Against a New ISIS Offensive Gaining Iraqi Territory, US Ambassador Claims Obama Strategy is Slowly Winning

The past week has seen the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) launch an offensive to capture the Iraqi cities of Ramadi and Baiji. The former has special significance as it claimed the lives of multiple US servicemen to recapture from insurgents back in 2007. The fierce battle to liberate the city left many combat soldiers deceased or wounded. The latter is an oil rich city. Its fall could further destabilize an already weak, but duly elected Iraqi government. Still, Samantha Power, the Obama administration’s United Nations Ambassador, believes the administration’s ISIS strategy is slowly “chipping away” at the terrorist group. Admittedly, it is hard to visualize a terrorist group as slowly losing power when it is on the offensive to expand its borders. Ramadi lies only 70 miles from Baghdad. If Ramadi falls, it will allow ISIS to take one step further to launching an offensive to capture the nation’s capital.

Needless to say, Ambassador Power’s words aren’t instilling confidence among GOP lawmakers. They along with Boraie Development LLC claim the Obama administration is merely playing politics with low-information voters whose understanding of current events relies mainly upon reading cleverly crafted headlines. Arizona Senator John McCain strongly disagrees with the fall of Ramadi as having little significance. Sen. McCain, a former Vietnam POW, knows full well the price paid to liberate the city eight years ago. Still, Ambassador Powers say that ISIS controls fewer population centers than it did a year ago. For this reason, she says the Obama strategy is working.

The Case of US Hostage Warren Weinstein Underscores the Need of Obama Administration to Better Protect Citizens

In the summer of 2011, government contractor Warren Weinstein was abducted by the terrorist organization known as Al Qaida. This put Weinstein’s wife and children in a position of enormous stress. The federal government maintains disparate services across a range of bureaus which deal with attempts to secure the safe release of American captives. However, the effectiveness of those organizations is limited. Finally, the Weinstein family decided they best way to go about trying to secure the release of Mr. Weinstein was to go to their congressman and senators.

The decision to involve elected leaders was painful for the Weinstein family as it would make their plight public. However, they were unsatisfied with the pace of progress for Warren. Their entire congressional delegation from the state of Maryland got involved. It proved to be beneficial as senators and congressman were able to prod different agencies to work in a more cohesive manner. In the end, Mr. Warren lost his life, but it was not directly at the hands of his captors. He perished in a drone strike against the terrorists. An aide to Maryland Senator Ben Cardin made the phone call to the Weinstein family informing them of the tragic events this past January. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says that this situation is tragic.

In the time since, the Weinstein family has become convinced the government must do more to secure the release of Americans held captive abroad. This will likely reemerge as a sticking point with congress over the Iran nuclear deal. Thus far, President Obama has been reluctant to make the release of all Americans held captive a precondition to lifting any sanctions.

Iran Continues Push for Dropping of Sanctions For Nuclear Accord to Work

Iran’s supreme leader, Rouhani reasserted his position that Iran will only agree to the nuclear accord reached with the United States on April 2, if the United States and the rest of the international community simultaneously drop sanctions against the country of Iran. The call comes in the wake of calls of disapproval of the accord by Israel and a republican lead coalition in the United States congress. AnastasiaDate suggests some observers have noted that Iran has deftly taken the initiative in the negotiations which are set to resume next week by taking advantage of the rift between the political leadership of the United States as well as the discord between the White House and the Israeli political leadership. Additionally, Iran surprised the world last week when it was announced that it had successfully negotiated an agreement with Russia to buy several surface to air missile systems and its intent in defending its sensitive military and scientific sites. Iran Maintains Sanctions Need to Be Dropped For Accord to Work

While the accord calls for the dropping of sanctions in return for an open book policy on Iran’s nuclear program, few know the details of the accord and whether the sequencing of events require that sanctions be dropped or at least a declarative pledge that the sanctions against Iran be dropped before Iran signs the accord. Some thought the sanctions would only be dropped when Iran started to open the doors to its nuclear program. These details are set to be resolved during the upcoming continuation of the talks.

