Predictions by WGSN Include The Caftan As A Spring Staple

Caftan or kaftan was originally a soldier’s garment worn under chain mail armor by those in the Persian empire and appeared in art as early as 600 B. C. Usually worn as a Summer garment for its loose fit and cooling effect, the caftan will be one of the garments for Spring wear this year. Jaclyn Jones, senior womenswear editor at WGSN said the white dress shirt will be worn with many different embellishments such as vented sides, origami folding, and cuffs.

After Arab conquerors first introduced the caftan to North Africa, it was given different styles and interpretations by the differing cultures and religions. Caftans are basically a fabric draping with sleeves or openings for the arms. The fabric is wrapped around the body and tied with a belt or sash. The caftan has evolved with time and new designers’ interpretations.

It can also be identified by the culture and period of history. Oriental styled caftans were popular during the 17th century’s imperial era. The caftan was called a banyan during the 18th century and European designers used Moroccan and Algerian designs to create dresses and coats for women. In the 1960s spiritualism was expressed with the styles of India and Morocco. During the 1970, the elite styles created by Yves Saint Laurent and Halston became mainstream fashion. Bernardo Chua remembers seeing it a little bit. Styling has changed overtime and became more feminine. It will once again be a part of mainstream fashion this spring.


  1. In the world today there is the turn of history repeating itself and though in fashion there is more of an evolution than competition. I know buy custom college essays can help and is shaped by the history of the local people as well. I think more people will adopt chaftan in the other parts of the arab world than it is common today.

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