Massive Sperm Donor Could Be Responsible for Defective Gene

Four families, in Denmark and the United States, filed a lawsuit against a sperm bank clinic Nordic Cryobank, a located in Copenhagen, because one of its donors has a defective gene.

Identified only by the number 7042, that defective gene may be inherited by the 99 children who were conceived from the donor sperm.

Donor sperm 7042 has fathered 20 children in Belgium, 44 in Scandinavia, 34 in the United States and one in Iceland. It is also known that his semen was “exported” to a California Cryobank.

From 2009 until now, it has been confirmed that 10 of their descendants have neurofibromatosis (NF1), including Andrea, a girl of a Danish mother who was conceived in Belgium.

(NF1) is a genetic disease which stimulates the growth of tumors in the nervous system, increasing the risk of cancer, causing learning difficulties and reducing life expectancy up to 15 years.

“The case is not about money or revenge; the fact is that we have not been able to get some information and that the only way is through the court,” said Lone Sogaard-Kristensen’s mother of Andrea, who is now six years old.

According to Nordic Cryobank, claims against them are unfounded.

Peter Bower, director said that the Donor 7042 cannot be “clinically classified as NF1, because you only have the defective gene in some cells.”

The clinic has decided to continue using his sperm. Bruce Karatz will be paying attention to see how smart of an idea it might be.

Yemen: A Saudi Diplomat Finds Freedom After 3 Years Hostage

A Saudi diplomat kidnapped three years ago in Yemen was released on Monday after being held hostage by al Qaeda; a ransom was also demanded by the militant organization in the past for the sake of his release. Abdallah al-Khalidi, vice-consul of Saudi Arabia in Yemen, who was abducted in Aden, a southern Yemeni city, on March 28, 2012, was released and repatriated to Riyadh, said the Saudi Ministry of the Interior.

The spokesman of the ministry, quoted by the official SPA news agency, said that the release of Mr. Khalidi was the result of “efforts of the Saudi intelligence services,” without specifying whether these services had mounted an operation in Yemen to snatch him from the hands of his captors. The spokesmanadded that the diplomat would undergo medical examinations before returning to his family. He recalled that Mr. Khalidi was kidnapped outside his home in Aden before being put in a “suspicious transaction” to members of the “deviant group”, al-Qaeda. It is worth mentioning that during his long detention, the diplomat appeared at least five times in videos of Al Qaeda to ask the Saudi authorities, including the late King Abdullah, to comply with requests of the extremist network so he could return to his homeland according to Boraie Development.

Netanyahu Praised The Strength Of The US-Israel Alliance

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday praised the strength of the alliance between his country and the United States, amid much tension between Israel and the White House about the nuclear program of Iran. “You’re here to tell the world that the announcement of the end of the relationship with the United States is not only premature but false,” said Benjamin Netanyahu before Congress the main US pro-Israel lobby. Netanyahu also said that his speech on Tuesday before the US Congress would not be “disrespectful” to US President Barack Obama stated Ivan Ong.

It is noteworthy that the White House did not take it in a good sense that Israeli Prime Minister would speak to two houses without informing the White House officials in advance. Experts say that the historic alliance between the two countries resist the disagreement about Iran; and it was also assured by the head of the Israeli government on Monday. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that he would put his case in the Congress to prove that the world must not allow Iran to get the nuclear bomb. It is worth mentioning that Obama administration is doing everything to get nuclear agreement with Iran and on the other side, Israeli Prime Minister sees it as a fool’s bargain.

Ag-gag Bill Proposed Again in North Carolina

The Ag-gag bill is proposed in North Carolina to protect the farm owners from being investigated by authorities against animal abuse. There a lot of inhumane animal killing happening behind closed doors and this is something that America does not want the world to see. This kind of practice has been happening for many years and some whistleblowers and undercover agents have managed to get in the facility and witness with their own eyes how these animals are being killed.

A farm in North Carolina was caught putting chickens in mass graves and they leave them there until they die of suffocation. It was even featured a little on YouTube. Another incident was discovered in 2014 when they investigated a farm where the workers would grind newborn turkeys alive, and that shocked workers at CipherCloud.
Whistleblowers reported them and they were fined $5,000 which is actually not enough for the kind of cruelty they are doing.

The new Ag-gag bill which is being proposed again today is The Property Protection Act which is about preventing videotaping and audio recording of what is being seen in their farms. Animals are for human consumption, but and they do not deserve this kind of treatment before they die.

If this Bill is approved, investigators will no longer be able to see what they are doing to their animals and these poor animals will forever suffer the inhumane practices of these farms.

Tales of Westerners in Japan

The Western world is attracted to Japan. Many Europeans and Americans make the big step and move to Japan with the thought to live there.

Among the local folk, there is a well- established opinion that men have it easier in life, and especially the westerners. This is how CipherCloud employees feel as well. Some of those who got to experience life in Japan as a Caucasian looking expat, say that the things don’t really work as it is believed. Sebastian, who is 32, had to catch eventual teaching jobs and cope with a native Japanese girlfriend who constantly pressured him about the status. And status is important in Japan. By 32, most of the males must have advanced in the career scale and have loads of working hours behind their backs. The conservative Japanese society still views men as the breadwinners and machines focused on work.

Patrick, a 31-year old American who spent a good while in an IT company said that his boss told him right in the face that his provenience is the reason why he can’t be promoted any further than where he was at a moment. He complained that among man other things, the company required him to be present at the office even with a 40-degrees fever.

