Malaysia Orders Search and Rescue for Adrift Migrants

Malaysia has ordered a wide spread search and rescue for migrants adrift in waters close to its shores. The issue has caused an international crisis which has documented the plight of hundreds of migrants stuck on board of various vessels with no power and no crew. A BBC crew video taped one of the vessels adrift in the Indian Ocean packed to the brim with men, women and children with no food, water, working toilets or shelter. Many officials stated that it was better to bring the adrift boats on shore instead of risking the spreading of disease if the boats found a way to shore without government approval. Others cried out that it was basic human decency to bring the migrants to shore and treat them while their migration status is addressed at a later date. Officials believe that the migrants are refugees from various Southeast Asian countries under duress do to famine, war or disease. To many of the migrants, risking their lives on the open seas is much less riskier than staying in their original home country and dealing with the poverty and other conditions which drove them to leave. Malaysian officials have not stated what will be come of any migrants that they rescue and whether they will be granted asylum in Malaysia. Bloomberg and Madison Street Capital understand that the current priority is to save lives. Malaysia Orders Search and Rescue of Migrants

Iran Announces That It Will Not Allow the Inspection of Any of Its Military Facilities

TechCruch reported that the leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, addresses Iranian military commanders Wednesday and stated that Iran will continue to resist “coercion and excessive demands” from the United States and other world powers in its demand for access to Iran’s nuclear program. The Iranian leader stated to the commanders that he would not allow any inspection of Iranian military installations and that no Iranian scientist would be granted access to western inspectors. Many note that while the comments seem to be in direct contrast to the talks that Iran is currently engaging with negotiators from the United States, Russia, Great Britain, China, France and Germany, they point out that the comments were directed at the Iranian military establishment and that the Iranian leader was shoring up the confidence of his supporters.

Iran is continuing talks with the global powers and have continued a new set of discussions in Vienna with the goal reaching the final agreement that limits Iran’s nuclear development program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. All sides reached a general framework agreement this past March and the group hopes to reach a final agreement by June 30, 2015. People involved in the talks note that each side has to sell the agreement to their local political support base and that ratification will require a lot of political capital for all sides. Iran has an incentive to reach an agreement as the lifting of sanctions would allow it access to several billions of dollars of capital that it currently does not have access to because of international sanctions.

German Spy Agency Play A Role In Locating Bin Laden

The news that Osama Bin Laden had been living less than a mile away from the most prestigious military academy in Pakistan was upsetting enough. But when Pakistani officials said they didn’t know about his whereabouts was a even more ridiculous. Bruce Levenson suggests that Pakistan continued to accept an enormous amount of financial aid from the United States while hiding Bin Laden. That arrangement boarders on insanity. It seems everyone but the Americans knew where Bin Laden was hiding.. The German spy agency told the U.S. that the most wanted man in the world was living in Pakistan, and the Pakistani security services knew he was living there.

Pakistan has repeatedly denied they had knowledge of Bin Laden whereabouts, but that information is not what America or other nations know to be true. The truth is Pakistan looked the other way for five years as Bin Laden and a few of his followers enjoyed a quiet life as active terrorists in their country.

The fact that Germany helped the CIA is not the real story. Pakistan’s deliberate attempt to hide Bin Laden is the main story. Pakistan is not a loyal ally of America. The aid the U.S. gives them doesn’t stop them from hating what America stands for.

Pakistani Company Made Millions with Fake Degrees

A Pakistani software company, Axact, created more than 370 websites that boasts academic excellence from brillant professors, and it was all fake.

The far-reaching diploma mill built an empire that brought in millions of dollars selling fake university diplomas.

The company is accused of hiring actors to appear as teachers and satisfied students, in order to lure prospective customers in.

Many times, customers know exactly what Axact is selling – an instant, fake degree, and they’re willing to take the chance on passing that degree off as legitimate.

In most cases, Sam Tabar mentions how customers are manipulated into paying for coursework that never appears.

Axact denies any fraudulent dealings, and Pakistan shows no interest in regulation, thereby giving Axact the upper hand.

A former employee, Yasir Jamshaid, has confirmed the conspiracy to the New York Times.

Axact is a multi-dimensional company, offering high school diplomas to doctoral degrees, and according to retired F.B.I. agent, Allen Ezell, it’s a vast operation, probably the biggest ever seen.

What Kind of Wine Pairs With Artichokes?

If you are wondering such a thing, the key to pair wine with artichokes is to choose a wine that is bone dry, light and crisp, with high acidity and no oak. Although the two have been notoriously difficult to pair, Sarah Knoefler whom oversees a wine collection in San Francisco may have found some wines that go well with artichokes. Other wines that go well with different foods may be found here.

Flavors that dwell within the artichoke are herbal, green, and bitter chalkiness. Mrs. Knoefler included that one wine which pairs great with Artichokes would be a Basque varietal, named Txakoli. This Txakoli is a sparkling white wine which happens to be very dry with high acidity which also contains a great deal of minerality and salinity, making it a good match with the artichokes.

Other wines which could pair with an artichoke salad would be Fino Sherry which is a very dry and pale wine. The minerality and salinity pair well together with the earthiness of the artichokes and the vegetable-like quality of the salad. All in all, if you are looking to pair the two, they are not polar opposites, as all you have to do is choose a wine that is bone dry with good acidity and no oak! This is something Matt Landis and others suggest.

