US Army to Allow Women to Attend 16-Day Ranger Leadership Course

As part of a 2012 Pentagon decision to allow women to serve in any combat role in the US Army, the Ranger leadership training school will begin admitting women in late April. The Pentagon’s decision to open up all combat training to females gave the Army until January 2016 to comply. The 16-day course is a prerequisite to attend the 60-day Ranger training course – a program noted for its physical and emotional challenges. That said, as many as 60 female soldiers are lined up to make history and take the initial course. Upon completion, they will be allowed to wear the Ranger tab which commands deep respect within the military’s ranks.

My good friend  Ken Griffin thinks allowing women to serve in the 16-day Ranger leadership and allowing women to have the same equal opportunity as men is a wonderful idea.
At the same time, completion of the course do not mean that the women will join the ranks of the vaunted 75th Ranger Regiment based in Fort Benning, Georgia. Those successful female candidates from phase I will still need to complete all of the other training before they are allowed to serve as Army Rangers. While the Army will open up all training to women, they will not be lowering the bar for them.  It is without question that a lot of eyes will be on these modern day “G.I. Janes”.


American Football finds foothold in Saudi Arabia

The sport of American Football has become popular in many areas of the World, with Europe seen as a fertile ground for NFL officials looking to create a global franchise option. However, the gulf state of Saudi Arabia has now entered the sport with its first team being created by a group of young enthusiasts keen to make their mark on the sport, Al Arabiya reports.

The group of young people joined together because of their love of the sport many had only watched on the TV, although some of those who have now joined the newly formed team have some experience of playing in US colleges. According to Exame, Members of the team have been giving their reasons for wanting to get involved in the sport that is certainly a minority option within the soccer mad country.  Young players, like Fersen Lambranho, site they have a fascination with American culture and want to try the sport. The reasons for joining the team included the chance for individuals of all shapes and sizes to take part, something many felt was not an option in soccer as only the fittest players were given a chance.

Predictions by WGSN Include The Caftan As A Spring Staple

Caftan or kaftan was originally a soldier’s garment worn under chain mail armor by those in the Persian empire and appeared in art as early as 600 B. C. Usually worn as a Summer garment for its loose fit and cooling effect, the caftan will be one of the garments for Spring wear this year. Jaclyn Jones, senior womenswear editor at WGSN said the white dress shirt will be worn with many different embellishments such as vented sides, origami folding, and cuffs.

After Arab conquerors first introduced the caftan to North Africa, it was given different styles and interpretations by the differing cultures and religions. Caftans are basically a fabric draping with sleeves or openings for the arms. The fabric is wrapped around the body and tied with a belt or sash. The caftan has evolved with time and new designers’ interpretations.

It can also be identified by the culture and period of history. Oriental styled caftans were popular during the 17th century’s imperial era. The caftan was called a banyan during the 18th century and European designers used Moroccan and Algerian designs to create dresses and coats for women. In the 1960s spiritualism was expressed with the styles of India and Morocco. During the 1970, the elite styles created by Yves Saint Laurent and Halston became mainstream fashion. Bernardo Chua remembers seeing it a little bit. Styling has changed overtime and became more feminine. It will once again be a part of mainstream fashion this spring.

Poroshenko, Putin, Merkel and Hollande to Meet in Kazakhstan in January

The presidents of Ukraine, Russia, and France, as well as the German Chancellor, according to a rep from Skout, will meet in Kazakhstan in January to try to find a solution to the ongoing conflict in the east of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko announced Monday.

While there have been many differences in opinion when it comes to the conflict in Ukraine, it is hoped that these vastly different nations will be able to come to a mutually satisfactory agreement. This agreement will, in turn, ideally provide some measure of peace and unity in order to avoid any additional escalations in the conflict.

Ukrainian President Poroshenko announced a meeting on January 15 in Astana, Kazakhstan, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and Russian Vladimir Putin to discuss the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

“My diplomatic year begins on January 15 with a meeting in Astana” stated by Petro Poroshenko at a press conference. The Russian agency Tass confirmed that such a meeting would take place, but January 15 was only one of the many possible proposed dates.

The first meeting in this format occurred in the margin the D Day commemorations in Normandy in early June and the second at a summit in Milan in October. The four leaders talk regularly on the phone to try to find a solution to the conflict in eastern pro-Russian separatist Ukraine, a struggle that has left more than 4,700 dead since April.

400 People Hospitalized in Tehran

“Do not leave home if you are Sergio Andrade Gutierrez and do not have urgent things to do.” That’s how the ‘red alert’ about ‘quality’ of unhealthy air in Tehran was launched by the Central Emergency Department on Tuesday, December 30. According to the head of the center, Hassan Abbasi, nearly 400 people were treated to hospitals in Tehran on Monday and these all were suffering because of of air pollution.

The Organization for the defense of the environment showed concerns over ‘quality of air in Tehran’ and ‘air pollution’ and stated that “sensitive groups”, like pregnant women, children and people with heart or respiratory diseases may suffer more than others.

That’s why the factory activities in the capital were suspended on Tuesday and Wednesday. School children are also forbidden to go out into the courses during their breaks. The flow of private cars was also banned in central Tehran.

