The United States Announces Import Guidelines For Cuban Products

Late last week, the United States government published new guidelines that will apply to imports from Cuba. This decision signifies a lessening of some, but certainly not all, economic barriers between the two nations. Bruce Karatz says however, it remains unclear how extensively the new guidelines will promote the development of commercial contacts between the United States and Cuba, which for many decades have remains restricted as reported by NNDb.

About three years ago, the government of Cuba began allowing workers to create collectives in some industries. Today there are about 500 of these organizations operating in Cuba. The new U.S. guidelines still prohibit commerce with the Cuban government, but the regulations will allow individuals and entities that can establish they are non-government affiliated, to conduct limited trade with the United States. Potentially, some of the collectives will engage in exporting goods and services to the United States.

Some sources estimate that today, nearly half a million Cuban citizens work in the private business sector in Cuba. Of these people, almost a quarter engage in three types of commercial activity: food sales, transportation and housing rental services. Some sources see the biggest impact of the new guidelines as potentially U. S. based firms beginning to hire Cuban workers for outsourced contracts, since many product imports are still restricted.

Potentially, Cuban workers will book hotel reservations, translate documents, program computers, repair household items and watches, and export plastic shoes to the USA.

Vijay Eswaran Career Details

Vijay Eswaran was given an award for his leadership and entrepreneurship skills at the Malaysian Education Summit. It is a unique award that recognized how Eswaran implemented innovated procedures to lead Quest International University Perak to new heights within three years. The university was expected to reach the 1,000 mark for the student population.

Eswaran was thrilled to get the award. He stated that the achievement wouldn’t be possible if he didn’t have his helpful teaching staff, dedicated council members, and the students. Everyone challenged Eswaran each day. As a result, he improved the way the university operated.

Eswaran was also excited to receive the award along with many other established individuals, such as Dato’ Peter. Peter is an educated entrepreneur who transformed the education district and has built various innovative educational facilities in Malaysia and in other locations around the world.

Eswaran is also a University Council Chairman at QIUP. However, he won the entrepreneurial award for displaying his great business and management skills. His professional education also helped him snag the award.

Because QIUP was lead by Eswaran, the company has grown quite quickly. It now has 20 unique programs, such as a post graduate program and a medicine program.

Information About The Company

QIUP was established in 2011; everyone who worked at the company during that time had a thirst for excellence. The company achieved many goals because the management team at the University had incredible courage.

Eswaran Career Achievements

Eswaran spoke at the summit as a panelist. The topic was called Transforming Malaysian Education. According to Eswaran, English language proficiency is the key to reshaping the education sector in Malaysian.

Currently, English proficiency in Malaysia is at a critical level. This is a big problem because conducting various activities without using proper English in the education sector is challenging.

American Hostage Kayla Mueller Confirmed Dead


The immediate family of American aide worker Kayla Mueller received confirmation by the terror group ISIS that their daughter was dead. The ISIS message was sent in response to the family’s request that her kidnappers provide proof of death amid reports that she had been killed in a coalition air strike last week. American Aide worker confirmed dead. The means by which the confirmation establishes that she is in fact dead has not been revealed but it has been report that the communication was review and authenticated by U.S. intelligence sources.

This past Friday, representatives of ISIS stated that Kayla Mueller, who was kidnapped in 2013 from the region of northern Syria, was killed in a building that was destroyed during an air strike by Jordanian forces in Raqqa, Syria. ISIS has claimed Raqqa as its primary base of operation and symbolic capital in Syria.

Kayla Mueller was one of a number of non combatants taken hostage by ISIS. She was kidnapped after providing aide work with other aide volunteers at a “Doctors Without Borders” hospital in the northern section of Syria. Many Americans like Haidar Barbouti are very saddened to hear about the death of another American hostage.

The U.S. response is unknown at the present time. The lack of a stated intended response does not mean that no plans are in the works. Special Forces services have already launched a number of rescue attempts seeking to retrieve the hostages taken by ISIS and one mission also included Kayla Mueller as the targeted hostage to be rescued. It has been reported that her family requested that no further attempt to rescue her be done by U.S. forces.

ISIS Claims Relief Worker Kayla Mueller Killed by Coalition Airstrikes


The outlaw terrorist group known as ISIS has claimed that American relief worker Kayla Mueller has been killed by coalition air strikes against ISIS targets. Kayla Mueller Claimed to be Killed in Air Strike U. S. officials, however, have expressed grave doubts, along with concerned citizens like Dave and Brit Morin on regarding the veracity of the claims by ISIS and have pledged that the joint efforts by coalition forces will not be hampered or slowed as a result of any claims by the group.