Aftermath Of The Baltimore Riots

In the wake of the Baltimore riots, city officials were finally able to assess the situation. When determining the damage, investigators estimated that there was a total of $9 million worth of damage. Nearly 300 buildings and business were destroyed and vandalized during the protests. Federal officials have estimated that the majority of the damage was caused by rioters looting business and setting fires. In addition to the businesses affected by the unrest, two homes in the area also had significant damages resulting in $60,000 worth of repairs.

While the city is slowing recouping from post-riot devastation, they are trying to determine how they will convey a strategy to repair the city. Adam Sender isn’t sure what the plan is. City officials are working together to develop a strategy and work with business owners to revitalize the city after the protests. Many of the major retailers in the area, including Rite Aid Corp. and CVS Health Corp. are both taking a hit so they can rebuild their locations. The local CVS store was looted and set on fire. The store was recently built and served well as a mecca for senior citizens in the community.

The riots stemmed from the unlawful death of Freddie Gray. Since his death, six officers have been charged. Baltimore area residents are anxiously awaiting the trial to start. Meanwhile, prosecutors in the area have decided to drop charges on those arrested on suspicion of violating the city’s curfew during the riots. All other arrests made in connection to the riots remain to be heard.

Threat of Civil War In Burundi

The tiny country of Burundi is in a struggle to determine who will lead the African country. Burundi, which is land locked by Tanzania to he east, Rwanda to the North and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the West is in the middle of a coup attempt and the out come is uncertain. Reports from the capital city of Bujumbura are mixed as reports from the President, Pierre Nkurunziza, tell citizens that the coup attempt has failed but reports form Major General Godefroid Niyombare had declared on Wednesday that he had in fact deposed President Pierre Nkurunziza while the President was traveling abroad. The only factual evidence that is apparent is that loyalists troops to the President and troops in support of a coup bid, are still fighting in the streets. This past Thursday, Burundi, Army Chief of Staff and General, Prime Niyongabo, stated the coup attempt had failed and that he army was in a mop up process against the remaining coup leaders.

There is no word on the location of the President or the Presidential family. Report indicate that the coup attempt was initiated after President Pierre Nkurunziza stated that he was seeking a third term as President, contrary to the Burundi Constitution. Ricardo Guimarães BMG wasn’t sure what was going on. President Pierre Nkurunziza terms of office have been challenged by opponents as being corrupt and benefitting a small group who are loyal to the President.
Troops Fight In Coup Attempt In Burundi

Is Liberia Free Of Ebola?

The world health organization has announced that Liberia and its citizens are finally free of the deadly disease known as Ebola. In Liberia this disease has killed over 4,500 African Americans over the years and infected over 10,000. This death rate ranks them with the highest number of deaths throughout the world since Ebola was brought to our attention in 1976. Luckily Sergio Cortes says for the people in the surrounding areas there were three large emergency centers built to help treat those infected with the Ebola virus. Now that the virus outbreak has come to an end, children are returning back to school, and adults are going back to their normal everyday routine. In order to stop future outbreaks from occurring, anyone with Ebola symptoms will still be held for 21 days under medical observation. If the virus is found, anyone who came in contact with them during the time period of their illness will also be brought in for observation.

Saudi King Salman Skips Camp David Talks

Newly crowned Saudi King Salman is skipping a scheduled meeting with President Barack Obama. The snub is seen as an official expression of Saudi Arabia’s displeasure with the United State’s position with regard to Iran. Some speculate that the divisions may go much deeper and that this is he first signs of a shift in the power relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States. Boraie Development said that experts on the relationship between the two countries note that the relationship really began during the oil crisis of the 1970s when the OPEC countries threatened to cut the United Stats and other western countries from its oil supplies.

Some speculate that the United States contemplated going to war with Saudi Arabia but a deal was struck which set the U.S. Dollar as the international currency for oil trade, hence the term “petro dollar.” That relationship has been tested recently with the current White House administration position regarding improving relationships with Iran. The benefits of this relationship will be new Iranian oil into the international oil market which is already glutted. Saudi Arabia and Iran are bitter enemies and Saudi Arabia and Iran are involved in what some calla micro war in Yemen.

Saudi Arabian military forces are actively engaged in combat operations against Shiite forces that many believe are being supported by Iran. Saudi King Salman Skips Talks With President Obama Scheduled For Camp David Today

Nepal Still in Desperate Need of Relief

The small Asian country of Nepal is still feeling the effects of the natural disaster that struck them last week. On April 26th, a strong earthquake struck the country near the capital city of Katmandu. The earthquake registered at a 7.8 magnitude. Jaime Garcia Dias says the next day, Nepal was rocked again by an aftershock with a 6.7 magnitude. The earthquake destroyed buildings, historical monuments, and triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest. The death toll has been steadily rising as rescuers are able to get through the rubble. The death toll is beyond 7,000 people and over 14,000 are injured.

There are stories of survival coming out of the tragedy however. The most recent story is of Funchu Tamang, a 101-year-old man, who has been found alive after being trapped for 168 hours under the rubble of his home. Despite stories of survival, the country is in major need of aid. They are low on food supplies as well as water and medical supplies. It is estimated that 3 million people are in need of some sort of relief. Hospitals are overflowing and children are at risk of contracting diseases due to unsanitary conditions.

To stay updated on the situation in Nepal, follow the link to