Recent Violent Incidents Distress People in Pakistan

The Xinhuanet news agency recently reported about two violent incidents in Pakistan, indicating tension in the region. On Thursday evening, Indian and Pakistani border guards reportedly exchanged gunfire in the Arnia region of Jammu District, along the contested border of Kashmir. Gunshots reportedly struck three people during the hostilities.

Then on Friday afternoon around 1:40, an estimated five kilogram bomb exploded in a Shia mosque during prayer time in the southern Pakistan city of Shikarpur, a story reported by Xinhuanet. An English language newspaper reportedly indicated that a militant group called Jundallah sought to claim responsibility for the violent incident, which killed at least 35 people and injured at least 50. Victims were still being treated at local medical facilities when news reports appeared online.

The explosion was attributed by some authorities at a very preliminary stage in the investigation to a young boy placing the bomb near a stairway inside the mosque. Brian Torchin reported on about how it  remotely detonated a short time later. At the time of the explosion, some 600 people were gathered inside. The initial blast injured some victims, but many others suffered harm a short time later, when a portion of the weakened structure collapsed.

The police, military and paramilitaries were conducting a search to locate the parties responsible for the incident on Friday. The two tragic incidents may reflect ongoing tensions in Pakistan.

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