Qnet Spreads Opportunity

Direct sales can occasionally get a bad rap, mostly through sketchy business practices. Qnet is different. Qnet is one of the top direct selling companies based in Asia. Why? They offer great products in one of the world’s most diverse markets, and through their direct sales platforms they offer nearly limitless opportunities to everyday people in over 100 countries.

Qnet’s founders took the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi to heart and have used these principles to drive their business forward. The e-commerce platform they provide has propelled thousands of Qnet distributors, also known as Independent Representatives to become economically self-sufficient. this in turn has helped raise the standard of living for countless others and in communities around the globe.

This Hong Kong based company now has plans in the works to shift much of it’s manufacturing facilities to India from all over the world, which will help the company’s bottom line considerably, hopefully to the tune of between 8 – 12%. While the current business climate can be challenging for companies like Qnet, they know that in the long term it will help them reach a larger market and propel them forward into even greater long-term success. Most of their facilities are currently in over a dozen different countries around the globe.

Qnet sells a large range of products. They currently have 30 different brands broken down into nine distinct categories which focus on improving the lives of their customers by promoting a healthier lifestyle. QNet is an exceptional marketing firm growing at a rapid pace.

Most of the products they sell are in the wellness, cosmetic, and nutrition categories. They also sell tastefully made watches and jewelry that their customers love. Qnet also has different services, most notably travel services and online education courses. With the large assortment of goods and services they sell, and an excited team of Independent Representatives selling them, the future looks bright for this company which exists not only to turn a profit, but to help others prosper too.

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