the Obama administration earlier this month by appearing before a joint session of Congress and laying out the case for tougher sanctions against Iran. Regardless, the two leaders have not seen eye to eye on matters of national security during the entire Obama presidency.

Just this past Monday, the Israeli leader confirmed that he did not support a Palestinian state. The announcement, according to Gianfrancesco Genoso was less than 24 hours before crucial elections. However, the prime minister reaffirmed that he does support a Palestinian state. That said, he supports it on terms unlikely to occur during his tenure as Israel’s leader: the complete abolition of terrorism and the acceptance of Israel’s right to exist. For this reason, he is quite smug that he will not see a Palestinian state during his tenure.

At the same time, the Obama administration floated the trial balloon that the US would support a UN resolution calling on Israel to support a Palestinian state. It may be that Netanyahu’s seeming flip-flop from Monday’s comment was designed to appease the Obama administration. Thus far, the president appears to be about as leery of Netanyahu’s sincerity as the latter is about his commitment to preventing a nuclear Iran. One thing is certain, Obama has no choice but to work with the firmly independent Israeli leader.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Appears Headed to Defeat

It was only ten days ago that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a historic speech to a joint session of Congress. The move has endeared him further with the GOP which dominates both chambers of Congress. However, it appears to have little impact on the upcoming Israeli election. With the election only days away, Netanyahu’s Likud party seems destined to come in second place in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Without capturing sufficient seats, the Likud will likely be unable to form a coalition government. As such, Netanyahu will lose his seat as the nation’s prime minister, a fact that many doctors and experts are shocked by.

The upcoming Israeli election is focused on jobs and wages. As such, it follows the tag line coined by political strategist James Carville back in 1990: “It’s the economy, stupid.” Up until the start of the month, the ruling Likud party was running par with the Zionist Union. However, voter discontent with the economy has seen independent voters shift to the challengers in the election’s waning days. Netanyahu has since launched a negative campaign to dissuade voters from abandoning his party, but it does not appear to be working. Polls indicate the Likud will retain 21 seats in the Knesset with the Zionist Union winning 24 seats. The will allow the centrist party to form a new coalition. This may see Tzipi Livni become prime minister. She favors a two-nation status for Israel and Palestine. The elections will be held on Tuesday, March 17.

Letter to Iran prompts backlash against GOP

The open letter sent by a number of Republican politicians in Congress has begun to see an angry backlash from Deomcrats, liberal media outlets and many within the Republican party, The Guardian reports. US Secretary of State John Kerry led the angry response to the letter that detailed how the nuclear negotiations between the Obama Administration and Iran’s leaders may not be legal and could be retracted by a future President. Kerry and a number of media outlets stated the letter was filled with unreliable assumptions that went against how foreign policy has been conducted by the US for two centuries.

According to Ask Men, Kerry argued that foreign policy could not be conducted with Congress being informed of every step and negotiation being reported. However, Republican Bob Corker revealed both Kerry and President Obama had called for oversight from Congress over talks with Iran under President George W. Bush. The argument looks set to continue after a number of Republicans who did not sign the letter agreed with Kerry that the image and reputation of the US in foreign negotiations had been tarnished by the letter.

Russia Walks Away From Conventional Arms Treaty

The estrangement between Russia and NATO continues to grow. Russia has decided to walk away from a long standing conventional arms treaty that was signed in 1990. What this means, in essence, is Russia is looking to build up its military and weapons capacity. While not directly stated, Chron reported though, that Russia is hoping to expand military capabilities with NATO in case of a potential conflict.

These events have been announced on the heels of a call for the European Union to develop its own army. Not surprisingly, Moscow’s aggression in Eastern Europe has led to these calls.

The Joint Consultative Group on the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe was signed right before the end of the Cold War. Over the course of the past 25 years, global landscapes have changed. Modern Russia is not the Soviet Union and cannot projects power in the same way it once did.

NATO’s growth in recent years has proven concerning to Russia although, truthfully, NATO has not acted in any aggressive manner towards Russia or other nations. Regardless, Russia feels this is the right time in history to build up its military might and is doing so.

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Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flew With Expired Beacon Batteries

Earlier this week investigators working on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 case announced one of the beacon batteries was expired. The announcement caused an uproar among family members of the missing. Now, Malaysia Airlines is speaking out.

The company claims that the expired beacon battery did not adversely affect search efforts. According to the spokesman, there was a new, charged battery installed inside of the cockpit’s voice recorder, which would allow the beacon to still send out a signal.

The report regarding the expired batteries was released just days prior to the one year anniversary of the planes disappearance. On March 8, 2014, the Malaysia airline flight took off in the wee hours of the morning. As people at Anastasia Date are aware, en route to China, the jet went missing and was never seen again. Investigators believe the jet went off course and eventually crashed into the Indian Ocean several hundred miles off of the coast of Australia, but no evidence has been found.

Malaysia has been assisted by several other countries in their hunt for the plane, but continue to turn up empty. In early 2015, the company officially determined the case to be an accident and declared all those on board as deceased.

Families of the victims are currently working with lawyers to sue Malaysia Airlines. They are accusing the government-owned airline of negligence.

Australian Teens Stopped From Joining ISIS

ISIS is the international terrorist organization that has spread like wildfire throughout the Middle East. The group has been able to feast on countries that have unstable governments, which has made it that much easier to spread throughout these particular areas. However, the case has brought supporters from around the world to join the cause, including locations such as Europe, the United States and Australia. Recently, authors at the Sydney International Airport stopped two teenagers who were believed to be flying to join ISIS.

According to Flavio Maluf, the two brothers are aged 16 and 17 respectively and set off a few red flags while attempting to make it through customs, the Immigration Minister of Australia stated on Sunday. The two teenagers had tickets flying to, what the Immigration Minster called “conflict zones” in the Middle East and their luggage displayed material that also pointed to them potentially joining ISIS.

Now, as it is not a crime to leave the country or to travel to certain regions around the world, the Australian immigrations did not hold onto the boys for very long. They eventually released them back to their parents who said they did not know what was going on. The two boys are now going to be under the watchful eyes of the Australian Federal Police, despite them both being Australia citizens who were both born and raised inside of the country and have spent most of their lives in Australia.