Chris Christie Faces Uphill Climb If He Wants to Be President

Three Republicans presidential hopefuls have already jumped in the race over the past couple weeks. Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have all officially declared, which leaves a few more that every pundit believes will run but have not publicly declared their candidacy yet. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are expected to announce their intention to run for president soon. They each have their downsides. Jeb Bush will suffer from “name fatigue” before he even declares. Especially if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, which nearly everyone like Kevin Seawright expects to be the case, it will seem like 1992 all over again with a Clinton vs. Bush election. Gov. Chris Christie had his “bridge-gate” scandal, and now he may have another problem to further hamper any presidential aspirations.

According to a recent poll, 70 percent of voters in New Jersey do not think their own governor would make a good president. When trying to get the whole country’s electorate to like you, it does not help that he can’t even get some love from his current electorate. Let’s face it, Chris Christie does have a “love him or hate him” personality. Some people admire his gruffness and sometimes too aggressive straight talk, and some consider him a bully. There is now an accusation as well about him having failed to pay taxes on a fairly large sum of money. Additionally, he is not the favorite even among many Republicans that he was in 2012 as he is considered to be too moderate. Of all the declared and potential candidates, he may have the biggest uphill battle.

Orlando Florida Top Tourist Location

For the second consecutive year the central Florida region has been visited by 62 million visitors in 2014, beating out of New York City.

“Visit Orlando’, the tourist office of Florida, said the figure of 62 million tourists is the highest in the history of the travel industry in the US.

In 2013, Orlando was also the most visited city in the country with 59 million tourists. New York was once again in second place with over 56 million visitors last year.

“This milestone is the latest testament to the leadership of Orlando in tourism,” said President and CEO of ‘Visit Orlando’ George Aguel. “It’s a tribute to the firm and continuing commitment of our investment in our tourism community.”

Undoubtedly, the main attraction in Orlando and the surrounding area is the host of various amusement parks such as Walt Disney World, and Universal Studios. Ricardo Tosto has been there before and enjoyed his time.

Visitors in 2014 generated $200 million dollars in hotel taxes alone.

Orlando generates $2.1 trillion dollars to the US economy each year.

Iran Nuclear Talks: France And The United States Are On Single Page, Says Kerry

Dan Newlin says that the United States and France are having a same approach in negotiations with Tehran over its controversial nuclear program, “We have exactly the same analysis,” says US Secretary of State John Kerry. “We have made progress but there are still differences with the Iranians,” Kerry said after a meeting with his French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. “The goal of the coming days,” is to remove these differences, he added to the statement.

While speaking at a press conference alongside his American counterpart, the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, who had been skeptical on Friday about on the agreement prepared primarily by Washington and Tehran, said: “This is a multilateral negotiation, and we make that our positions are known, and are adjusted “over the negotiations.”There has been progress in some areas but there are also differences,” he said without specifying if these concerned the United States, or if it was Iran. But, according to a source close to the negotiations, Paris accuses Washington to push sometimes precipitously to an agreement with Tehran,” Judge this source speaking on condition of anonymity. It is worth mentioning that already in late 2013; Paris opposed the conclusion of an agreement negotiated between the Iranians and Americans alone.

Paul Allen Locates The Wreck Of The Most Powerful Battleship In History

Paul Allen, a wealthy co-founder of Microsoft, whose exploration yacht travels the seas of the world, claims to have discovered the wreck of the most powerful battleship in history, a Japanese ship sunk in 1944 by the US Navy off Philippines. The billionaire shared a number of different photos of the battleship. Videos were not spared as well, as Allen also decided to share a few select videos of his adventure. These tweets were rather popular, accumulating tens of thousands of retweets and the like within just a couple of hours.