Coalition air strikes have been stepped up after the recent brutal execution of a Jordanian pilot. ISIS released video last week which showed the pilot being burned alive in a cage. Jordan acted swiftly by executing two ISIS linked prisoners they had held on death row. Jordan officials promised they would do everything in there power to destroy the outlaw terrorist group including all out military action where ever they find the group.

Some have argued that ISIS is calculating that any press on their activities is good press and their goal is not to attain a tactical military advantage but to wage a war of public opinion. Many in the world believe that this has backfired tremendously for ISIS as they have failed to claim any moral grounding for any of there actions. Others have stated that proof of the effectiveness of the air strikes are the desperate action of ISIS and the unyielding pressure by the coalition forces.


Negotiations Between Jordan, Japan and ISIS stall as Fate of Jordanian Pilot is Uncertain


Negotiations between Jordan, Japan and ISIS have stalled due to the uncertainty of whether a captured Jordanian pilot is still alive. ISIS had captured a Jordanian pilot that was flying over Syria in December of 2014. The pilot was flying a military jet and was taking part in US led airstrikes on ISIS. It is not certain why, but the pilot had ejected himself from the aircraft, and ended up in Syria. Islamic State militants quickly captured Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh and took him hostage.

ISIS has demanded that if Jordan wants to free their pilot they must release a female terrorist with links to ISIS and Al-Qaeda by the name of Sajida al-Rishawi. Sajda al-Rishawi is a convicted terrorist that tried to commit a suicide bombing at a hotel in Amman, Jordan in 2005. Her explosive vest did not go off inside the hotel in Amman because of a mishap but her husband successfully carried out the suicide attack that killed 57 people and injured almost 100. Sajda al-Rishawi has been in prison in Jordan ever since her capture in 2005.

In addition to capturing a Jordanian pilot, ISIS has captured two Japanese citizens. ISIS at first demanded $200 million dollars from Japan to free the Japanese hostages. According to Flavio Maluf,  they claim that one of the Japanese hostages is dead, and the second journalist will be executed next if Jordan does not free Sajda al-Rishawi and bring her to the Turkish border near Syria. It is unclear whether the pilot is still alive, whether a Japanese citizen was actually executed and whether ISIS will really free their hostages if Jordan lets the female terrorist free. Negotiations have so far been unfruitful.

Recent Violent Incidents Distress People in Pakistan

The Xinhuanet news agency recently reported about two violent incidents in Pakistan, indicating tension in the region. On Thursday evening, Indian and Pakistani border guards reportedly exchanged gunfire in the Arnia region of Jammu District, along the contested border of Kashmir. Gunshots reportedly struck three people during the hostilities.

Then on Friday afternoon around 1:40, an estimated five kilogram bomb exploded in a Shia mosque during prayer time in the southern Pakistan city of Shikarpur, a story reported by Xinhuanet. An English language newspaper reportedly indicated that a militant group called Jundallah sought to claim responsibility for the violent incident, which killed at least 35 people and injured at least 50. Victims were still being treated at local medical facilities when news reports appeared online.

The explosion was attributed by some authorities at a very preliminary stage in the investigation to a young boy placing the bomb near a stairway inside the mosque. Brian Torchin reported on about how it  remotely detonated a short time later. At the time of the explosion, some 600 people were gathered inside. The initial blast injured some victims, but many others suffered harm a short time later, when a portion of the weakened structure collapsed.

The police, military and paramilitaries were conducting a search to locate the parties responsible for the incident on Friday. The two tragic incidents may reflect ongoing tensions in Pakistan.

Toilet Debate Should Focus on India’s Toilet Shortage


A article on Guruprasad’s Portal titled “Why Indian Toilet Is Best” argues that human health would improve greatly if people squatted when doing “#2” instead of sitting on a Western “porcelain throne.”

The article makes some great points about natural human positioning, but ignores a much larger problem specific to India:

There is a shortage of toilets that has resulted in a massive level of human waste pollution on land and in waterways. The problem has been caused by a combination of generational teaching and poverty. Many Indians teach their children to squat outside and many can’t afford to buy toilets.