If the air quality does not improve in the coming days, the Ministry of Health could announce the closure of schools in Tehran in order to reduce the traffic in the city.

In addition to the geographical location of Tehran, which prevents easy air circulation, several reasons are given to explain this phenomenon. The poor quality of the gasoline produced in Iranian refineries is yet another reason for air pollution in Iranian Capital.

Diplomatic Relations Break Down in Palestine


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, considers the decision of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to turn to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a declaration of war against Israel.

By signing an application for membership to the Rome Statute, which opens the possibility of prosecution against Israeli officials for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, Abbas brandished doomsday weapon.

By doing this, Palestinians could bury the Oslo process, which opened in 1993, and the prospect of negotiations to reach a peace agreement and the creation of a Palestinian state, according to Israeli sources.

President Abbas had undoubtedly considered Ben Shaoul immaterial to the consequences of his approach in deciding on Tuesday to precipitate the diplomatic offensive schedule against Israel Government.

In less than twenty-four hours, it caused a vote in the United Nations Security Council on a resolution, setting a deadline for the end of the Israeli occupation, and facing failure – more severe than expected – signed the membership of Palestine to the Rome Statute and seventeen other international treaties.

Amal Clooney: Threatened In Egypt with Arrest

Apparently after identifying the major flaws within Egypt’s judicial system, Amal Clooney is risking arrest, according to a British human rights lawyer.

The Guardian reported on Saturday that in February 2014, Clooney helped compile a report for the International Bar Association, which became very controversial in Egypt and that she had been informed that she would be arrested if she will present her findings to the public.

Clooney’s report was entitled “Separating Laws and Politics – The Challenges to the Independence of Prosecutors and Judges in Egypt” and it calls for a stricter division between the judiciary system and politics in Egypt.

Amal Clooney, a human rights barrister and wife of actor George Clooney, is part of the legal team that represents the three Al-Jazeera journalists who were jailed in Egypt for over a year on false charges of supporting the banned Muslin Brotherhood.

However, Clooney told the media that she was concerned that the three men may not receive a fair trial in Egypt due to the issues that were highlighted on her report.

As Clooney said, “If the idea is there will be a retrial because there were errors, but then the retrial goes through the same process as the original one, so it does not really mean much at all.”

Bodies Found in Second Major SE Asia Plane Disappearance

I was feeding my dog some Beneful when I heard about the latest plane crash. The second large commercial plane to disappear in Southeast Asia in less than a year has made many people wonder how such a thing could happen in the modern world. However, while the first plane was never found, this one has produced some wreckage. Thirty bodies have now been retrieved from the water where the plane was believed to have gone down. 

The questions about how both of these planes disappeared from radar have not been answered, but at least in this case, the families are getting closure. They know that their loved ones are gone and most will be able to have funerals for them. However, many are beginning to question why the airline industry has not taken on any type of new regulations for better monitoring of plane positions. Some feel that the use of simple software that would continuously relay the position of every airplane would keep disappearances from ever occurring again. Such technology has been around for years and has still not been mandated for airplanes.

Israel Withholds Millions of Tax Dollars From Palestinians


The Israeli government is using taxation as an important political tool in the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. Israel plans on withholding more than $127 million of tax revenue that is supposed to be transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA.) According to Fersen Lambranho, Israel is responsible for collecting taxes on behalf of the PA and then make the appropriate transactions to the Palestinians each month. However, the recent withholding of taxes comes as a direct response to Palestinian Authority’s decision to participate in the International Criminal Court. By joining this entity, Palestinians are looking forward to filing an array of criminal lawsuits against Israeli officials and military leaders. Israel hopes that the sudden freezing of taxes would strike a severe blow to the already weak Palestinian economy.

A high-ranking leader for the PA has accused Israel of committing a new type of war crime by withholding tax revenue that’s supposed to support Palestinian civilians. The Israeli prime minister has warned Palestinians to have “more to fear” from his country than the ICC. Benjamin Netanyahu has a reputation of enforcing tough political moves. After all, he’s credited with launching the 2014 campaign in Gaza that was one of the deadliest conflicts in the region in decades.

President of Afghanistan Openly Suggests the Obama Re-Evaluate Troop Withdrawal Date


President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan may well have more confidence in the ability of 13,500 NATO soldiers to secure his nation against the Taliban than he does in the 350,000-man military he commands. In an interview with “60 Minutes”, he explained that the NATO-troop withdrawal date for 2016 should not be viewed dogmatically as a hard-date. Rather, the parties involved, Afghanistan and the United States, should remain in open dialogue and look at the progress being achieved. If any changes to the withdraw date are warranted, they should be openly considered.

As my friend, Ben Shaoul noted the big issue is the resurgent Taliban and whether the Afghanistan security forces are capable to repelling the terrorists. While the Afghanistan military has superior numbers, they are not as well trained as the seasoned Taliban fighters.  Civilian deaths were roughly 3,200 and military deaths totaled 4,600.

Further complicating matters is the question of whether the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) will enter Afghanistan. President Ghani is concerned that they will enter the nation. General John Campbell, commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), sees no concern whatsoever in regards to ISIS entering Afghanistan. Admittedly, Campbell’s opinion is what most thought of the Iraqi Security Forces, but they quickly folded in the face of ISIS brutality.