Peace in the East

International Relations & Relations in the Middle East are extremely touchy subjects for most of the world. Especially for America since the country is so deeply rooted in the turmoil going on in the Middle East. One of the most notoriously scrupulous countries of the Middle East, Israel, houses it’s own United States Embassy. For the last two decades, Congress has been trying to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem reports Kevin Seawright. Since then, the last three presidents have issued routine blocks to keep this from happening. Each time, the president in office states that the block is put in place in order to protect the national security interests of the country. While the United States government recognizes Jerusalem as an undivided city as well as the capital of Israel, they have to think about the safety of Americans while under watch at the US Embassy. President Barack Obama mentioned contesting the Congressional move early in his campaign, but has yet to move the embassy. It seems as though when presidents are briefed about the state of International Affairs, they get to see in hindsight that the safety of American lives could be put in jeopardy. Many of the candidate for the 2016 presidential election are stating that they will make the change happen. They plan on doing something that the last three presidents couldn’t and are sure of this change. However, one can attest that maybe these candidates might have the same change of heart when they reach the Oval Office and see the big picture.

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