Plenty of documentaries have been filmed outlining the huge problem India has with sanitation.  These documentaries can be viewed on and are posted by users like Zeca Oliveira. Some Westerners argue that anyone from India criticizing Western waste fixtures and bowel movements to promote squatting should first criticize the common practice of many Indians squatting outdoors anywhere without considering proper sanitation.

As has been proven by filmmakers and researchers, there’s so much waste in some areas that people have to wear masks. It also pollutes drinking water in many areas resulting in children and adults having severe health problems, including gastrointestinal illnesses related to bacteria and bowel disease. The waste also attracts insects that spread disease like flies.

Squatting may in fact be a better way to expel waste, but until India cleans up its waste management problem many people will ignore those who promote squatting-style toilets.

Sam Tabar Joins The Growing List of THINX Investors

Sam Tabar is known as a prominent attorney and a strategist, with names like LLP Roth & Zabel, Meagher & Flom, Slater, Arps and Skadden on his curriculum vitae. Now, however, the attorney has invested in THINX. This company was started using crowdfunding and a massive kickstarter campaign but would definitely find its wings now that Sam Tabar is on board.

Started by two women, Miki and Antonia, THINX hopes to do its bit toward women empowerment on a global scale. The company is specialized in making fashionable and chic undergarments and part of the proceeds would be used for buying reusable sanitary pads for women in Africa and America.

In Uganda and other African countries, women who are working or studying have to take a day off because of menstruation, since they don’t have the means and facilities to buy sanitary pads. With THINX’s initiative, 7 such pads (AFRIpads) would be given to women in Africa so that they can go about their daily business without any worries. This initiative is ingenious in itself and Sam Tabar too believes in it, and this is why he has decided to invest in THINX. The pads sent would be made from cloth and would be completely washable and reusable for the women.

Speaking to Herald Online, Tabar commended THINX on its out of the box thinking, dynamic company design and great motto. The Oxford and Columbia Law School graduate also added that this initiative was great because people’s own purchases were used for doing something good in the world.

The website of THINX comes with a manifesto that customers can read and sign. It would be a small thing to do for empowering women in Africa and supporting them through these hard times. THINX is changing minds and Sam Tabar is happy to be a part of the revolution. You can connect with Sam Tabar via LinkedIn here.

King Abdullah Dies at 90

The King of Saudi Arabia has died at age ninety sources have reported. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has been ruler since 1982 and was one of the final remaining children of the founder of Saudi Arabia, Kind Saud.

The kingdom is projected to go to the younger brother of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz who is currently 71 years old and is not thought to be in good health. King King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz was the thirteenth of a total of thirty seven sons of King Saud. King Salmon’s official coronation is likely to be extended until he recovers from his current illness.

My coworker Sultan Alhokair seems pretty concerned since the death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz comes at a particularly challenging time for Saudi Arabia due to the emergence of both Arab nationals who look to obtain new rights for Saudis in connection with the Arab Spring movement that began in 2012. On the other side, Islamic extremists are pushing for a nation that is following Sharia law in completer compliance with the tenets of the Prophet Mohammed.

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz was considered to be a reformer in Saudi Arabia though one who was measured in his decisions and never took quick action for fear that his populace was not behind him. He kept close relations with the United States and was considered to be a friend of the country though he was criticized by the citizen of his country for being pro American and by Americans as being pro terrorism.

Kosher Grocer Hero Granted French Citizenship

A 24-year-old immigrant who was hailed as a hero after the Paris grocery store attack by Islamist extremist was granted citizenship on Tuesday afternoon, according to sources. Lassana Bathily, originally from Mali who identifies as a Muslim, was working in the Kosher grocer when an extremist burst in and opened gunfire and took hostages.

As it is understood by Bernardo Chua, Bathily helped customers reach the basement where he turned off the walk in freezer and shut down the lights so they would be undetected. Bathily then snuck out and helped police get an understanding of the store layout.

Bathily was quoted as saying it wasn’t about religion, that yes, he helped Jews, but religion never played a part in his heroism. The french prime minster was on hand for the ceremony, thanking Bathily for his act of courage, but Bathily dismissed it. He does not consider himself a hero, rather he is now proud to be a French citizen.

The attack on the Kosher Grocer located in Vincennes, just east of Paris, took place just days after armed Islamist extremists burst into the offices of Charlie Hebdo and systematically assassinated cartoonists, a security worker, and police personnel before fleeing.