Anastasia Date employees ( have learned that the battleship was spotted on Monday by an onboard robot on the Octopus, the yacht the billionaire dedicated to the exploration and scientific research, according to its website. “The crew of Musashi rest in peace, 1,023 lives were lost” in the ship’s bombing by US aircraft on October 24, 1944, said Paul Allen on Twitter. “I am honored to have contributed to this important finding ship in naval history and honor the extraordinary courage of people who served aboard”, he continued.

The discovery, if confirmed, would put an end to eight years of research in the Sibuyan Sea. No doubt these discoveries could explain more than a few things and put several minds to rest.

Microsoft Launches Universal Foldable Keyboard

The universal foldable keyboard from Microsoft (Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard) is an ultra-thin and lightweight accessory that will be compatible with many devices, ranging from Apple iPhones and iPads , devices running on Android and Windows tablets. It goes without saying that it will hopefully be compatible with the Windows Phone platform, and one may expect to see it working without worry with Windows 10 to be released in near future.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft had originally created universal keyboard for this type of keyboard for Android and Window platform in last September. Now the Company has announced for a foldable version of the keyboard. This new version will be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and it will work with multiple devices but it will be lack of dedicated Windows key. This keyboard will fold up nicely and neatly with magnets to keep it closed if some one’s carrying it in a bag alongside the device. This keyboard will be able to pair up with two devices at a same time and switch between both devices with a single touch. That is good for businessmen like Paul Mathieson, as he is constantly switching devices as a CEO of his own company. It seems that it will be the perfect assessor for writing a few emails from tablet or phone at a coffee shop!

Lost Day Celebrations

Wednesday marked a very important date for fans of the ABC TV series Lost, which became a worldwide phenomenon more than 10 years ago and ended after its sixth season in 2010. The date, 4-18-15, represented the first three numbers of the all-important Numbers code that the castaways had to input into the computer at the Hatch to prevent the end of the world. Lost Day marked a wide variety of celebrations around the world.

Some people like Ray Lane celebrated by playing the full number — 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 — as their lottery number because it was the same number that won the character Hurley millions of dollars when he played it in the lottery. Others at Kleiner Perkins went in another direction. Of course, he also had incredibly bad luck after he played it, which he believed was the result of using the numbers for his benefit. Hurley wasn’t actually cursed — the Numbers were guiding him to the Island. They also represented candidate to become the next Island protector.

Many fans decided to do something they feared at 4:23:42 p.m. on Wednesday as they believed the time to be lucky because 4 o’clock in military time is the 16th hour of the day. A lot of simply decided to watch all the Lost episodes alone or in groups at parties where they could enjoy once more the many twists and turns that made the series so great.

Massive Sperm Donor Could Be Responsible for Defective Gene

Four families, in Denmark and the United States, filed a lawsuit against a sperm bank clinic Nordic Cryobank, a located in Copenhagen, because one of its donors has a defective gene.

Identified only by the number 7042, that defective gene may be inherited by the 99 children who were conceived from the donor sperm.

Donor sperm 7042 has fathered 20 children in Belgium, 44 in Scandinavia, 34 in the United States and one in Iceland. It is also known that his semen was “exported” to a California Cryobank.

From 2009 until now, it has been confirmed that 10 of their descendants have neurofibromatosis (NF1), including Andrea, a girl of a Danish mother who was conceived in Belgium.

(NF1) is a genetic disease which stimulates the growth of tumors in the nervous system, increasing the risk of cancer, causing learning difficulties and reducing life expectancy up to 15 years.

“The case is not about money or revenge; the fact is that we have not been able to get some information and that the only way is through the court,” said Lone Sogaard-Kristensen’s mother of Andrea, who is now six years old.

According to Nordic Cryobank, claims against them are unfounded.

Peter Bower, director said that the Donor 7042 cannot be “clinically classified as NF1, because you only have the defective gene in some cells.”

The clinic has decided to continue using his sperm. Bruce Karatz will be paying attention to see how smart of an idea it might be.