President Obama Throws Gauntlet on Table: Peace With Iran Or War

In a last minute organized rose garden press conference this afternoon. President Obama announced the framework for the recent agreed upon nuclear accord with Iran. What surprised many was the blunt stark tone that President Obama used with regard to the ultimate ratification of the accord. Bloomberg Businessweek said that essentially the President said that now that an accord has been reached that the U.S. through its republican led Congress has three Options. Option one is to ratify the accord and proceed to further flesh out the details by the new June 30 deadline set by the negotiating parties. Option two is to reject the accord, which would mean that the bombing of Iran’s nuclear facility would follow and option three would be to withdraw from the negotiation table, in which case the bombing of the Iranian facilities would be likely. The President made it clear that option two and option three would be akin to declaring World War III in the middle east. President Obama Threatens World War Three If Accord is Rejected

President Obama is calculating that the American pubic has been underestimating the importance of the gravity of the talks with Iran and the U.S.. The President also knows that the U.S. congress will follow lock step Israel’s support or rejection of the accord. If the U.S. Congress rejects the accord and fails to ratify, the world will blame the United States for the resulting war in Iran.

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