PSI-Pay works hand-in-hand with Kerv to Transform Alternative Banking Methods

Fintech companies are on the rise and PSI-Pay is leading the way. Clients have benefited greatly from the digital accounts they offer as well as the payment cards used in the international market. They have partnered with Kerv who provide alternative payment options to clients.

Their digital wallets are fast taking the place of the traditional wallets. Users no longer have to walk around with a lot of papers and cards as all these can be found in a single device. They guarantee the safety of ones money and transactions can be completed in an instant. Customers have little to worry about with the new technology as the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK oversees PSI-Pay’s activities.

The digital wallets in the European countries are not similar to those used in America. Young Americans have been attracted by the speed and security of this new service. They also get access to numerous currencies. Cryptocurrency funds have been used at some point after being converted into money.

Kerv’s team innovated the contactless payment ring that will be put to use in the partnership. PSI-Pay on the other hand will allow their Master-Card license to complete the transactions. Clients will enjoy this new service in close to 40 million locations across the globe. This has offered a suitable substitute to traditional banks.

The virtual card of Kerv facilitates online transactions while credit and debit cards will be used to load the accounts. Their founder, Phil Campbell, believes that their innovation will provide convenience to their clients. The range of payments that can be completed with this will also increase in a great way. They are banking on the experience and efficiency of PSI-Pay as far as problem solving is concerned.

PSI-Pay’s MD, Phil Davies, on the other hand is thrilled by the opportunity to work with Kerv. He categorizes Kerv among the top innovators in the alternative payment market. The fact that more and more clients are warming up to the innovation is welcome news to the two firms that hope to make the most of the change in attitude of the market.

The contactless payment ring has earned recognition among the banking professionals and recently received an award when the Temenos Innovation Jam was held.

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