QNet finds direct selling success in India

There are many moves in business that have brought success to a number of different companies, but the chance to enjoy a business move that takes off beyond all expectations is something QNet (Instagram) has been able to do in recent months. A move into the multi level marketing industry of India has seen the Malaysian based company find more success that ever before in terms of growth and the number of contractors working for the company. At a recent convention for those who are involved in the direct selling options of QNet the largest number of delegates were those who represented Indian territories and were looking to expand their business.

The high levels of growth QNet has seen in India have not gone unnoticed by those in charge of the direct selling company. In fact, QNet is now looking to shift a large amount of the production of some of its most popular products to India to cut down on production costs and make sure the Indian economy sees a boost from the arrival of the multi level marketing giant. The company is looking to switch the production of its popular energy drinks line of products to India in the first stage of a shift in production focus that could see QNet become even more popular than ever before across the Indian sub continent.

QNet has always worked with a social conscience at the forefront of its options for production and the way it treats its own staff members. The need for balance in the work of QNet has led to India becoming a major focus for the company, which has included the calls from the company for a regulator to be put into place to keep the direct selling industry free of those looking to work in underhanded ways. QNet is also looking to give something back to the people of India by offering those with ideas for products to submit them for consideration by the company. Successful products will be manufactured and sold through QNet and its large network of direct selling experts.

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