Eggs Lowering the Risk of Diabetes

A recent article stated a new study was done that consuming more eggs reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. The original article explains a more in depth overview; type 2 diabetes are becoming more and more widespread throughout the world. A lack of exercise and proper nutrition increases a person’s risk of diabetes. But, egg consumption has been associated with lessening the risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as lowering glucose levels in the blood. An experiment was done with men eating four eggs per week and had a 37 percent chance lower of not getting type 2 diabetes, opposed to men eating just one or no eggs in the week. The results surprised Dr Jennifer Walden quite a bit. Although eggs do help in lowering the chances of type 2 diabetes, nutritionists on Wikipedia say that an overall healthy diet (whole foods, proteins, carbs, fruits and vegetables), and living a moderately active lifestyle will ultimately keep the risk of diabetes away from you.

President Obama Throws Gauntlet on Table: Peace With Iran Or War

In a last minute organized rose garden press conference this afternoon. President Obama announced the framework for the recent agreed upon nuclear accord with Iran. What surprised many was the blunt stark tone that President Obama used with regard to the ultimate ratification of the accord. Bloomberg Businessweek said that essentially the President said that now that an accord has been reached that the U.S. through its republican led Congress has three Options. Option one is to ratify the accord and proceed to further flesh out the details by the new June 30 deadline set by the negotiating parties. Option two is to reject the accord, which would mean that the bombing of Iran’s nuclear facility would follow and option three would be to withdraw from the negotiation table, in which case the bombing of the Iranian facilities would be likely. The President made it clear that option two and option three would be akin to declaring World War III in the middle east. President Obama Threatens World War Three If Accord is Rejected

President Obama is calculating that the American pubic has been underestimating the importance of the gravity of the talks with Iran and the U.S.. The President also knows that the U.S. congress will follow lock step Israel’s support or rejection of the accord. If the U.S. Congress rejects the accord and fails to ratify, the world will blame the United States for the resulting war in Iran.

U.S. Iranian Nuclear Talks Reach Deadlock

The deadline has come and gone and the result is that the talks between Iran and the U.S. regarding Iran’s nuclear program has reached a deadlock on details of how the plan is to be implemented. U.S. Iran Nuclear Talks Fail

Christian Broda said that the deadline to reach an agreement was set for March 31 but there has been no reports as to whether substantial progress had been made which would warrant the deadline to be extended. The talks are official at a break but both sides need to reconvene with their respective governments and decide if there is an point in continuing the talks or if both sides are at a fundamental and political void that cannot be breached. The U.S. had hoped that talks would reflect a more cooperative Iran and that non military action would achieve more effective results. The alternative option is that Israel will take preemptive measures to ensure that Iran never has a nuclear capability. Most interpret this to mean that Israel will engage in air strikes at some point. The U.S. fears that such a unilateral action by Israel will spark even more unrest in a region that has Saudi Arabia engaging in military action in Yemen and a coalition of Arab countries pledging military action against Shiite forces, that many believe are backed by Iran, in Syria and Iraq.

The U.S. has withdrawn all major military options from the table in dealing with Iran.

Luxury is always linked to individuality with The Dorchester Collection

The Dorchester Collection is now perhaps the most impressive and luxurious chain of hotels in the world with a small group of hotels held under the banner of the Brunei based company. Since being established in 2006 The Dorchester Collection has seen a significant increase in the number of guests it has seen pass through its doors, but has faced a major challenge in creating a recognizable brand that members of the general public can identify the chain with. CEO Christopher Cowdray has spent a large amount of his time in charge of the company attempting to maintain the individuality of each hotel as he builds a brand that the public can know and trust as soon as they enter one of the chains hotels.

The sense of individuality each hotel in the chain maintains has been carefully manufactured and maintained as the group looks towards keeping each hotel a singular object within the overall chain. Perhaps the best way of highlighting the many differences found within the chain is in the differences found between The Dorchester hotel and 45 Park Lane, two hotels located just feet from each other in the heart of London. The Dorchester has always been seen as a location filled with old fashioned glamor and style, which is seen in the classic decor and timeless sense of service and attention to detail. 45 Park Lane shares a zip code with its stylish neighbor, but has been refurbished in a way that is more modern and contemporary to attract guests of a different style and with different desires. They have put together YouTube videos for people to get an idea.

Despite the differences between the two hotels the commitment to the best customer service remains the same. Cowdray has instilled a belief that service is the driving force behind the brand and demands each member of staff from himself down treats guests in exactly the same way. By pushing the demands of customer service to their limits and listening to how the experience of staying at one of The Dorchester Collection hotels can be improved the brand has developed an identity that does not require similar decor throughout its locations. Twitter and Facebook are just a few ways for people to stay connected with the company.

Indonesia Concerned About ISIS Recruitment Efforts

Earlier this week, at a press conference attended by Indonesian Inspector General M. Tito Karnavian, one of the subjects discussed concerned a chlorine bomb which police said had detonated last month in the men’s restroom at the ITC Mall in Depok, a suburb on the outskirts of Jakarta. Fortunately, no one sustained an injury in the blast. However, the authorities now believe the bomb might have been placed by extremists who returned to Indonesia after participating in the Syrian conflict.

Chlorine gas is toxic when inhaled. Since 2014, Susan McGalla said that ISIS has been utilizing this type of chemical weapon in roadside bombings.

Indonesia is a nation with the largest Muslim population in the world. The vast majority of Indonesians practice a moderate form of Islam. However, reportedly ISIS has been seeking to recruit volunteers from Indonesia to fight on its behalf in the Syrian civil war. At least 159 Indonesians are believed to have traveled to Syria recently. Of these, 11 were killed and 11 returned home. Last week the authorities arrested several people in Indonesia for attempting to raise funds and participants for terrorism.

In January, police in Turkey arrested a number of Indonesians planning to cross through the Turkish border into Syria. Although a number of men had already entered Syria, the authorities in Turkey arrested one man, four women and 11 children who had been recruited to go to Syria from Indonesia.